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DynCorp International Warns: Beware of Money Scams

DynCorp International warns jobseekers and others of internet money scams. Unauthorized people using DynCorp International’s brand may solicit money. If you want to join the DI team, please read this carefully and make a note of the official places to find a job with DI.

Official DI Career Page:

Visit to view open listings and apply.

Signs of a Recruiting or Money Scam

Scammers advertise jobs that look like the real thing through job boards and other advertisements. Look for these important signs that a posting may be a scam.

  • Check the email address origin. DynCorp International recruiters, team members and personnel have an email address ending in Any point of contact that does not have that email address origin is not a part of the DI recruiting team. Scammers will try to make very similar email address domains, so make sure to check that it is only from a address. If you see an email address or website ending in .net, .in, .org or one that looks like these real life examples:
    • These listed above are all fake! Remember, all official DI email addresses will end in
  • Requests for placement fees to speed up the hiring process. If you are contacted by anyone offering a job with DynCorp International, you will never be asked to pay a fee for recruiting.
  • A communication requests money in exchange for guaranteed employment. Any communication requesting any amount of money in exchange for employment with DI is a scam. DI and its family of companies never charges candidates fees or payments of any kind in order to secure employment.
  • A communication requests payment as a fee for certification, training materials or other work-related expenses. DI does not require payment for any materials as part of its recruiting process.
  • Requests for tax, bank account or credit card information. DI recruiters do not require the completion of tax forms such as a W-4, bank account or credit card information as part of the recruiting process. As a precaution, we recommend you do not give out personal or financial details to anyone as a response to an unsolicited email request.
  • Offers work at home opportunities. DI does not currently offer any work at home opportunities.
  • Poor English, grammar, and spelling. Official DI recruiters will send all communications from an official DI email address, use proper American English, and will never ask you for money.

Dating site scams are also on the rise

Scammers steal identities on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram and pose as someone else, sometimes even DI employees. After posting pictures and stories to popular dating sites, the scammers reach out to people with accounts on that site and try to exploit them.

You’ve Been Scammed – What To Do Next

If you are contacted regarding a fraudulent employment proposal, please alert a local law enforcement agency or police authority.

The Federal Trade Commission also has a reporting service on their website for those who have been targeted by a recruiting scam.

Reader Interactions


        • Marie P says

          Do you have a recruitment for mechanical engineer to work in coal mining in Canada? The recruiter says that based on the company expatriate policy, the employee is entitles to personally pay for Resident/ Work permits papers which is 970 usd.

          • Sandra says

            Beware of a guy whose name is Ryan Dudley. He’s a scam too. Send a pic of a driving license in Seattle. On another one he has a tattoo of the American flag. Speaks through WhatsApp. Asked me for a gift card and blocked me when I wondered if he was a fraud. Big story : can American from Sweeden, parents dead from cancer. No family. Only an uncle he came to in America… Who just died too. Works as a tech and security agent for DynCorp.
            Very nice. Talks about his job with DynCorp in Kenya. The money he can make though it’s hard “facing terrorists”. All of a sudden, after a week or so, needs help with a gift card. Doesn’t like you to doubt his integrity at all. And blocks you.

    • Willie loeak says

      This company is here on island,dyn corp,so I like to meet them and work with them,here on kwajalein atoll i work with krs for 16 year now, and so my work is transportation like supply and air port barge Operations and all so now I work supply shipping and receiving. ,

        • hanna says

          This guy exactly named Harris W. Rodriguez has met me through an online dating site, total scam, started asking for money after talking to me for few days. Total SCAM!!!! Please be aware. I have not given him any money but spreading the word.

          • Minna Kim says

            Me too! This guy met me on Ok Cupid. Professed his love for me etc. I chatted with him for about a month from July until August 2018. He asked me for money too. Of course I didn’t. But really, whoever this individual is, he is a really twisted individual preying on innocent people. The appropriate word for this person is catfish.

      • Lisa shang says

        I have some pictures and documents of Harris Wilson Rodriguez. And he has asked much money from me already. If you want to share his photos,pleaser write email to me. [email address redacted – please respond to comment online]

          • Adrianna says

            Hi! I have been reading the comments and I noticed in 2016 it was mentioned that there are no agents in Syria. I just wanted to know if that is still correct. The employee has not asked for money and In fact very well established. Please give me an update thank you.

          • Adrianna says

            Hi! I’m not sure if my first comment posted but I would like to know if you have any employees in Damascus Syria, thank you.

      • Paula says

        Hi,I just want to let know people a possible scam person. He call himself Kevin…he used following phone numbers hoping maybe to scam me…+447377926924, +1(617)615-6546. He use the name of Dyncorp and black water.
        Girls big big attention do not let yourself fall into a fake fairy tale.

    • V. Almendarez says

      Thank you for this intel. I was hit with a scammer through He called himself James Harley Shuf and claimed to be working for the company but couldn’t access any of his funds. Promised a life when he came back after 6 month deployment.

      • Danielle Justine Butler says

        James Hurley Shuf connected with me through Military Date App. He send me videos and pics of him. He said his Dad, Mom, Brother and 3 children were all dead. He soon enough asked for money to leave the mission he was on with Dyna in order to come visit me and so we can start our lives together. He strung me along since 1/7/2020. I did my research and google searched him to find this website showing that he is indeed a fraud. He had a LinkIn page which he connected to me on. I blocked him thru the Dating App, LinkIn, and thru WhatsApp. He contacted me using regular text telling me I was making a huge mistake. I blocked him completely. Ladies beware. This is the 4th military guy who connected with me and then asked me for money.

      • Joyce Caudle says

        I’m in a relationship with a guy named Ben Rowan. He has a personal capital account that’s he says is linked with the military. He has it with or worked for DynCorp & says he wants me to be able to use his account but bc he has millions of dollars he says I’ll have to deposit $500 first. Some of the things im suspicious about checks out but then some sounds very fishy. I’m talking to him through hangouts… he probably a scammer???

