About DI

DynCorp International Corporate Commitment to

Combat Human Trafficking

DynCorp International operates in many countries where trafficking of women, men and children is rife. DI and its directors, officers, and employees commit to combat human trafficking and child labor and to respect the human rights of those we employ and those employed by our suppliers wherever we operate. DI and its employees will comply with DI policies, U.S. law and regulations related to prevention of human trafficking and protection of victims of trafficking and those of countries where we work, and with relevant international conventions.

DynCorp International hires local citizens and foreign nationals from many countries. In many of them, labor brokers and labor subcontractors are some of the worst trafficking criminals. ln compliance with DI policy as well as U.S. and international law and regulations, DI performs due diligence through third-party screenings to confirm that parties from whom we hire local and foreign employees, and subcontractors who provide labor services are legitimate and trustworthy enterprises that respect human rights and do not violate human trafficking or child labor laws and regulations through mandatory screening, monitoring and certification of vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants. In some locations where it is difficult to find trustworthy local labor sources, DI may use DI company recruiters or DI subsidiaries to recruit and hire local and foreign nationals.

Due diligence investigations will be conducted before entering into any agreement with local labor brokers and contractors and at later stages if red flags are raised. DI program managers carry out inspections to ensure that human trafficking regulations are followed, including ensuring that all workers are provided with adequate housing and medical care, that employees have custody of their passports and that employees are provided with copies of their employment records in their own language.

To ensure that our employees are aware of the potential for human trafficking, exposed employees are required to complete training on human rights and human trafficking at the time of hire and at least once a year thereafter. In that training, employees learn their responsibility to combat human trafficking; to comply with DI policies and U.S., host country and international laws and regulations; and to immediately report any suspicion of violations. In addition, program managers are responsible for understanding and complying with relevant contract requirements related to human trafficking.

Following training, every employee certifies that they have been instructed in, understand and will comply with human trafficking policies, laws and regulations. Managers are responsible for assuring such courses are completed and the Human Resources Department maintains records of course completion.