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DynCorp International Aviation Maintenance Capabilities

In DynCorp International’s Aviation business area, DI team members perform depot-level maintenance on aircraft support equipment. From equipment that moves aircraft, equipment that starts aircraft, equipment to recover an aircraft to equipment to test aircraft, DI runs the gamut on aviation maintenance for military aircraft.

Tony Garcia, Site Manager, U.S. Navy Support Equipment for DynCorp International, describes the maintenance process for support equipment used on aircraft carriers.

“When a carrier comes in to port, we strip the gear down completely, we remove the engine (if it has an engine), we take out the transmission, we remove the tires – every component in that piece of equipment. It’s all either cleaned, repaired or replaced. The gear goes through complete sandblast, paint, and once we’re done, it’s like new equipment.”

The Discriminator for DynCorp International

“What makes DynCorp International unique is our people,” said Garcia. “We hire former military, we hire former Marines, we hire former Navy personnel – so they’re already familiar and trained on this gear. We tap into that training and tap into their knowledge and we bring them on board and we execute the mission.”

Helping Customers Accomplish Their Mission

The work performed in DynCorp International’s Aviation business area allows military aircraft to perform their missions.

Aviation also encompasses a wide range of fleet management services including training, operations, maintenance, modifications and logistics support. DynCorp International’s aviation maintenance capabilities also include flight line maintenance, intermediate level maintenance, back shop support, maintenance training, flight training, simulator operations and warehouse operations.

Aviation experts from DynCorp International are there to support aviation needs around the world, from upgrades for aircraft, engineering design, building and installing kits, to upgrading avionics and more.

DynCorp International teams are in the field making these vital equipment upgrades no matter what risks are involved.

Visit DI’s website for more information on DynCorp International’s Aviation business.

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