  1. Fabio Medina says

    I just track a job offer for Security and Investigations.The job post was in and I sent an email with the inquiry.They answered and provide a name of recruiter Alison Tanon, the work is offered in Panama and then they mentioned a US Military Bianchi….
    Please see attached mail body and help me out to confirm this is a scam.
    Señor participante, esta convocatoria es un proceso para llevar personal profesional a laborar a Panamá en nuestra compañía en proyectos de seguridad e investigaciones Somos contratistas privados del gobierno de Estados Unidos; si está interesado en en una de la vacantes debe enviar su hoja de vida para estudio a este correo. Es un proceso directo y por méritos y no se envía personal a medio oriente. Nosotros al momento no poseemos otras oficnas en Colombia solo tenemos un enviado que el señor My. USARMY Robert Bianchi,


    Alison Tañon

    Coordinador Dyn Corp. Colombia

    • Alejandro Prieto says y correos ofreciendo trabajo enPanama por medio de la bolsa de empleo Jobandtalent, “El personal a contratar en esta convocatoria hará parte del Departamento de Seguridad de Instalaciones en nuestra institución en Panamá exclusivamente en las áreas comerciales de Colon y Canal. Antes de decidirse a ingresar a este proceso lea detenidamente la información en este documento.” utilizan como contacto al señor Sr.Robert Bianchi al número celular 350 846 86 04 y a Alison Tañon Agente Coordinador Información Proceso Contratación Colombia

    • Carol Nicholl says

      To Whom it May Concern……
      I have been talking with a man by the name of Eric Lennon who says he’s one of your employees. He’s been asking me for money to enable him to come home and to obtain his Leave Bonus. He’s told me he’s currently working in Austria for your company.
      The above email is where I’ve been receiving communication from supposedly being from you his employer. Can you please verify if you have an employee of this name “Eric Lennon” and if the above email is legitimate please….

  2. K Townsender says

    DI” <
    I have been given this email address and bank account details one in USA and one in UK in order for me to send money to allow one of your DI's working undercover to come on leave and release his bonus money into my account. I believe this to be a scam…please confirm. Thank you

      • Jeanne says

        One of your “employees” has been corresponding with me and trying to scam money. I’m happy to forward you any information which I have if you’d like. Today I was sent the email address of I also have a personal email of which correspondence has been coming through on. On the first email I was to send a note asking dyn Corp to allow leave and then a I would be contacted by dyn Corp to let me know how much the admin fees would be to process the leave.

        • PH says

          This guy contacted me on Tinder and started corresponding. He hasn’t asked for money but he said he works for Dyncorp and is in Tripoli. He sent me his phone number and email address 318-987-8921 and I even told him he had been reported as a scammer. Then he contacted me again from a different profile but used the same opening line and said “what to chat” so I said, “sure – send me your number” and he sent the same number. I won’t repeat what I said in response. You should deal with this guy directly.

  3. Salvador Francisco Orjuela Echandia says

    A friend of mine sent to me information about a job with dyncorp in panama. The body of the text that was answered after I wrote an e-mail was this:

    Señor participante, esta convocatoria es un proceso para llevar personal profesional a laborar a Panamá en nuestra compañía en proyectos de seguridad e investigaciones Somos contratistas privados del gobierno de Estados Unidos; si está interesado en en una de la vacantes debe enviar su hoja de vida para estudio a este correo. Es un proceso directo y por méritos y no se envía personal a medio oriente. Nosotros al momento no poseemos otras oficnas en Colombia solo tenemos un enviado que el señor My. USARMY Robert Bianchi,


    Alison Tañon

    Coordinador Dyn Corp. Colombia

    I sent some information later, but I haven´t been required to present myself to any physical address. All the communications we have had were held through this address :
    I want to know if this is an official representative of your organization here in Colombia and Panama?

      • June says

        a guy asked me to apply his leave on his behalf and requested me to send the application to this email address and they requested me to pay a total sum $850.(Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars Only) Bond of Activation and registration fees for special pay a total sum $850.(Eight Hundred and Fifty Dollars Only) Bond of Activation and raregistration fees for special leave request.

        And request me to pay it by Western Union to a person ELIZABETH JOHNSON in Virginia, United State Of America, please clarify is if this is scam.


  4. Kayleen says

    Hi, I’ve been conversing with an employee of dyncorp international. He asked for money to sell his shares. I gave money. He now asked me to request leave for him and says I need to pay administration and processing fees?? Is this person a scammer??

  5. Vicente Niño says

    Por favor nos pueden compartir el contacto en Colombia y en panamá esto con el fin de evitar ser victimas de estafadores? y tener certeza de la confiabilidad de su procesos

  6. Vicente Niño says

    Cordial saludo, para dar claridad al tema de la convocatoria para Panamá nos pueden confirmar si realmente ustedes o sus aliados tienen vacantes en ese sitio?

  7. Vicente Niño says

    Please I can share the contact in Colombia and Panama, this in order to avoid becoming victims of scammers and be certain of the reliability of your processes

  8. Com. Marcos Rueda Manzano says

    Esto es una estafa, a la Embajada de Panamá nos han llegado varias personas que les han pedido dinero para un supuesto curso de ingles y después se les desaparecieron.

  9. Ann nuttall says

    Afraid I’m another person who got scammed someone asking me to send money for their release from dyncorportal their name was Glen Arthur and met on a dating site Dealt with a man calling himself Sgt Adolf Alkins working for Dyncorp Was even given a contract no of Glen. and very believable information

  10. Holly Brandenburg says

    They have fellows on zoosk trying to find a mate and using your commonly to try to get monies for communication over seas. What a damn scam and so did hearting. Beware of these people on dating sites. It is getting to be like a virus.. I’m pisses me off. Thanks for taking the time to read

  11. Sarah Smith says

    Please be cautioned!

    Serg. Kaine Johnston stated he is an employee of Dyncorp, Mark Dowson his accomplice, ( – requested money $438 for a leave from Uganda. Fake? ID tag 0147471.
    DOB 8/21/71 or 12/8/71 KIK username kainejohnson147

  12. Vanesssa says

    I have also had Kaine Johnston in contact with me , being over the too nice messaging , after a week of messages he started saying he didn’t have money to buy food , I let him go as far as me telling him I’d send money but I knew I had a feeling this was a scam , I googled his name along side with Dyncorp international and this information came up straight away , I’d like to know how to report this to the right people , these people need stopping , I was lucky enough to know this guy was a fack but I’m sure plenty of women fall for his charm , his tinder name is Kaine Johnston 147 and he uses kik messaging so he is untraceable

  13. Lynda Jarrett says

    I have been corresponding with a man who claims that he works for DynCorp International and is currently in Syria. His name is Bill Bradford, and since about November last year we have been going through the process of bringing him home this in its self has been very traumatic mainly because of the vast amounts of money which I have been requested to pay ( which I believe to be very suspicious) he stated that he does not have access to his bank accounts ( again this seems unbelievable as from investigations it appears that even military personnel can access their bank accounts).
    I am extremely worried that I may have become a victim of a scam, after some investigation on line I have come across some names of people who I have had dealings with and who apparently are connected to DynCorp and who have been involved in scams.
    So what I would like to know is are the following legit employees of DynCorp:
    Bill Bradford aero engineer currently in Syria.

