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In Europe and around the world, we ensure safe, reliable and expertly-maintained aircraft are ready for flight, available for pilots to train on and safe for the world’s leaders to fly on. Our teams provide organizational, line, intermediate and limited depot-level maintenance for any type of aircraft globally – from front-line fighters to commercial transport aircraft.

Our dedicated professionals install aircraft modification programs for a broad range of weapons systems and more than 70 engine types, updating entire fleets to mission-ready status. Group “A” and “B” kit designs, fabrication assembly, installation and modifications are carried out swiftly and skillfully.

Beyond maintenance and modifications, we provide airfield operations, airlift support, logistics, security, construction, communications and training, in some of the most challenging regions of the world. We also maintain and crew aircraft for specialized missions such as transporting personnel and equipment and combating forest fires.


DynCorp International Supports C-20 Aircraft at Ramstein Air Base

DynCorp International team members provide aircraft maintenance support for C-20 aircraft at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The team has been recognized for its excellent work in supporting the mission.

During a flight from Kabul, Afghanistan, to Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington in the United States, a plane stopped over at Ramstein and our team members went above and beyond to perform maintenance on the aircraft in a timely manner. The team’s hard work was acknowledged with a letter of appreciation from U.S. Navy Commanding Officer, Robert Coogan.

“They truly treated us as ‘priority one’ and it is very reassuring to see a team of professionals that is eager to provide such flawless support,” stated Coogan in the letter.



In Europe and around the world, we offer unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world. Built on more than six decades of experience as a trusted partner to commercial, government and military customers, we specialize in providing self-sustaining programs that fulfill the critical operational roles of site management, supply chain management, communications and security.

The team offers worldwide expertise in all aspects of operations and maintenance. From planning, building, operating and maintaining facilities, to complete logistics and personnel sustainment, we take pride in delivering adaptable, self-sustaining solutions that can be quickly deployed, integrated and dispatched anywhere, anytime.

Leveraging our global presence and reach, international business experience, language capabilities, and deep cultural understanding, we provide the highest level of professional intelligence training, collection and analysis, and mission support, to meet the Intelligence needs of our customers. The team also delivers flexible, rapidly-deployable, integrated security solutions to suit any situation in any part of the world.

From law enforcement to logistics, vehicle maintenance to intelligence, nearly all of our capabilities include a training solution to help our customers build and develop capacity.


Maintaining Camps for Those who Safeguard Freedom and Security

When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) needed base operations support for camps across Kosovo, DynCorp International (DI) teams answered the call through DCH, a partnership between DI and Hibernia.

The 100+ person team managed the operations and maintenance for the entire NATO infrastructure, including maintenance of 250+ pieces of operations equipment, more than 60 accommodation units, and all facilities. The items maintained by the team varied from perimeter security equipment and asphalt roads, to parking structures and backup generators. The program required flexibility due to ever changing circumstances in the region – weather, political and operational.

Over the duration of the program the team received high praise for its preventative maintenance, reduction in service call times, and proactive planning that resulted in significant cost savings during winter months.

Using the “DI Cares” philosophy, the team worked to enhance workforce safety, providing trainings and creating a new annual fire safety program in conjunction with the local fire department.



In Europe and around the world, we offer unique, tailored solutions for an ever-changing world.

DynGlobal brings the full range of the company’s diverse capabilities and decades of experience to commercial, international and emerging markets. Whether the need is for solutions in logistics, aviation, training, security, program and risk management, or operations and maintenance, we bring proven results to customers in every corner of the globe.


  • Air Operations and Transport
  • Airfield Management, Communication and Navigation
  • Aerial Firefighting
  • Aviation Maintenance, Modifications, Overhaul, Repair and Support
  • Base Operations Support
  • Communications / Infrastructure Management
  • Demining
  • Facilities Management
  • Global Logistics
  • Intelligence Training and Solutions
  • International Development
  • Land Vehicle Maintenance and Modifications
  • Security Solutions
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Training
  • Weapons Removal

DynCorp International Team Members Help Maintain Women’s and Children’s Wellness Center in Kosovo

DynCorp International team members in Pristina, Kosovo, provided support to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, maintaining NATO Kosovo Forces facilities at Camp Film City. In their free time, several team members volunteered their time helping maintain the local Women’s and Children’s Wellness Center.

Each month our team members provided free preventative maintenance inspection and services to the wellness center. In one month alone, some of the maintenance they performed was: cleaning sewage drains; installing new water system equipment; servicing and repairing the center generator; installing smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting; and repairing several windows, doors, electrical switches and outlets.

Several updates to the playground were made as well, including installing new playground equipment and a small amphitheater, and adding new topsoil.

To help prepare for the new school year, our team members built donation boxes and placed them throughout the Camp to collect school supplies for the center, and donated supplies directly to the children at the center.