Afghanistan Life Support Services

Afghanistan Life Support Services (ALiSS)

DI provides food operations and logistics under the ALiSS Program Executive Office (PEO) and ALiSS Food Service task orders. Other IDIQ services include fire protection, vehicle maintenance services, laundry services, medical services, Regional Security Officer (RSO) support, warehouse operations, workforce augmentation and life support services may include fuel support and logistics, postal services support, waste management services, recreational services, transportations services and airfield operations support.

  • Food Service
  • MWR/Warehouse
  • PEO
  • RSO
  • Waste Management

Contract Number: SAQMMA-14-D-0151
End Date: 01/2020
Awarding Agency: Department of State
Authorized Users: Department of State
Contract Ceiling: $542M
Contract Types: Firm Fixed Price,Cost Reimbursement,Cost Plus Fixed Fee
NAICS Code: 561210 Facilities Support Services

Contract Scope: The major components of this contract are:

  • Food Service Operations, including all aspects of: menu design; forecasting of requirements; procurement and ordering of food from local, regional and world-wide providers; logistics management; dry and cold storage operations; ice production. Evolving the current Dining Facility operations into cafeterias that use an electronic transaction to establish accountability and usage
  • Fire protection services, to include response to structural alarms and emergencies; wild-land or brush fires; automotive or vehicle fire or accidents; medical emergencies limited to those skills of a first responder; fuel fires or spills; and aircraft crash, fire and rescue emergencies
  • Medical services to include primary care and stabilization surgical services, mortuary services and medical transport support
  • General Support Personnel Services/staff augmentation
  • Regional Security Officer support and staff augmentation
  • Logistical Services

Optional services that may be exercised include:

  • Recreation Services to include event and meeting support
  • Postal Services to include inspection and screening of mail
  • Laundry services
  • Fuel services, including the acquisition and transportation
  • Warehouse operations to include cargo and container management
  • Waste management to include septic waste disposal, medical waste collection and disposal, equipment and property scrap disposal, and non-hazardous waste recycling, and hazardous waste management
  • Transportation services to include shuttle services and off-site transportation of waste sludge
  • Airfield Services to include weather services; runway sweeping; security badge screening; and aircraft marshalling and parking
  • Veterinarian Services in support of security canines
  • Extension to other USG sites within Afghanistan

For more information please contact:

Denise DeFilipppo
Director, IDIQ Marketing & Capture
Office: 8703-462-7141