    Richard Henderson, email:

    George Dennison, WorldWide Security Courier Company, email:

    The George Dennnison appears a few times in relation to money scams.
    When I started the process to bring Bill home I was not aware that I would have to pay, but have spent over £21,000 I am now broke and it is highly likely I could be homeless.

    The final straw came when George Dennison asked for money for a Anti Terrorist Certificate on investigation this is not required and is to be taken as a hoax.

    Now I do not trust Bill and even if it turns out that he is legit I will still be very wary.

    As it is highly unlikely that he will be coming home I would appreciate a refund of the money I have sent to DynCorp via Richard Henderson.

    I have given personal details to both Richard Henderson ( bank details at his request so that the supposed funds can be paid in ) and George Dennison ( passport, address and contact number, presumably to check who I am), I am seriously considering contacting the Fraud Squad because there are too many coincidences linking DynCorp, Richard Henderson and George Dennison

    I look forward to your reply

    • DynCorp International says

      Sorry to hear that you have been scammed by these people. I want to reassure you, the scammers are in NO WAY associated with DynCorp International. We work very hard to trying to shut down scammers using our name, though they’re still going to be out there. You will need to be very careful who you trust online. Please know that DynCorp International does not ever request money for employees to go on leave.

      Again, I want to be very clear. You have been dealing with scammers that are not part of DynCorp International even though they have been representing themselves as that online.

      • Norma says

        I have been talking to a man named Luckey Shay Williams who began asking for money to use on prepaid phone card so he could talk to me on the phone given to him by dyncorp. He told me to wire it to a woman in Gahanna, Ohio that was an agent. I have her information. Well now he’s asked me to send a Request for Leave email so that he can come home & be with me for 3 months. Kind of curious, I followed his instructions and sent the email to I then received an email back from Dalton Hardy who claimed to be a Processing Officers. He sent me a letter that told me some steps that I needed to complete, along with sending a $500 fee for his 3 months of leave. Dalton Hardy used the same email address I had emailed the request to. I have all of Luckey Shay Williams contact info and the info of the lady I was supposed to be sending money to. I also have other info that he told me about regarding other financial stuff. I wish I had come across this website earlier but now is better than never. If you would like to contact me about this and get the info I have, you can reach me with the email I provided. I would really like to help if I can. I wish you would come back & say he’s real but I’m sure so does everyone else that has sritten in. Thank You.

        • DynCorp International says

          Hi Norma, sorry to hear you were pulled into this scam, but these people are not associated with DynCorp International and that is not a corporate email address. We will reach out to you for more information that might help us shut down the scammer email address. Thank you.

  14. Miriam Silk says

    I am trying to find out if you have an employee on your books working in Syria as an aerospace engineer by the name of Jake Walker. I need verification that this man is who he says he is.

    • DynCorp International says

      I cannot verify names of employees as it is impossible to know who someone really is on the internet, but you are dealing with a scammer. Please know that employees do not need to pay to go on leave – do not send money to these people as you will not get it back. This is a common request and is completely fake. We don’t even have anyone working in Syria.

  15. Judy says

    Dear Dyncorp,
    I am one who tries to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, and thats what I did with this person, even after I had talked to you and you couldnt verify him working for you and gave me the scam info. I did lose the first of the scam leave money, but have continued to talk with him for 5 months. He has been pushing for the plus leave money, so I decided to go on this site. Thank you for being here with it. I have ended my relationship with him, but want to give you the information I have in case there is anyway you can do anything about these scammers.
    He used the name Gareth Paul Cole DOB October 15, 1963. 2 sons Steve and Smith (?).Lives in Texas , been with Dyncorp for 20 years. Presently in Jordan. Trains and retrains paratroopers. Works under a boss named Aaron. Has money sent via moneygrams to a Belinda in the US, used Syria as a place he was going to be transferred to. Used Dyncorp/rescueteam to send leave note to. I hope this information will help someone else avoid getting hurt financially and emotionally in a scam

    • brains says

      have recently started talking to a gareth paul cole aparently born 1960 2 sons,,,from birmingham uk….had brains to google name and company……

  16. Zena says

    I have been in contact with a guy called Richard Bryan via He says he works for your company as an aero engineer and is currently in Syria and as been for over 3 months. Please can you confirm if he works for your company. I believe this maybe a scam and that I have been duped into sending money.

  17. Sabrina Hary says

    Dear dyncorp
    I’m in contact with someone who’s in a camp in Syria since February we talk together and i send already a lot of money for a leave to his commander via moneygram.i’m sure now it’s a scammer I blocked him on Facebook
    Here is his email address

  18. Carol says

    Met a guy on a dating app. Says he is private contract for your company in Syria now. His name is Michael Andras Hunt. He has 3 different Facebook profiles that I have found so far. He has not asked for money, but I am worried that he is not who he says he is. Can you confirm?

  19. Alena says

    I have been communicating with a man that says he works for your company. He is a sniper that was in Israel and was transferred to Syria in April. He says his name is Officer David Stanley. In trying to grant him leave and cancel his contract I have had to send $6000+ in fees to process the paperwork, get a release from the Syrian Army, and something to do with his retirement funds. I have also been working with a Michael Sanford (email address and a Larkin Jameson. I have a gut feeling that I have been scammed and taken for a fool with all of this. Please confirm or deny. If it is all a scam, then damn these guys are good!

  20. Gricel says

    Donald Field from Dyn Corp contacted me through a dating site. (OK Cupid) His user was cupid_s. I have a few pictures of the ex-military guy he says he is and now works for Dyn Corp in Turkey. He uses the word “my love” and “my dear” and said he had an ID from India and many other lies about his family and from where he got his Technology Engineering degree. He’s on Kik messenger Donald_Field, also has an e-mail address He made me send money twice through Western Union to Evelyn Webb in VA. This person showed her ID and picked up the money in two occasions. The last time 3 days ago.

  21. Sheree says

    I have been chatting with a man that says he works for your company and has been in Syria for the past 18 months. Can you confirm if you have employees working in Syria?

