Contracted Maintenance, Modification, Aircrew, and Related Services (CMMARS)

DynCorp International (DI) is one of 20 awardees selected by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) aviation platform-level CLS for contracted maintenance, modification, aircrew and related services necessary to meet platform requirements. This includes logistics functions and maintenance tasks required to keep US Government and its FMS customers’ aircraft ready, available, and operating worldwide. CMMARS may be used for platforms at all phases of the acquisition life cycle and may be funded with various types of Government appropriations or FMS funding.

Task orders will be issued pursuant to fair opportunity in accordance with FAR 16.505(b)(2). Each task order will identify the place and period of performance for each requirement. The table below includes, but is not limited to, the list of potential task orders for the CMMARS Multiple Award Contract.

Platform Existing Contract #
C-12 CLS N00019-17-D-0088
T-34/44/6 CLS N00019-15-D-0003
T-45 CLS N00019-14-D-0011
PMA273 AIMD N61340-17-D-0005
NAWDC  N00019-13-D-0002
TH-57 CLS N00019-13-D-0007
F-5 CLS     N00019-15-D-0007
C-40 CLS N00019-16-D-0002
Test Wing – Atlantic/Pacific N00421-17-C-0033
P-8 Commercial Depot New Requirement
TH-XX CLS New Requirement
H-53 Mods W5RGZ13C0044
E-6B CLS & Mods N00019-15-C-0120
V-22 Mods N00019-09-D-0008

Contract Number: N61340-18-R1199
Period of Performance: 5-year base and 5 option years
Awarding Agency: NAVAIR
Authorized Users: Companies awarded seats on the CMMARS IDIQ
Contract Ceiling: $12.6B
Contract Types: Task Order driven. Firm Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials
NAICS Code: 488190 Other Support Activities for Air Transportation

Contract Scope: CMMARS may be used for platforms at all phases of the acquisition life cycle and may be funded with various types of Government appropriations or FMS funding.

In CMMARS, an aviation platform is an aviation end item that can be used directly by the Armed Forces to carry out an assigned mission such as various type/model/series (T/M/S) aircraft. CMMARS provides CLS for aviation platforms operated under Military, Military/Commercial, and/or Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations, to include: fixed-wing (airplanes), rotary-wing (helicopters), tiltrotor, unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV), lighter than air vehicles (airships), as well as integrally related systems and weapon systems. Each Task Order under CMMARS will address specific CLS requirements by the aviation platform/platforms covered, site/sites covered, level(s) of maintenance required, along with any aircrew and related services requirements.

Contracted maintenance includes organizational (O), intermediate (I), and depot (D) level maintenance at afloat and ashore locations, performed under Military or FAA guidelines, in the continental United States (CONUS) or outside the continental United States (OCONUS). For CMMARS, afloat maintenance involves temporary, short duration detachments with narrowly focused requirements. Modifications, major repairs, and alterations encompass the incorporation of technical directives (TD), approved engineering changes, and Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) performed at the three levels of maintenance. Aircrews, in this context, are personnel who may operate aircraft for the purpose of CLS. Related services include, but are not limited to, all logistics Integrated Product Support elements.

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