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29,000 Days of Service for a Better Tomorrow

Three service milestones were reached recently at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland on DynCorp International’s (DI) program servicing aircraft for the U.S. Navy. Celebrating 40 years of service were Steve Long and Walter Muenzel, and celebrating 45 years of service was Ethrage “Duck” Haggard.

“DI has serviced the U.S. Navy at Pax River continuously since 1973,” said Randy Hughes, program manager. “Steve, Walter and Duck have played a significant role in DI’s continued success at Pax. They have contributed to our long legacy of providing unmatched dedicated service to our navy customer and are standout examples of serving today for a better tomorrow with a combined 29,200 days of service!”   

Steve Long began his career at Dynalectron, DI’s predecessor company, in 1979 at the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School (TPS) at NAS Patuxent River. Steve started out maintaining T-2 aircraft and has since worked on A-4, U-6, NU-1B, X-26 and T-38 aircraft. Steve is currently the subject matter expert on the NU-1B and U-6 aircraft and has been very influential in training the next generation of aircraft mechanics as they support the school’s unique national assets. Steve holds an FAA Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) license and has received multiple letters of appreciation for his work to include one from the Naval Air Test and Evaluation Museum at Pax River and another from the commander of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School while serving his 40-year tenure at TPS.

Walter “Frank” Muenzel began his career at Dynalectron in 1979 at the U.S. Navy TPS as an aircraft mechanic after serving four years in the United States Marine Corps (USMC). While in the marines, Frank worked on F-4J aircraft and reached the rank of corporal. Early in the 1980’s Frank transferred to the ground support equipment shop where he maintains many different types of aviation support equipment for TPS. The Naval Air Test and Evaluation Museum at Pax River commended him in a letter of appreciation while serving his 40-year tenure at TPS. Frank’s family has a history of service to the nation – he was born in Germany where his father was stationed with the U.S. Air Force and his brother is retired from the USMC. Married to his wife Evelyn for more than 20 years, he has two daughters and a son.

Ethrage “Duck” Haggard holds the distinction of having the longest current continued service within the company, having reached the 45-year milestone of DI service. Duck started his employment as a Contract Field Team aircraft mechanic on March 4, 1974 at Shaw AFB, South Carolina, and performed aircraft maintenance services at Honolulu, Hawaii, and Elmendorf, Alaska before taking a position at Patuxent River in 1975. Many of the aircraft Duck has maintained at Pax River are currently retired and being honorably displayed at the Pax Naval Air Museum. Currently serving as the business manager on the Naval Test Wing Atlantic program, Duck enjoys spending time with his grandson fishing and hunting.

“Congratulations and a big THANK YOU on behalf of a very appreciative company,” said Joe Ford, DynAviation president. “These three gentlemen have reached an epic and extraordinary milestone in their years of service.”

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