  22. Beverley says

    I have been chatting to a man named sgt. Christopher Rodriguez working for Dyncorp Intl in Syria. I have been asked to send £350 for transit fees to UK. I also believe I am being scammed. I have 2 email addresses for him and one from his CO Phil Scott, also on behalf of Dyncorp asking for the money and giving details of names and addresses for the moneygram transfers. If you would like this info to stop this scammer, please let me know.

    • Louise says

      I have also had the same details except I haven’t yet been asked for money. Think it is coming though as he has asked me to email for him to have leave.

    • Diane says

      I am just seeing these reports. I have been contacted by a guy claiming to work through Dyncorp out in Syria Charles Rodriguez, who has a son called Chris. We have been talking for 2 weeks but no requests for money yet.
      Sounds too much like the same guy with the names.

  23. Louise says

    I have been in contact with the same man claiming the same thing. He telephoned me from a ‘sat phone’ but the number showed Covington GA if you want the phone number I can give it to you.

  24. Lynda says

    I have beeen chatting with a man called Paul Hayes who says he works in Jordan as an aero enginner he has not asked for money as yet but did request that I request his leave home as if he did it without reason it would be turned down the email addrss given was and I had a reply from Jane York,
    Admin processing officer,
    Transit Grant Department,
    Website –
    Webmail –
    Fax Number – 1 (620)-307-0419,
    Dyncorp-intl, Falls Church, VA, USA
    I can only guess this is a scam ?

  25. Natalie says

    Donald Field has an email and supposedly had worked for this company 6 years and finished his contract in Turkey late last month. Now I’ve been told that he is in a hospital and someone else who goes by Peter Fred (email address is contacting me. I’m afraid Peter will ask for money from me to pay hospital bills. It just seems that at the last moment Donald is supposed to come back to America, something happens to delay it. Now I read the comment by Gricel, I realized that I’ve been had after all and this breaks my heart. I just want to know the truth so I can move on with my life.

  26. Sharyn says

    Hi there, Do you have an employee by the name of Jeffrey Graham that has been deployed to west Africa for approx 3 months. He contacted me via I messenger and has sent me different photos of himself and keeps calling me sweetie, babe etc. it seemed legit at the start but now I am wondering. They don’t all look like the same person. Could this be a scam? Please reply Thankyou

  27. Aileen , says

    So called Donald Field aka Artur is still scamming. He sent me a huge email that was filled with horrible grammar (for a guy who graduated from Columbia University) and revealed too much. I knew in my gut instantly this wasn’t right. I googled “dating scams Donald field artur” and your site came up. I never typed in the company which he says he works for DYN Corp. His story is the same – coming home in 6 ‘months, in Syria, only child. Photos were included. What a sham.

    • Patricia says

      Did he send you pictures? If so can you send it to me, too? Maybe its the same person who is trying to chat with my sister and who she met via a dating app. Thanks

  28. kannan says

    I saw an advertisement last week as Dyncorp is hiring people form India for Afghanistan for various jobs. The Recruiting agency named as MM HR SOLUTIONS HUB PVT LTD. New Delhi. Is Dyncorp International give the authority to the agency to hire people from India? Kindly reply me please before the people cheated by them.

  29. Christine says

    I have been communicating with a man that I met on tinder, he says he is working for DynCorp as an officer goes by the name Jimmy Young {Young Jimmy Williams} is another name he gave me, he said that he has been patrolling in Turkey? do you have any one working for you with that name? he said that he comes from Texas. He has been asking me for money.

  30. L. Dalton says

    Is there a place I can post screen shots and photos of a scammer posing as one of your employees? He (George Dave) is claiming his credit card stopped working while in Africa and that DI is not helping him correct his problem. Now he is asking for my credit card info. His photos are real, and I just want to alert other women of him as he found me on a dating site.

      • Geraldine says

        After being in contact with a guy who says he is working for your company, is now in Turkey and first wanted money for the early leave and now his prepaidcard is empty and his bankaccount is blocked… I heard about scammer long time ago, not gonna buy it. But can imagine people will. I am still in contact and playing his ‘game’. But what wonders me after reading all this comments. what is Dyncorp doing to stop this scammers?? It will affect your company, but most of all the victims of this scam. I can tell you that the e-mailaddress of the Dalton Hardy still exist.

        • DynCorp International says

          Hi Geraldine,
          We do try to work with those of you who can provide more info to help us request the email addresses be shut down. It takes more than just knowing their email address though. If you would like to help, please submit another comment with your actual email address in the email field (it won’t be made public) and I will contact you.

  31. sham says

    i have been in contact with someone in Ireland.From a dating site actually.She send a luggage wich according to her contain her clothings,documents and cash of £200,000 and some gifts for me.A courier guy by the name of Daniel Cooper,called and told me that the luggage is now in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.But according to him since the luggage is under the Diplomatic Immunity,the customs aren’t allowed to open until the 48 hours time frame has expired.And advised me to pay 3,500 Malaysian Ringgit in order for the customs to make clearance and issue me a clearance certificate.But the airway bill is written as DYNACORP INTERNATIONAL SECURITY & DIPLOMATIC COMPANY.When i type in google it came out as DYNCORP…so is it the same company??

    • DynCorp International says

      We do not go by the name “DYNACORP” even though that is a common misspelling. This definitely sounds like a scammer. They’ll make things sound very official in order to con people, but don’t fall for it. Don’t send your money to them.

    • Boon says

      Hi Sham,

      Good day to you.
      I am currently meet this situation same as yours now. hahaha..
      It is lucky that i search this website and now i know that it is scammer.
      By the way, i feel weird in the first place on why is there someone willing to send so much money to a guy that have not meet even once before.
      Anyway, thank you for the information.

  32. Brigitte Pie says

    Hi, I did a tracking on both o.a. emails… and both coming from the same devise / and he is in Nigeria..
    He is definitely a Scammer ….

  33. Niki Simpson says

    Please help. I have a friend conversing with a man on Kikk, met on Tinder named Brady Kennedy who says he is working for Dyncorp in Turkey for the next 6 months. Then coming home to Texas. Sent pics and video. Says he got in trouble for sending video and may be ford. He has not asked for money. Fake? Scammer?

      • Debbie Kelly says

        Hey Niki … This is really sad … I have just started conversing with a guy from Tinder on April 2nd and now on KIK and his name is Brady Kennedy and he says he works for Dyncorp and an officer with the company and will be in Turkey for the next 6 months and then come home to Avon Park. He is very sweet and loving and endearing with his words and so convincing… ugh well I am glad I know .. just awful how people do this

  34. Jen says

    On tinder met guy going by the name Alex Barlow, say he was half British half Spanish had only been talking 3 day and he asked for help and money to leave.

