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In Asia and around the world, we ensure safe, reliable and expertly-maintained aircraft are ready for flight, available for pilots to train on and safe for the world’s leaders to fly on. Our teams provide organizational, line, intermediate and limited depot-level maintenance for any type of aircraft globally – from front-line fighters to commercial transport aircraft.

Our dedicated professionals install aircraft modification programs for a broad range of weapons systems and more than 70 engine types, updating entire fleets to mission-ready status. Group “A” and “B” kit designs, fabrication assembly, installation and modifications are carried out swiftly and skillfully.

Beyond maintenance and modifications, we provide airfield operations, airlift support, logistics, security, construction, communications and training, in some of the most challenging regions of the world. We also maintain and crew aircraft for specialized missions such as transporting personnel and equipment and combating forest fires.


Providing Best-Value Maintenance Around the World

DynCorp International maintenance teams provide quality aviation field and sustainment level maintenance in locations around the world. On the U.S. government Regional Aviation Support Management West (RASM-W) contract, the team provides limited depot level repair (DLR) with maintenance engineering approval and installation of modification work orders (MWO), pass-back maintenance, and other maintenance support for customers both domestic and abroad.

DynCorp International provides meticulous daily and routine maintenance on all assigned rotary wing aircraft and government furnished property or equipment. Maintenance support also includes transient and rotational units, aircraft participating in joint training exercises, mobilization, pre-mobilization aircraft, approved foreign military sales (FMS) cases, and International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) requirements abroad.

With roots that date back to the 1940s, DynCorp International’s aviation team continues to provide the best aviation maintenance capabilities in the industry.



In Asia and around the world, we offer unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world. Built on more than six decades of experience as a trusted partner to commercial, government and military customers, we specialize in providing self-sustaining programs that fulfill the critical operational roles of site management, supply chain management, communications and security.

The team offers worldwide expertise in all aspects of operations and maintenance. From planning, building, operating and maintaining facilities, to complete logistics and personnel sustainment, we take pride in delivering adaptable, self-sustaining solutions that can be quickly deployed, integrated and dispatched anywhere, anytime.

Leveraging our global presence and reach, international business experience, language capabilities, and deep cultural understanding, we provide the highest level of professional intelligence training, collection and analysis, and mission support, to meet the Intelligence needs of our customers. The team also delivers flexible, rapidly-deployable, integrated security solutions to suit any situation in any part of the world.

From law enforcement to logistics, vehicle maintenance to intelligence, nearly all of our capabilities include a training solution to help our customers build and develop capacity.



Supporting Activities in Southeast Asia

For more than a decade, DynCorp International has provided aviation, transportation, maritime, dining and facilities support in the Republic of the Philippines to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Meeting mission schedules in all circumstances, the DI team provides logistics and full base-operating services throughout the joint operational area within the Republic of the Philippines, including power generation, water and wastewater services, maintenance, aviation services, transportation, ordnance handling, freight operations, hazardous material collection and disposal, facilities maintenance, billeting management, food services, fuel services, Morale Welfare and Recreation, and other services.

DI has continuously met required schedules in a remote location, across a long supply chain, on a challenging military mission. DI’s Philippines team takes pride in delivering service of the best quality at the lowest cost to the government.



In Asia and around the world, we offer unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world.

DynGlobal brings the full range of the company’s diverse capabilities and decades of experience to commercial, international and emerging markets. Whether the need is for solutions in logistics, aviation, training, security, program and risk management, or operations and maintenance, we bring proven results to customers in every corner of the globe.


  • Air Operations and Transport
  • Airfield Management, Communication and Navigation
  • Aerial Firefighting
  • Aviation Maintenance, Modifications, Overhaul, Repair and Support
  • Base Operations Support
  • Communications / Infrastructure Management
  • Demining
  • Facilities Management
  • Global Logistics
  • Intelligence Training and Solutions
  • International Development
  • Land Vehicle Maintenance and Modifications
  • Security Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Training
  • Weapons Removal

DynCorp International Pledges $10,000 to Support Philippines Typhoon Victims

DynCorp International (DI) gave $10,000 to the U.S.–Philippines Society to support relief efforts in the Philippines to assist those impacted by Typhoon Haiyan.

“We have been working in the Philippines since 2002, supporting the Department of Defense, and have developed valuable relationships in the local community,” said Steve Gaffney, DynCorp International chairman and CEO. “With more than 600,000 citizens displaced we felt an urgent need to provide support.”

Donations will benefit established entities in the Philippines that will deliver immediate aid for food, water and basic sanitation to typhoon victims.

DynCorp International currently supports the Department of Defense in Zamboanga under the Philippines Operations Support (POS) program. Through this program, DI team members provide services including management and administration, command and staff, public safety, air operations, port operations, supply, morale, welfare and recreation support, galley, facility support, utilities, base support vehicles and equipment and environmental services.