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Paper, Cans and Plastic: Recycle Them. It’s Fantastic!

Afghanistan Life Support Services program DynCorp International (DI) supports the Afghanistan Life Support Services (ALiSS) program, running the waste management recycling program, and representatives recently visited seven USAID locations around Afghanistan to show what the program is accomplishing.

The audiences learned through an eye-opening presentation how the U.S. Embassy in Kabul has made an effort to reduce waste by recycling plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and cardboard, which are made into household products locally.

DI manages recycling initiativesDI manages recycling initiatives through our waste management subcontractor in Afghanistan. We recycled over 340 thousand pounds of plastic, cardboard and aluminum in 2017.

Trash from the Embassy is sent to the recycling center where workers sort and separate the recyclables. Plastics are shredded into small fragments, aluminum cans are compressed into dense bales, and cardboard is pressed into more manageable sizes. The materials are then sent to other vendors that turn them into things like molded plastic furniture and toilet paper.


Plastics are shredded into small fragmentsIn addition to the regular recycling, DI has also partnered with another company to dispose of food waste generated through kitchen operations (e.g. preparation, leftovers, etc.) along with shredded paper.







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