        • Julie says

          DynCorp can you tell me if you have a Srg Charles Rodrick working for you as I think he is a scammer and scamming my friend and don’t want her to be hurt by this person. She has sent money and had replays from Duncorp to say money was received by the diplomat. And she has kept all communication emails with your company. She was asked to request name of diplomat and I myself would say all documents look real. Can you help on this mater please. Just a friend

  35. Jessy says

    Met a guy on okcupid who says he’s working with your company in Turkey, Steven Field. Do you think this is a scammer?

  36. Catherine says

    I started dating one of your employees from an online dating site. He has asked me for money for his personal needs. He claims that he does not have access to any of his accounts. I have asked for an email address or mailing address, and he claims they don’t have one where he is located. I have not sent any money to this person and I have refused to do so. I need to know if he actually works for Dyncorp International, but I don’t want to cause him any problems.

  37. Tsvetana Vitanova says

    I have been coresponding with a man hwo claims that he works for DynCorp Intarnational and is currently in Syria.
    Do you have anyone working in Syria at the moment ?
    Thank you

  38. Sarah Williams says

    I’ve been talking to “Kenneth Edward” who says he will be in Tirkey for another 3 weeks and will then be home – he says he is in charge of the Logostics and ICT department. No money has been exchanged, just time!!!!!
    Coiuld you tell me if he works for you please?

  39. Annette Moore says

    I have been talking to someone on a dating site he is a Logistical Officer He is leaving for Turkey Thursday. He has not ask for anything it’s hard because I am talking to home messager so I just need to know if your sending people. Thanks Annette

  40. Annette Moore says

    He lives in New York and work there at DynCorp he has a face book page he said his name is William Carter. Annette

  41. Diane says

    I have been conversing with a guy who calls himself Charles Rodrigie. He contacted me through then wanted to chat via What’s App. He claims to work for DynCorp, out in Syria. He has not asked for money but he has played with my feelings! This guy sounded too good to be true. He sent me pictures of his “son” in USA and pictures of “himself” and videos of him singing. Can you confirm if you have guys out in Syria please?

  42. Donna says

    Is this a valid email address Guy says he works for dyncorp contractors. He is asking for iTunes cards, to keep his phone on, which is strange. This is the response I received from email address
    “Dear ma/sir,
    Confirmed we will give the Donald that works for us a verification code and we will give you the same code if he provides the code for you that means he works with us “verification code is Z334267745325″
    Processing Officer

  43. hasrul says

    Hi , I m Hasrul , did your company offer the international secure delivery service ? I need to make a comformation before I do any money transfer . Your employee named SULAIMAN BIN BUJANG on your deparment at Malaysia . I worry it is a scam . Can you check it for me

      • hasrul says

        My friend that stay in Uk say that she sent me a package . Type of package is diplomatic package . She use dyncorp international security and diplomatic company which is yours . It also notify as International finance co-operation( a member of world bank group ) .
        It is classified delivery . Can you help me check this shipper account no SA9016657244 and shipper refference no AV5342665990. I want to make last comformation whether it exist or no. Please help me sir .

  44. Peggy Walker says

    I’m wanting to know if you have a k9 Handler name Eric Scott Lawson supposedly deployed in Aden, Yemen.

  45. Jennifer says

    Hi, I want to know if you have someone named David working in Syria now. It’s a project with the UN. He says he’s an engineer and has no access to his accounts until he leaves camp. Is this true?

  46. Daphne Conway says

    Hi can you please tell me if you have a Martin Hunt working in Nigeria ? Tells me he works Search and Rescue and has two daughters and needs cash for his flight to the UK . Thank you .

  47. Jerry H says

    They guy is asking to send money ( USD 15.000-) as quick as I Can because his superior is blaming him; “You know he has begun the replacement officer process and the base is really waiting for the fee to complete that process too coz my superior is handling the file personally! So now all blame is directed at my superior and he’s really mad at me right now”

  48. Luisita Samaniego says

    I have been talking to this guy named Peter Fred for the past 1 and a half months. He is working on the intellegence dept of dyncorp in kuwait. The conversation went well and he writes good english. I haven’t talk to him over the phone because he always say its dangerous for me. He ask me to request for his leave which I did. The company respond for me to give some information about myself which I did again. On there respond they are requiring me to pay 500 US dollars for the processing and it is here that I wake up from my senses that I might be scammed. I told Peter Fred to send me the money so that I can pay for his leave but he get mad. I am planning to block him now on hangouts because I am sure now he is a scammer. Thank you for this page. It saves my money.

    • anonymous says

      I think Peter Fred and Donald Field are the same person. They claim to know and be friends with each other and both are named in this forum.

      • anonymous says

        Their emails are and but I see that Peter Fred has two other emails. Beware of these characters. They are very convincing in their stories and their stories seem to check out. Both have emailed and corresponded with me and claim to know and be friends with each other, even take care of each other when they become injured from truck accidents/attempted murders and kidnappings that they claim to be a hazard to their jobs. They also claim that they have no access to their funds while on duty in their assignments but will get paid when they get back to the States. Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with how DynCorp handles their employees and was in the dark about this. Now I’m convinced that they may be one person that may be pretty savvy in sticking to a good, convincing story and this person is using multiple emails and chat accounts. I think though that the person behind Donald may be of European origin because he puts his dollar sign after the amount he is trying to write i.e. 100$ instead of $100.

  49. Dawn says

    Had a guy by the name Bailey Douglas claims he a sargent for dyncorp and is in Turkey and wants to marry and sends a paper contract on Instagram that I need to pay $850 to let him leave to marry me. He claims he has no access to his money but once the money is paid I will have access to his money as his wife.

  50. Lynn Hunter says

    I was scammed by a charles Rodriguez claiming to work at dyncorps in syria . And phil scott his claimed commander .they scammed me out of £7000. Feel so stupid now .

    • Jerry H says

      Hi Lynn, how can we talk about this scam with you because I was scammed 3750 usd and they ask more to Make me convinced with precise detail as much as a real superior sergeant.

