TACOM Strategic Service Solutions equipment Related Services (TS3 ERS)

Three TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) Strategic Service Solutions (TS3) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts.

• Knowledge-Based Services (KBS) – The firm will provide engineering and technical services, logistics management services, management support services and professional services across TACOM. The team will develop and implement systems engineering plans, develop test and evaluation master plans, provide engineering support to live fire evaluations, develop architectures to support concept development and lifecycle logistics, including training plans, manpower estimates and product support plans. The KBS IDIQ contract has a $1.8 billion ceiling.

• Research and Development (R&D) – The firm will provide engineering services, technology design, business case analysis, system design, process improvement and acquisition support. The team will also support legacy ground platform system sustainment, prototype development, design studies, formation based modeling and acquisition strategies. Additionally, the firm will provide survivability analysis and design, and research, development, test and evaluation support for ground vehicles, robots, watercraft, and logistics systems to meet Army requirements worldwide. The R&D IDIQ contact has a $649 million ceiling.

• Equipment Related Services (ERS) – The firm will perform equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul, modification and installation. The team will also provide technical representatives to keep machines, systems and vehicles functioning or in working order at both domestic and international locations. The ERS IDIQ contract has a $1.1 billion ceiling.

Contract Number: W56HZV-15-D-ER06
End Date: 05/2020
Awarding Agency: U.S. Army
Authorized Users: U.S. Army
Contract Ceiling: $1.1B
Contract Types: Firm Fixed Price
NAICS Code: 811111 General Automotive Repair

Contract Scope: Equipment Related Services

  • Supplement the Army workforce pertaining to its mission for “non-professional” disciplines in both CONUS and OCONUS performance locations, which are both commercial and non-commercial in nature
  • Examples of Facility/Equipment Related Services that are forecasted to be included in this RFP are as follows:
    • General Warehousing and Storage
    • Facilitates Support Services
    • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
    • Equipment Modification
    • Total Package Fielding
    • Contractor Logistic Services
    • Field Service Representatives
    • Up-armor Vehicle Services
    • Supply Chain Management

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