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General Major David Morris featured at the 2013 Defence Logistics Forum

DynCorp International’s David Morris, vice president, advanced programs, was a featured speaker at the 2013 Defence Logistics Forum held in London, on February 28, 2013. Morris addressed the conference’s attendees about future support requirements for contingency operations with a focus on logistics.

Morris discussed several key points on the future of contingency operations support requirements. He emphasized that successful logistics must be agile, flexible and adaptable. He also noted that future operations will come from joint, coalition, complex, and amorphous sources, and that the future requirements for these operations will be met commercially.

Prior to joining DI, Morris spent more than 35 years in various U.S. military intelligence and special operations positions, retiring at the rank of Major General.

Defence Logistics 2013 Conference Highlights

Morris took part in a multinational speaker panel that included briefings from industry leaders from the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and France, as well as NATO officials. Key topics of discussion included:

  • Third-party logistics
  • Supply-chain management
  • Equipment withdrawal
  • Supply readiness for oversees operational deployment
  • The increasing importance of providing effective support to joint overseas operations

Other 2013 Defence Logistics Forum agenda highlights included a presentation of the UK Ministry of Defence Total Support Force Concept—the new UK Armed Forces business model—and education about third party logistics, a vital function in the NATO drawdown from Afghanistan. The conference also covered concepts such as the role of NATO’s Smart Defence concept, collective and joint logistics, and related concepts and opportunities.

This year the conference’s exclusive workshop focused on the Defense Trade Cooperation Treaty between the U.S. and the UK, and how organizations can become more involved.

About the Defence Logistics Forum

The 2013 Defence Logistics Forum took place in London on February 27 and 28, following a pre-conference workshop day on Friday, February 26. Now in its tenth year, the Defence Logistics Forum is Europe’s only dedicated operation logistics symposium, with a mission to bring attending organizations international expertise on frontline battlefield support. This is the first year that the conference has included attending organizations and leaders in defense logistics from the U.S.

The forum creates an opportunity for attendees to connect with leading experts in the field of defense logistics. The conference also provides networking opportunities for individuals, branding opportunities for organizations, and thought leadership opportunities for industry experts.

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