  51. Jerry H says

    Dear sirs, I cannot stand on this pending situation because the guy who I connect with is giving me other explanation about his retirement and he says that I have to support him. From Dyn Corp, I s haven’t received any official reply so I cannot figure out if he is a real scammer or not. Could you please be so kind to give me a response even I called to Dyn corp Helpdesk giving my report. Thank you

    • Jerry H says

      Excuse me, when I mention dyn corp superior name and Indonesian diplomat name in this blog telling you about the guy who has been deployed in Syria is a scammer or not, all my message has been removed, and Dyn corp never answered me clearly. WHY?

      • Jerry H says

        Thank you so much, I understand that no employee request money to leave from a camp, could you be so kind to advise me how is the process of retirement?? Retirement during deployed under military base must follow military protocol even if Dyn corp employee or not? In this case NO deplomat No request money??

          • Jerry H says

            Well noted and much appreciated for your kind response. I do block him, his name is Gerald turner wright. So anyone see this blog, never fall that trap as Rodrigues did some as far as I sew in this blog

  52. Jose Doney Montoya Hernández says

    Buenos dias,

    Cordial saludo;

    Señores Dyncorp en colombia estan haciendo convocaroria por linked de esta oferta contacto en colombia, cuerpo del mensaje.
    Señor participante, esta convocatoria es un proceso para llevar personal profesional a laborar en Estados Unidos en nuestra compañía en proyectos de seguridad y control.  Por ahora usted fue preselecionado, para continuar debe iniciar los puntos 1 y 2 del documento adjunto anexado en este correo. 

    Recomendamos leer detenidamente el documento y si requiere asesoría puede comunicarse con nuestro representante en Colombia el Sr. My US Army  Robert Garcia al número celular 3136242555 o por wathsapp en horario lunes a viernes de las 8:00  horas a 17 horas. Sábados de 8:00 a 13 horas.


    Sonal Randeria
    Senior Operating Executive and Chief Strategy Officer, 
    Proceso Contratación Colombia

  53. Wendy says

    I am so happy I came across this. Oh, the dating world and Tinder. ARGH! Got an employee in Turkey named Walter Kennedy from Coldwater, Michigan. Says he’s flying helicopters for you in Turkey and has been there for a year! Very skeptical and am thinking he’s a scammer but one never knows for sure!

  54. Concerned says

    Do you currently have anyone working in Syria? I was contacted by someone that they were working for you in Syria but would be going undercover in another country.

  55. Jennie says

    Do you currently have anyone working in Syria? I have been chatting with someone who claims to work for you and went undercover and had their accounts frozen and needed to get money to the nanny for a sick child. I have tried researching him online and nothing comes up.

  56. Susan says

    I am talking to someone who is from New York but is working in the UK as a flight Instructor. He has not asked for money but some other things sound suspicious. Do you have flight instructors working in the UK?

  57. Zhuna Holden-Tuell says

    The (I believe?) scammer working through OkCupid goes by Cristopher M Alden (Aldren sometimes?), And makes an initial request for an iTunes gift card so he can have enough Gig space to upload photos of you and take them with him when deployed.
    The next request, of course, is for more; the request to me was for $30k to pay down his mortgage, with the promise that when he sold his house I would be repaid 10-fold.
    The person is clearly not a native English speaker, though he claims to be US-born and adopted.
    After several love letters via Gmail/Yahoo were sent and received, ‘Chris’ informed me that he was being deployed to Turkey for 9 months, making it imperative that the $30k be lent. A fairly quick breakdown of respect happened when he learned that I would not be complying with the request. Communication ceased. For one day. The following day I was asked to write to to confirm that Chris is my fiance, so that this global communication network system could routs communication between us while Chris was deployed. I figured a Gmail account was fairly low-level security for such a high-profile company, and still I was curious enough to comply.
    The response from ‘DynCorp’ is a request that I physically present myself within 3 days to a Virginia address to sign paperwork officially declaring myself next of kin.
    I immediately called DynCorp Headquarters to vet the name of the potential scammer and was told immediately that no employee with the last name Alden exists.
    I’m so tired of being scammed, hacked, coerced, preyed upon, manipulated by people. It’s sickening to have to spend each day defending yourself against predators. Technology has made us more vulnerable by suggesting that a thing can be known before it is experienced. In my opinion.
    The Yahoo email address of the scammer is
    His disabled profile on OkCupid was ChrisHumble76.
    His recently created Facebook page is Chris M Alden.

  58. Michelle says

    Hello. I am currently wasting the time of a scammer by the name of David Scott who claims to be employed by your company located in West Africa. He found me on Tinder. He states he is widowed with 2 kids and got defensive when I asked if he’s in the military. That is, unfortunately, the typical scam. He asked to message me on whatsapp and then kik. I am fully aware he is a scammer: poor grammar even though he’s from US, copy and pastes responses, etc. Please advise as to anything I can do to help shut these predators down.

    • DynCorp International says

      Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, we try to shut down scammers and they pop back up with a new email address or name, so my best advice is to share your experience so that others understand how scammers work and can avoid falling for their lies.

  59. Danielle Hacker says

    I was talking to man named Scott Walters. He said he been working for DynCorp for many years. And he is Libya training students. And investigating human trafficking there. He started asking for iTunes cards to trade for food. He said he couldn’t get to his money from there. We talked for almost 2 months. He also wanted me western union him money so he could retired from DynCorp and come back to US. I didn’t send him any thing.

  60. Carol Ballantyne says

    Could you advise if you have anyone working in Syria just now!? The name is Steven Lopez Jones special duty. The address for Dyncorp I have been given is .He is wanting me to send an email to set up communication between us. Saying it will involve a small admin charge.
    Could you please advise asap.

  61. Charlie says

    Is the Dyn Corp working in syria now ??? I talk with the man from OKC. His name is David Pelton and he asked me to be his next of kin so he can get the retirement. He didn’t ask the money but he asked me about my account number. I just wanted to know how the procedure to get the retirement when he is on duty. Thanks

  62. Storm says

    Why are Dyncorp scammers asking to be sent mobile phones to them. They say they lost their phone on patrol and cannot get another one. I would think they would not be allowed to take personal phones or items

  63. Jay Pillai says

    Just want to highlight that someone is posing as Martin May, logistics consultant, training soldiers in Syria, which now we all know Dyn-intl does not operate in. My worry is that he is using some guy’s identity with photographs, even of this person’s child. Scary. Posed shots in a group with army uniform too. Sad to know that it is scamming at multiple levels. Yes same crap about needing funds of US$1500 to transfer through WU to his aunt with full details: WU Bank 123 Elizabeth Street.
    Marilyn Burgy
    151 Patricia court,Moundsville WVA West Virginia 26041 so that he can pay someone to take over his role as he applies for leave to run to me and be with me! (Roll eyes!)
    Whoever this person is!
    Oh well thank god I saw your site! I must say they really spend time getting to know the person – took this guy almost 3 months before asking for money!

