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ANA/ANP Program Celebrates More Than 640 Years of Cumulative Employment

Earlier this month, 128 employees on the Afghan National Army/Afghan National Police (ANA/ANP) program in Kabul, Afghanistan were recognized for their five or more years of DynCorp International (DI) employment.

“The dedication and loyalty of these 128 employees has been nothing short of amazing,” said David Gillihan, senior program manager. “They have been the absolute key to our success in Afghanistan thus far, and we will rely on them in the future to take our program and DI to the next level.”

An awards ceremony was held in Kabul to celebrate the employees’ five-plus year milestone, where certificates of appreciation were presented for their dedicated and loyal service. The average length of time that the employees have worked for DI is 7.5 years, the majority of that time having been spent on ANA/ANP and its predecessor programs in Afghanistan.

On the ANA/ANP contracts, DI team members perform dedicated in-depth advising, mentoring, training and program support to assist the Afghan Ministries of Interior and Defense forces in assuming full responsibility of their own security and operational needs.

“I am proud of the ANA/ANP team for reaching this amazing milestone,” said Randy Bockenstedt, DI’s Logistics Business Unit lead. “They should be congratulated on their tenacity of service.”

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