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Military Training Technology Recognizes DynCorp International on Top Simulation and Training Companies List

2014 Top Simulation & Training CompaniesDynCorp International has once again been recognized by Military Training Technology on their 2014 Top Simulation & Training Companies list. This is the third consecutive year DI has received this honor.

The Top Simulation & Training Companies list includes organizations from all over the world that have made a significant impact on the military training industry through specialized technologies and services. Their training programs allow U.S. airmen, Marines, sailors, soldiers and Coast Guardsmen to train and rehearse for missions in theater, or to prepare for deployment at home station.

“DynCorp International provides a wide spectrum of live and constructive training solutions for customers all over the world,” said Mel Booker, DynCorp International vice president, National Security Solutions. “We strive to develop new, innovative solutions to best serve our international and domestic programs.”

About Military Training Technology

Military Training Technology focuses on all issues related to training and preparing the armed forces. Coverage includes simulation and modeling systems, interactive and visual displays, distributed learning, courseware, operational and field training, outsourcing, training pyrotechnics, training aircraft, vehicles and platforms, and field ranges. Military Training Technology covers all aspects of military readiness for all services of U.S. armed forces.

DynCorp International Training

DI provides a wide spectrum of live and virtual training to meet the needs of international and domestic governments. This includes successfully delivering training, training support services and information technology solutions in law enforcement, rule of law and anti-corruption, disaster response, new equipment, safety, security sector reform, information gathering, and civil government. DI has developed innovative solutions for training delivery to partner nation military personnel operating in remote locations, helps train NASA astronauts on aircraft maintenance, works with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to train Afghan security forces to enable to coalition troop drawdown and develops and delivers cutting edge courseware for elicitation and document exploitation (DOMEX) training.

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  2. jackline says

    am a holder of diploma in medical laboratory.were best can i suit in this jobs.thanks awaiting for reply.

  3. Madhav Desai says

    I have 25 years experience as a Generator Technician in the verious gulf countries, like Abu dhabi(Defense) as Soldier for five Years,Oman (Defense),
    Saudia, Iraq, Sudan Supreme Foods GMbh(UN Contractor)for six years, after completed i returned back from Sudan to India 8 months ago,
    I have good knowledge of Defense, because i tooke training in Indian Army for 1 year,also i am healthy,and ready to join any yours location ASAP.
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  4. lizardo samaniego says

    estraordinario is something like this prestigious international company can add all of these important projects for FortaleSer unit and to have more experiences with their support in all programs I congratulate you very good way to gain many achievements with you thanks for everything


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  6. marco bonaccorso says

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    Cordiali saluti Marco Bonaccorso

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      Cordiali Saluti
      Marco Bonaccorso

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