      • Doreen says

        I am chatting right now with a Martin Tanner May that I met in an online dating app called TWOO. He said that he is with DynCorp Logistics depatment and is currently working in Afghanistan. We have been chatting for almost 2 weeks now. He has not asked for money or anything just yet. But I want to know is your employee.

        • DynCorp International says

          Hi Doreen,
          We’re unable to verify the identity of any person you may be chatting with online. But just be aware that there are scammers out there, and if they end up asking for money, you should not be sending it to them.

        • simon shereen says

          I’m currently chatting with this guy from zoosk dating app and his name is MartinMay, widowed with a 7 year old Daughter Molly May.
          Says he’s from Arkansas Working w DynCorp International, Currently working in Singapore for a couple of months staying at The Fullerton Hotel 😑 since Oct/Nov for training at the Paya Lebar Airbase, but left for home on 16 Dec and back inSingapore on the on the 15 Jan 2018..after his contract ends.

          He doesn’t sound legit – cos of the info he provides for me.
          Says gonna quit his high paying job to start a business in winery/gym/spa etc..
          this is where it starts to get alittle more fishy m.
          There’s lots more info unchanged and now I’m worried my profile may be used to scam other ppls too.
          More into:
          his Daughter stayin w his aunt in Ohio – both going back ti Arkansas for Christmas
          Anyways -my gut that he a scammer.

          • Cathy says

            I’m currently chatting with this guy as well, with the totally the same background as above from Okcupid. I’m wondering how it went with you all after his chatting with you. He hasn’t asked me for money yet, but he blocked me from his OKC after I told him that I googled his job position and information of his company before I found this comment. (He doesn’t know that I’ve found this website yet.)

          • Rita says

            Hi Cathy,
            I was just chatting with the same guy (Martin May) yesterday. Totally the same background story. I met him on OKC, too. He hasn’t asked me for money but now it seems like it’s just a matter of time. He is such a good story teller. I just block him and feel stupid that I have wasted so much time on a scammer. I hope there won’t be more fools like me.

          • Rita says

            Hi Cathy,
            The exactly same story happened to me as well. I just blocked him (Martin May with a 8-year-old daughter named Molly) yesterday. Thanks for sharing the info. I feel it’s important for people to share the stories as a way to help each other. I don’t understand how DynCorp can be such a popular background target. It’s upsetting to know more people will be fooled by those fake photos and words. This website is not easy to find, unfortunately. If DynCorp is a widely favoured story setting by scammers, shouldn’t there be a more efficient way for the company to help people from being exploited in the future? Still, thanks for the online customer service’s polite and patient response to many repetitive questions.

  64. Mattie T. says

    After looking through the comments, it seems I too have been in contact with a scammer. I also met them on a dating site (a Mormon one actually called Mutual). And I found it rather odd that the way he messaged seemed like English was not his first language but he sent me a video of “him” that sounded very American. He claims to be a K9 Officer for you company and that he’s currently in West Africa (although lives in Virginia). However, I read one of your replies saying you do not have any employees in West Africa. All his pics seem to be professional model pics and after a reverse image search one of them appeared on Pinterest, which makes me think it’s publicly available (or was) somewhere which is where he’s getting them. He sounded a little too good to be true and after finding this article, I’m convinced he is. Thank you for posting this, and I’m glad I found it before it got too far (as he hasn’t asked me for money or anything yet).

  65. Heidi Hernandez says

    Wanted to see if you guys had a DynCorp in Tennessee hohelmwald? Reason why is because there’s a person named by Darren Scott Williams who says there’s needs to be a transit leave in order to go home.. can u please verify

  66. Teresa says


    Do you do business in the Ukraine…refurbish oil fields or something that has to do with petroleum? I have a friend that has been texting with a man from MA that is in the Ukraine for Dyncorp on business to earn contract. They only text and have never spoken. He is wooing her hard. My antennas are up. Found this page. I do have a name but will not post in the case he is legit. Happy to email it.

  67. Sam says

    Hello where can I send you a picture of a guy I’ve been talking to he says he works in Pittsburgh location. I have a picture and a name don’t know if it’s first or last or fake

  68. Jamie says

    Do you have people working in Turkey currently (Feb 2018)? I am trying to validate the existence of someone who has contacted me.

  69. Susan says

    I have been contacted by someone who says he works with your company in Manchester UK. Do you have a site in Manchester? He says he needs an iTunes card to exchange for data? That he doesn’t have wifi use? He says they can’t accessmonet when they are in the compound. Can you verify if any of this is true.

  70. kylene barnes says

    i have been talking too a ron johnson who has said he works for you guys have sent money too him silly me have found pictures of him all over scam sites

  71. Janine Maciel says

    For 2 months I have been corresponding with a Scott Schwalm via text & email who says he is in Iraq. I did buy him an iTunes card recently. One time he did mention about requesting a leave for him, & the other day he said his son was in the hospital and that his aunt who was caring for him was running short on money. I told him that I could not give him any money. I now suspect that he might be a scammer. He told me that when he returns to the States that he will be working at your Joliet, Illinois location. Do you have a facility in Joliet?

  72. Denise Walker says

    So I’ve been chatting with a guy who says he works with your company in Alexandria, Va and that where he is in Africa he has to purchase internet connection and can’t get into his bank account and needs money sent to him through western union. At first it was an iTunes card now it’s western union. Is this true? And could you send me an email address so I can give you his name and photo.

  73. IH says

    Tryjng to verify a “Soldier” named “martin c jensen” has not asked for money. says hes in West Africa Nigeria. from Portland, Or. Says hes in the Army. doubtful.

  74. Faisal mehmood says

    Helo Dear sir / madam
    I had one friend She got me from dating site as a friend & using word my darling, my true love , lol, lot of kisses only for me , etc ….. She said she is from UK she is not providing her contact no even I ask lot of time but she conect with me with email .She says her perants passed away she is mixed her father malaysian & mother from British i am sending one email from her
    Hi darling..

