Tips for Applicants

What To Do After Applying For A Job At DynCorp International

For those who have created a profile in the DynCorp International online application system and want to know what is next, here are a few key points to consider if you are not contacted by a recruiter:


1. If you have created a profile, you still need to apply to an open position.

Creating a profile consists of uploading your resume and completing electronic forms with your personal information. This merely creates a “personal folder” within our large database. Unfortunately, individuals commonly make the mistake of thinking that just because they have created a profile they will be automatically be contacted. Be sure that you not only create an account, but also complete an application for any open positions that interest you. Your chances of being found by a recruiter increase dramatically, and they will also know what jobs, job location and leadership level you are interested in.


2. Ensure you meet the qualifications for the position you are seeking.

Job descriptions are detailed and specific because companies such as DynCorp International are looking for the right candidate to fulfill a precise need. If you are truly experienced, and have the appropriate skills, your application will carry more weight to the recruiting team. Aim to apply only to positions for which you meet the indicated criteria.


3. Many applicants have applied to the same position.

Even though recruiters ensure they have reviewed all applicants, only those that most closely fit the desired requirements will be contacted for the next steps in the process. It is a very competitive market, and, due to the high volume of applicants, we are not able to provide status updates to all applicants who are not selected.


4. Recruiting for and filling a position takes time; if a position is no longer live online, it is no longer available.

Unless a position is an urgent fill, the recruiting process of finding the ideal candidate simply takes time. It is important to understand that it is a process with a number of steps that need to be followed before a selection is made. In most cases, until the position is filled, the job opportunity will stay live online, even as candidates are being chosen.


Tips for Applicants

All applicants can check the status of their application at any time through the DI online application portal, through their personal user account. Jobseekers should also continuously check listings as new positions are added every day.


How to Setup Job Alerts and Preferences

  1. From the Welcome page click on “Sign In.”
  2. Select “Log in” or “create an account.”
  3. Once logged in, click “My account options.”
  4. Scroll down and click on “Correspondence,”
    then “Edit.”
  5. Check the box and click “Save.”