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Worldwide Recruiting & Staffing Services LLC Vice President, Global Staffing, Dianne Walker, Featured at 2012 Fort Worth Women in Leadership Symposium

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Megan Cruz, recruiting admin supervisor, Dianne Walker, vice president, global staffing, Shannon Ross, senior recruiter, Jennifer Fox, senior recruiting coordinator, Melanie Lloyd, senior recruiter, and Lisset Espinoza, senior recruiter, were all in attendance at the symposium.


Dianne Walker, vice president of recruiting for Worldwide Recruiting & Staffing Services LLC (WRSS), a wholly owned subsidiary of DynCorp International, was a featured panelist at the 2012 Fort Worth Women in Leadership Symposium. The event, which was also sponsored by DI and hosted by the Texas Diversity Council, was held September 14, 2012, at Texas Christian University.

The symposium’s theme was “Women Leaders as Architects of Change,” and topics of discussion included:

  • Becoming a Person of Influence
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership: Women Bridging the Racial Divide
  • The “M” Factor in Mentoring for Leadership and Success
  • I’m a Woman. I’m Invincible…and I’m Exhausted! (Work-Life Balance)
  • Personal Branding: Accessorizing Your Assets
  • Own Your Finances, Own Your Life

Walker discussed “Becoming a Person of Influence” and how various mentors were influential to her career and how influential women can stimulate growth and empowerment to an organization. She also explained how her own personal values aligned with DynCorp International’s core values – We Serve, We Care, We Empower, We Perform and We Do the Right Thing. She also emphasized the importance of having a social contract within an organization to help individuals succeed.

About Dianne Walker

Dianne Walker was appointed to the position of vice president of global staffing in November 2010 and manages DI’s wholly-owned staffing subsidiary, Worldwide Recruiting and Staffing Services, LLC. During her tenure in this position, she has developed a strategic vision and mission for DI’s exclusive recruiting element which directly aligns with parent company objectives.

Previously, Walker served as DynCorp International’s  senior vice president of human resources, where she managed the implementation, maintenance and optimization of all human resource programs including compensation, benefits, recruiting, human resources information systems, communications, security, employee development, compliance and generalist services.

Walker has worked with the DI family of companies for more than 33 years, and has held progressively more senior level roles each with increasing responsibility.

Recent key accomplishments include record-setting staffing performance for 2011 with more than 12,600 recruits hired and deployed and the institution of five Regional Recruiting Centers of Excellence in Sarajevo, India, Kenya, Colombia and the United Kingdom.

About the Texas Diversity Council

The Texas Diversity Council (TXDC) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a learning environment for organizations to grow in their knowledge of diversity. The TXDC provides opportunities for organizations to learn from corporate leaders in the area of diversity.

The TXDC is currently made up of five Councils throughout the state of Texas. The Councils serve the greater metropolitan areas of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

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  1. Andrew Lang says

    Hello. I was attempting to complete an on line application for Ground Support Mechanic when the website would not allow me to ad more than two entries for work experience and no more than one education experience. I’m not sure if your the right person to be emailing but I’m sure you could point me in the right direction. Thank you. Andy

  2. Andrew Lang says

    Hello again. The website also doesn’t allow me to proceed with the application (Save and Continue). What should I do? Thanks again. Andy

  3. Dylan Martin says

    Hello, I have been applying for the overseas generator mechanic position for over a year and am I am repeatedly not selected. Can you provide feedback as to why? I worked for Lockheed in Afghanistan for 5 years and have over 20 yrs experience worldwide, So I would think that I’d be a great fit. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
    Dylan Martin.

  4. Able A Nevills says

    Hello, I been applying for the overseas jobs such as Fuel Supervisor ,Fuel Foreman, Fuel Operator and Generator Mechanic for over a year and I’m repeatedly not selected. Can you provide me some feedback as to why? I have worked for Dresser Rand, Elliott Turbo Machinery ,KBR and Fluor Government Group for over 10 years in Afghanistan and have over 30 years experience world wide I would like to think I’m the type of candidate you’re looking for I would appreciate any feed back to as why I’m keep getting past over for these jobs opening. Thank you Able A Nevills

  5. Jarrett McPherson says

    I am trying to find train driving jobs in Iraq. Any info or HR connections would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  6. mahesh kumar says

    i have done a 2 year iti in refrigeration and air conditioning. i have 18 years experience in installation, comissioning, repairing of commercial hvac and chillers. and i have worked with dynacorp international in 2012 in afghanistan. i really wish to work with dyna. if there is a job. please inform me. i have been trying since 2 years. hope soon will hear from you. thanks

  7. Amir says

    i am looking job in DynCorp.. i have 4 year exp. in CSA LTD. ITT/KBOSSS And Ac First..
    i need Security / MWR Job,,

  8. Larry Hollimon says

    I have several applications on this site. I am a certified forklift driver, drain pipe layer, and have 10 yrs. Experience in food service. I would love to work for this company. How do I get hired?



