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DynCorp International is always on the lookout for suppliers who are as innovative and committed to their customers as we are. And we welcome the opportunity to support small and minority-owned businesses. Want to tell us about your company? Please visit our Small Business Database.

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Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

To view the DI Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, download the brochure.

Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

It is DynCorp International’s commitment to conduct business honestly, ethically, and in accordance with best practices and the applicable laws of the United States and other countries in which we operate. Our employees are required to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness and we expect the same from all of our Suppliers. We are a values based organization committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all of our business dealings.

At DynCorp International, also referenced as DI, every employee including members of the Board of Directors are required to read and acknowledge their concurrence with our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct on an annual basis. Similarly, we also require all Suppliers (Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Vendors, Consultants, Agents, Intermediaries and other Business Affiliates) to comply with all applicable laws and to this DI Supplier Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.