DI Press Releases

DynCorp International Names New Senior Vice President

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Mar.21, 2007) – DynCorp InternationalLLC has named a new senior vice president to head the humanresources department. Dianne Walker has been appointed senior vice president of humanresources.  In her position she will be the senior executiveresponsible for ... Read More

DynCorp International Receives Highest Award from FAA

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Mar. 13, 2007) – DynCorpInternational has won the Federal Aviation Administration’s DiamondCertificate of Excellence for the fifth consecutive year. The award recognizes DI for providing outstanding maintenance foraircraft used by America’s leaders at Andrews Air Force Base ... Read More

DI Rescues Mine-Detecting Dogs in Afghanistan

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Mar. 12, 2007) –DynCorp International employees helped rescue more than two dozenGerman Shepherds and Belgian Malinois that were recently retiredafter working in Afghanistan detecting mines.   The dogs belonged to the Mine Dog Center, an Afghan de-miningnon-governmental organization ... Read More

DynCorp International Security Supervisor Killed inBaghdad

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Feb. 19, 2007) – Glen Joyce,40, of Helderkruin, Roodepoort, South Africa, was killed February15th in Iraq in a mortar attack.  One other DynCorpInternational employee and four Iraqis were injured in the sameattack, which occurred in Baghdad at ... Read More