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DynCorp International Team Members in Kuwait Complete First Aid Training

Medic Jesse WhitmanMore than 100 DynCorp International team members in Kuwait recently completed first aid training, including CPR training. Training was provided by Remote Medical International (RMI) and included topics from simple wound care, tourniquet application, to signs of a stroke and treatment for choking.

While this training is mandatory for some DI team members, RMI offered the three-hour course for all at the worksite.

DI employees assisted RMI instructors by roleplaying while the RMI medic showed students how to properly dress wounds. Every student participated in the CPR training through role play during possible mock emergency situations, for example, where somebody stopped breathing. Students practiced calling for help, chest compressions and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

“Everyone who participated in this critical training walked away with a better understanding of what to do in emergency situations and appreciated the hands-on experience RMI provided,” said Ken Pitcher, DynCorp International project manager. “Having an opportunity to sharpen their first aid skills by practicing old and new methods of saving lives, including their own, is always a good investment of time and reinforces one of DI’s important values – We Care.”

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