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DynCorp International CEO Visits CAL FIRE

Recently, DynCorp International (DI) CEO George Krivo spent a day visiting the CAL FIRE program in McClellan, California.

“Mr. Krivo wanted to see the DI maintenance technicians who maintain the CAL FIRE fleet of aircraft. We also showed him the completed Project X aircraft, pre-paint, which will be Tanker 79 this summer. The aircraft was rescued from the Navy boneyard, stripped down to the bare metal, and modified with over 300 kits installed – including new wire harnesses, new turbine engines and a retardant tank addition to the center fuselage,” said Jeff Cavarra, CAL FIRE director. “We greatly appreciate him taking the time to come out and tour our operation.”

While on site, George held an informal all-hands meeting to talk about relevant company information and answer questions. The program has been busy conducting ground and flight school training while maintenance technicians perform annual maintenance on all three CAL FIRE aircraft types – S-2, OV-10 and UH-1H.

“The CAL FIRE program is a complex and extraordinary effort,” said CEO George Krivo. “There are more aircraft than I was expecting – it is truly impressive. They are doing outstanding and important work, maintaining these aircraft and executing critical lifesaving operations.”

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