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For recruitment, please visit DI Careers to apply and submit a resume. Do not contact DynCorp International (DI) offices for employment opportunities or recruitment inquiries.

Corporate Headquarters
1700 Old Meadow Road
McLean, VA 22102
(571) 722-0210

Fort Worth, TX office
13500 Heritage Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76177
(817) 224-8200

Huntsville, AL office
310 Bridge Street
Suite 400
Huntsville, AL 35806


For employment verification of our employees, visit The Work Number or call 1-800-367-5690.

Our employer code is 12922. Our employer name is DYNCORP INTL.


13500 Heritage Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76177

Career Site

If you are experiencing technical difficulties completing your application on our Career Site, please email your full name, the Job Title or Job ID, your email address, your phone number and a description of the technical difficulties you are experiencing to our Technical Assistance Group.


To communicate with DI Business Development concerning potential contractor support or provide DI information about an upcoming requirement may email: DI Business Development


Members of the media only may contact DynCorp International by email: Press Inquiries

CONTACT THE Board of Directors

Interested parties who wish to communicate with the Board, or any individual director or directors, may do so by sending written communications to the Board, or such individual director or directors:

c/o the Corporate Secretary
DynCorp International Inc.
1700 Old Meadow Road
McLean, VA 22102

All such communications will be compiled by the Corporate Secretary and forwarded to the member(s) of the Board to whom the communication is directed or, if the communication is not directed to any particular member(s) of the Board, the communication will be forwarded to all members of the Board.


To communicate with DI Supply Chain concerning potential supplier or vendor opportunities, email DI Supply Chain.


DynCorp International fosters an environment where employees and all stakeholders are free to raise questions and concerns without fear of retaliation, and that promotes the highest standards of ethical behavior. DI recognizes that allegations of employee misconduct, grievances and/or complaints of inappropriate behavior can alert DI to problems that may require disciplinary action or identify the need for remedial training or other action as needed. DI also recognizes that complaints and/or grievances from the public, staff, partnering agencies, etc., whether substantiated or not, increase DI’s awareness of actual or potential problems, as well as the community’s perceptions and attitudes about DI’s practices and procedures. Individuals are encouraged to submit his/her complaints and/or grievances as soon after the event as possible.

To file, please visit the DI HOTLINE.