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DynCorp International Airfield Operations Team Provides Support in Afghanistan

Leatherneck Sweepers LOGCAPDynCorp International’s Airfield Operations Team provides support as part of the Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) in Afghanistan. It supports the airfield operations and management, air traffic control, airfield sweeping, weather observing and forecasting, and transient alert missions, which all play a critical role in the U.S. military’s ability to perform its mission safely and efficiently.

By providing transient and base-assigned aircraft operations, the DI team allows military personnel to focus on their operations and goals.

“We have an extraordinary group of airfield professionals who are dedicated to aviation safety and outstanding customer service,” said DynCorp International project airfield manager, Milton Reed.

A Team of Dedicated Personnel

Airfield sweepers play an integral part in airfield operations, keeping the airfield runways clear of debris, known as Foreign Object Debris (FOD). They operate around the clock to keep runways prepared for operations.

The weather crew regularly provides pilots with a wide variety of information, including hourly observations, flight weather briefings, five-day installation forecasts, and weather watch/warning/advisories. They also provide semi-annual weather briefings to pilots for seasonal changes, teach weather classes to air traffic controllers and provide weather outlooks to key leadership.

Transient alert personnel also support the LOGCAP mission by providing aircraft marshalling services to the U.S. military. They provide the one-on-one visual communication with the pilots, using hand signals to help them navigate while on the ground. They also lead aircraft to their appropriate parking areas or to the runway.

“This is a very knowledgeable group of professionals doing the best job they can,” said DynCorp International Airfield Operations supervisor Jack Rivas.

DynCorp International and the LOGCAP Program

DynCorp International supports the U.S. and Coalition troops overseas under the LOGCAP IV contract. DI team members provide existing bases with operations and maintenance support, including facilities management, electrical power, water, sewage and waste management, laundry operations, food services, and transportation motor pool operations, as well as construction services for other sites.

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    I my self i enjoyed working with professionals in Dyncorp constuction crew.I wish i can get another chance to work for DI

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