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DynCorp International Conducts Advanced Negotiation Skills Training

advanced negotiation skills dyncorp intlDynCorp International team members conducted an Advanced Negotiation Skills Training course for members of the 83rd Civil Affairs Battalion in Fayetteville, N.C., from January 7-11, 2013. The course focused on improving negotiations skills for soldiers to prepare them for an upcoming deployment.

“The purpose of this training is to improve interpersonal communications skills for the students and to teach them negotiations skills,” said Clifford Ruggles, department head, Intelligence Training & Solutions, DynCorp International. “Everywhere else in world they negotiate daily, so we provide this training to give the soldiers an advantage and help them to succeed at what they do.”

Advanced Negotiation Skills Training

The five-day training course is designed to enhance unit readiness and includes classroom presentations, team exercises and the use of an Electronic Language Simulator (ELS). The ELS is used to simulate a negotiation with non-English speakers.

The DI team provides training specifically geared towards the audience and the experiences they will face while overseas.

“We do the research so that we can introduce the students to the different cultures and traditions they will encounter over there,” said Ruggles. “This will give them more tools and techniques to use when negotiating with the local people on their deployment.”

83rd Civil Affairs Battalion

The 83rd Civil Affairs Battalion is currently in carrier status at Fort Bragg, N.C. As part of the 85th Civil Affairs Brigade, the 83rd Civil Affairs Battalion organizes, trains, equips, and deploys forces worldwide to conduct civil affairs operations in order to reduce and mitigate civil vulnerabilities and promote legitimacy and influence of local governments, in any environment, in support of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and U.S. Ambassadors in the CENTCOM area of operations.

DynCorp International Intelligence Training & Solutions

DI leverages global presence and reach, international business experience, language capabilities, and deep cultural understanding to benefit customers and clients all over the world. Through the Phoenix Training Center, DI provides professional intelligence training, collection and analysis, and mission support to meet the intelligence needs of the government and military.

DI’s operationally-seasoned educators utilize years of multi-domain experience to deliver mission-relevant instruction. Through the Mobile Training Program, training courses can be provided wherever a customer desires.

To view a full course offerings catalog, visit DynCorp International’s Phoenix Training Center website.

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