  10. Komal says

    Dear Madam,

    I have worked for DynCorp Intl for more than two and half years at Leatheneck in Movement Control Team at ADACG as Cargo Document Specialist. I have good experience in the Cargo field for 16years. I wish to take up the assignment at DynCorp Intl again. I have applied on line for your consideration and my job profile suites to the requirement as mentioned. Kindly keep me posted hopefully.

  11. Francis Kariuki Ngugi says

    Greetings! I hope this comment will get you well. Kindly note that i have applied lots of positions online since 2009 most recent FNA1502542, FNA1502682 but unfortunately i have never been lucky for selection but i keep my head high that, one opportunity will come my way as DI is the best platform there is. I have vast experience in fuel operation from my current position at WOQOD Qatar as Fuel Track Coordinator and previously at Wilson Airport Kenya as Ramp fuel coordinator. It will be my sincere gratitude that i will be selected so i can be able to fulfill my dream of working at DI. Thank you.

  12. Fred Larry Fritz Jr says

    I worked for Dyncorp for 3 years as a Vector Control Technician in Afghanistan.
    My employ number was 993769.
    I De scoped several bases in the end, i was the last one out of FOB Shindand.
    I was told i was on a very short list of people to get called back.
    i have seen positions posted and have sent my resume in but have not heard back.
    I spoke to Steve Lamell the HSC director and he said i should of heard back.

  13. Roberto Carreras says


    My name is Roberto Carreras. I applied for position like Fuel Lab Tech 1501991 and 1503569. Also applied for a Water Tech position and QC Tech Inspector.. I have no luck. I have a MBA in marketing, BS Chemistry with 19 years of experience in lab. Also I have a Six Sigma Black Belt course and Applied Project Management form Villanova University. Also I’m A certified Quality Auditor and Quality Engineer. Lic. 45096 and 62222. I have extensive knowledge in statistics, CAR, Root Cause Analysis. I also have experience in improvement project. I can be a good fit in different areas and I like the opportunity to work with DI. I also have exoerience in audits. I’m bilingual (Spanish & English with knowledge of SPC, TrackWise to monitor CAR’s and MS Office. Also I have experience in most of lab equipment used in water and fuel. If you think I can be a good fit for a position I’m available including going to Afghanistan. Thanks.

  14. Tramain James says

    To whomever receives this message, I am a military vet looking to fill either position as a Recreation Clerk (1503590) or Driver (1503600) I am heavily qualified in both positions, but as of yet a recruiter has not contacted me. I know DynCorp is a military friendly company and came 20th for the 2015 Best for Vets. I would like my opportunity to work for this corporation. Thanks

    Tramain James

  15. Juan Carlos Escobar Gama says

    I tried to apply for the position of IT Manager in Colombia, but the goal is steady generates error does not give the possibility decargar information.

    Please tell me an email or phone number in Colombia to forward my contact number.

    I appreciate the attention given and stay tuned to your prompt response

  16. Rajendra says

    Dear Dyn-intl,
    I have +7 years work experience as of administrative field in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would like to join DYN any kind of position please contact to me

    Thank you

  17. Tony Fuentes says

    i have applied numerous times for numerous positions such as construction supervisor,carpenter supervisor/foreman and no replies,i have overseas experience on wake island,germany,thailand,and iraq,and still looking for a position with dyncorp please contact me, i am also an vietnam era vet

  18. Bardhyl Hasani says

    Dear Recruiting Team

    I am Bardhyl Hasani from Kosovo
    I have a long and excellent experience as Security Guard, I have apply online in KBR website
    please see attached all of my documents, if you have any job position for me please do not hesitate to contact me

    Thank you for you understanding and consideration
    Bardhyl Hasani
    Lipjan Kosovo

  19. Justin Hawkins says

    Dear Recruiting team,
    My name is Justin Hawkins and is it possible to clear on the website jobs that are being filled or already filled out off my job submissions? And if you have applied to positions on the website, will there be feedback if you do or do not get select for the position. Thank you for you time.


  20. PETER MAINGI says

    Am an electrician/mechanical with +20 years experience in Electrical machine maintenance. I have applied for Electrical positions with DI international several times and I have never been replied. I still miss to work with you in Arabian countries. Thanks in advance.

