About DI

DynCorp International Corporate Commitment to

Continuous Improvement for

Ethics, Business Conduct and Standards

Having a Corporate Code of Conduct, policies and procedures establishing our commitment to ethics, business conduct and standards is not enough to maintain our pledge to “Do the right thing – Always.” To maintain the highest standards, we monitor our performance and have established procedures to reduce risk to the company:

      • We maintain a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that establishes rules of ethical conduct and compliance for the Company, its officers, directors, employees and contractors. The Code contains links to relevant policies and procedures, instructions on how to report violations and workplace scenarios to illustrate ethics questions.
      • We make available to all employees and subcontractors numerous reporting opportunities for ethics and conduct issues including a Hotline that can be used anonymously.
      • We evaluate our risk through a robust insider threat program.
      • We invest in in training, monitoring, and enforcement of compliance standards and all employees receive Mandatory Code of Conduct awareness training at time of hire and on an annual basis. All persons covered by the Code are required to review its provisions and confirm that they will comply with its requirements.
      • We maintain a continuous improvement program for ethics, business conduct and standards through regular monitoring and evaluation of our performance by internal audits and external third-party audits. Robust internal audits and assessment of controls couples finance, legal, internal audit and other functions for cross-functional awareness and monitoring. A quarterly briefing is provided to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors on compliance matters.
      • We obtain annual ISO recertification through policy, headquarters and field audits by third-party certification bodies. Those audits review DI’s quality and management systems and our compliance with DI policies, laws and regulations, risks from corruption and human trafficking, and potential violations by our suppliers and sub-contractors.
      • We perform supply chain and subcontractor screening and monitoring and flow down our ethics and conduct requirements to subcontractors and suppliers and continuously monitor and review their performance.
      • We require our program managers to monitor the conduct of their program employees, subcontractors and suppliers.