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DynCorp International Air Operations Team Completes Leadership Development Training

dyncorp international air operationsFulfilling DynCorp International’s focus on developing its leaders, DynCorp International team members working in DI’s Air Operations business recently met with the company’s chief learning officer, Steve Dwyer, and outside experts to participate in one-on-one leadership development training and group sessions.

In their training, leaders completed personal profiles, which identify factors that individuals can focus on to become better leaders in the workplace and beyond. Team members also gained insight by receiving feedback from colleagues, and comparing and contrasting different personality types and the different ways to interact to provide maximum performance for the company’s customers.

Through the leadership workshop, team members learned how to optimize work performance by creating customized growth plans to capitalize on strengths, enhancing self-awareness and raising emotional quotient – all while embracing DI’s core values.

“All DI employees’ actions are guided by our social contract, which encompasses our core values – We Serve, We Care, We Empower, We Perform and We Do the Right Thing. At the end of the day, that social contract is the ultimate litmus test for how our team members lead,” said Dwyer.

The workshop was part of a larger Senior Leadership Conference in which key leaders in DI’s Air Operations business identified challenges and identified ways to improve the business.

DynCorp International’s Air Operations Business

DI’s Air Operations business provides extensive specialty aviation support for efforts to reduce the flow of illicit drugs, strengthen law enforcement and support host nations.

On a daily basis, FAA-screened and certified professionals execute critical missions across the globe. Supported by experienced pilots, mechanics and technicians – employing best-practices on the latest in equipment and technologies – each mission is carried out with maximum effectiveness and security.

Visit our website for more information on DynCorp International’s Air Operations business.

DynCorp International Empowers Its People

One of DynCorp International’s core values is “We Empower,” and leveraging training and development opportunities is just one way DI embraces that value. To provide effective talent management and support to employees, DI supports a company culture that empowers employees by enhancing knowledge, skills, and experiences and maximizes performance.

In addition to in-person training that occurs around the world, DI offers an interactive online Leadership 101 course to all personnel, encouraging continuing development throughout DynCorp International. Leadership 101 helps DI team members identify important aspects of DI culture and how to apply them in their current roles.

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