  21. Robert Taylor says

    I want to know why I do not qualify for and maintenance jobs or lead jobs or any supervisory positions in this organization? Apparently I am posting the wrong resume. I really don’t get it. That is OK. I am sure there are people who would like to know what is going on

  22. Robert Taylor says

    I see you you don’t respond to any replies. That is OK my congressman will receive a letter very soon. Thank you very much

  23. Abid Rizvi says

    Dear sir,
    I am fresh Geophysicsit from pakistan haveing 2 month experience in pakistan Petroleum limited. please let me know if there is any position. I will be thankful to you for this act of kindness.

    Best Regards
    Abid Rizvi

  24. Sujoy Sarkar says

    Dear Recruiting team,
    My Name is Sujoy Sarkar by Nationality Indian, I applied for position like Job Number: FNA1603044 , FNA1602220 ,BLUFNA1601982 ,FNA1603055 ,FNA1603225 ,FNA1602947 ,BLUFNA1601709, FNA1602951 , but unfortunately i have never been lucky for selection Please View my profile again. It will be my sincere gratitude that i will be selected so i can be able to fulfill my dream of working at DI. Thank you.

  25. Robert Taylor says

    Well…once again you have turned me down for a job…and you too sorry to answer my emails or request for someone to explan to me why I do not qualify for any job I have applied….especially in qatar…I even been denied to work in the gym on qatar and been there twice and wow. And now a maintenance supervisor job…yup you hate wHite people

  26. Mubashar Hussain says

    Respected Madam Diana Walker,

    Kindly allow me to introduce, I have worked at Bagram Airfield in the year 2011 for one year. I want to serve again and I have been applying the jobs since then but I have never been appointed. I really deserve the seats of Clerical Administration jobs as I have more then 16 years experience in this field. Please I severely need the job.

  27. Chinuri venkateshwar reddy says

    Dear sir madam
    My name is chinuri Venkateshwar Reddy I have 3 yars experience of MWR attendant with PPI Prime projects inter national bhagdad in Iraq I would like to join with Dyna Corp intar national any kynd of position please contact me

  28. Donald Vadasy says

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my comments.
    I worked as a Crane Operator with DI from February 2012 through April of this year 2017 in Afghanistan.
    I came home to take care of personal business with intentions of returning this Fall .
    I applied online and had a recruiter reply to me but then he never followed up after I sent several emails and voicemail messages.
    Based on my conversation with him recently, it is my observation that he dropped the ball and has no sincere concern for my return .
    I would like to speak to someone in a position that would have better communication skills and assist me with my application process to ensure my expedited return as promised before I left .

  29. John Tate says

    Having applied for two senior logistics positions and turned down for both – of which based on the ReqID, I believe I was above and beyond qualified for – there was no information pertaining to where I fell short. After combing through the WRSS and DI website, I found no email address of phone number that would allow me to request a non-select back brief. At the same time, the message stated that DI would “keep my information on file in case another position came available”. How will I know whether or not I am qualified to DI standards or not unless I know why I wasn’t qualified for the jobs I applied to? Just struck me as a strange HR practice. I would love to know where I fell short from someone in the process that can explain it.

    • Mansel doyle says

      I mansel doyle applied for a job in little rock, ar ,for tool and parts att. JN: 1704275. I received a email for hr that ask if I could come in for a interview, But he would be out for a week. It has been over three weeks and i have not heard from HR yet. I have no way to contact them. If you have a phone number or email, or please have them contact me. 870-933-9035 or 870-275-1187.

  30. Lilton Carter says

    Over 30 years of heavy equipment operations experience, strengths include, time management and multi-tasking skills, proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, MS Power Point, Microsoft Access), and sound knowledge of maintenance department processes.

  31. Ralph Ramsay Jr says

    Hey I have been applying to a lot of jobs in warehouse logistics. Can you please inform me on why I am continuing not been selected I have over ten years of experience.
    Thanks Ralph

    • DynCorp International says

      Hi Ralph, while I don’t have a specific answer for you, it’s likely that many people are applying to the same positions as you and the recruiters are finding them to be a closer fit. Perhaps you might need to tailor your resume to reflect how your skills match the requirements of a specific job posting. Ensure you have thoroughly reviewed the job description, make note of qualification requirements listed within it that are applicable to your experience, and highlight those in your resume.

  32. Nawid Rahmani says

    I am Nawid Rahmani from Bagram-Afghanistan, I have a question do you recruit local People in Afghanistan? if yes so I apply too many times online but can not success. why?

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