    Thanks for keeping in touch and sorry for my late response… I almost lost my life.. I tried to write earlier, to inform you when our package will arrive Malaysia but could not. My stomach pain I complained to you about earlier became unbearable, I fainted and was rushed out of the seminar to a special care unit.. I have been vomiting and not able to talk much, even sitting is a problem for me.. I managed to type this mail.. I did an MRI scan and they discovered a cyst on my right ovary.. It’s painful dear but can be operated on… Don’t panic my dear.. Doctor Tony said I will undergo an operation next week.. hopefully I will be with you soon after my recovery.. I actually thought I would give you a surprise visit this weekend but now I have to take proper care of my health before coming over…

    I sent the package via DYNACORP INTERNATIONAL SECURITY & DIPLOMATIC COMPANY. It will arrive Malaysia latest 10th/11th May, 2018.. It’s a classified/urgent delivery dear(highly confidential) according to the security company(courier), you still have to pay local charges over there before it will be delivered to you.. I believe you can handle that dear… what ever it is, I will make it up to you..

    Dear I have in the package the sum of 289,000.00 Pounds cash in two brown envelope properly sealed and safe, please you must not disclose to anyone about the money.. just you and I know about it.. also in the package is a model apple new laptop, David Beckham Perfume, my sexy pictures for your eyes only, post cards, few of my clothes, shoes, Manchester united jersey and some Confidential documents for purchasing the house.. I carefully tagged your name to the items I got for you. Please keep the package safe before my arrival..

    Darling you don’t have to worry about anything, the Package is well sealed and will be safely delivered to you by a special diplomatic agent with immunity.. It’s between you and I dear.. you will take from the 289,000.00 Pounds inside the brown envelope to buy a nice car I will use(Honda or Toyota Camry will be okay) also you will book a 5 star hotel for me and keep the balance money in your account… that will be for my expenses when I come over… I will let you know date of my arrival as soon as I recover.. I hope we can have some privacy when I come over.. I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned..

    Also I have with me an HSBC Cheque issued in your name.. we can cash the money(that will be used for my project) when I arrive.. Dear when I give you my time, I am giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back. Please don’t make me regret any of my actions.. keep our plans to yourself.. I don’t need a third party, all I need is you… For me there is only you.. we can be good partners and soul mates.. that really depends on you… My late dad once told me that good planning is best kept secret and that no woman is happy without a loving and caring man.. I hope you are that caring man…

    Attached to this mail is the airway bill receipt.. You will be called dear, please mail me as soon as you receive our package from the courier service diplomatic agent so we can make further arrangements.. I am counting on you dear.. You are in charge darling.. “Just the two of us” don’t forget that…

    It is cold out here and I feel lonely but there is no need to panic darling… all I need now is your prayers… hope I get a mail or phone call from you later.. I need some more rest now.. very weak and had sleepless night..

    hummm kisss…

    Plz inform me / reply me is this scame.
    Best regards

  75. Karen Burbage says

    Hi, I have been chatting with Rodney Anderson, ex military, from Leesburg Virginia, now working for dynacorp in Nigeria
    I have His email address, dies this person work for you, do you have anybody working in Nigeria, as an mechanical engineer

  76. Unknown says

    Do you have anyone working in London at this current moment? I have pictures and phone numbers for the person. Could you email me to verify.

  77. Thiruvarasu says

    Hello i’ve been talking to a women who i met on Tinder. Suddenly she grew too close to me after just few emails and says she wants to come over to my place because she loves me. She said she’s sending a parcel as a gift which contains money and stuffs. She sent an airway bil which looks fake.
    Consignment acc number: PO387887LLH
    Consignment Order : PS/020282AA
    Is this fake /scam

  78. Sheryl Newton says

    Do you have a Kevin Williams working as a private contractor in South Sudan? Says that he has been there for almost three years. Working on aircraft.

  79. anonymous says

    You know… long gone are the days of leaving the keys in your running car and not expecting it to be stolen or leaving your house unlocked while you are asleep. Now you have bad souls pretending to be a hero scamming people of money and leaving them heartbroken. Now you can’t trust a person who claims to be in uniform or who is claiming to keep your homeland safe. Most likely now these are deceitful scammers who want your money. You meet a Donald Field or Peter Fred one day who claim to be fighting for your safety and freedom in Turkey but you really don’t know that person who is really at the other side of Kik or OKCupid because that person could be from a poor country trying to make a living, a terrorist organization trying to fund for an ill defined cause or a prick from a rich country feeling sorry for him or herself feeling that everybody is preventing him or her from succeeding (but it’s really a personality disorder). This person can also change persona and then easily become a Charles Rodriguez or Martin May or Christopher Alden in a click of a button and make up a fantastic story and call you “my queen” or “honey”. You don’t know who you are really talking to. If you meet someone claiming to be from Dyn Corp, then tell them to concentrate on their job overseas and come home and show themselves to you when they are done. Because now there is no one to feel sorry for or admire because you don’t know who they really are. They are no better than those pricks who claim to work for the IRS and that claim to have sent out a warrant to the FBI for your arrest. If that was true then why hasn’t the FBI found me since 2015? What is sad is that I used to be that soldier in a foreign country who reached out for love when I was in the military. But that was 10 years ago and I am glad that at that time people weren’t as prevalently dark and deceitful when internet dating was just starting to become a thing as it has become now. But I survived and so will your sad mercenary. So save your heartbreak and make a poor soldier or mercenary show him or herself as a real person before you do anything gutsy as give money. Right now there are way too many heartless souls who don’t deserve fresh air or mercy out there who are going for your money and devotion to fulfill their egos. Don’t feed into these despicable waste of space. You can’t prove that they are real.

  80. Maria says

    I would like to know if your staff would only pay 70% of the air fare should they wish to have a leave and go to the country where you have recruited them? I was contacted with apparently one of your staff, and told me about this I would like to know if its true.

    • DynCorp International says

      I’m not sure what is in their contract regarding travel home, but will warn you that many scammers use an excuse like this to request money. Please do not send them money if this happens.

  81. MARIA says

    Hi guys,
    Do you have air traffic controller working in Al Dhafra Air Base in UAE? If so, are you employees needs to pay 70% of the airplane fare when they go on leave?
    I just needed to know, it would be good if you can reply immediately.

    • DynCorp International says

      I’m not sure about that job opening there, and I also don’t know what would be in the person’s contract if they did work for DynCorp International, but please do not send them any money if they request it – that would be a sign of a scammer.

    • Lisa shang says

      Hi, recently I met Harris Wilson Rodriguez who is air traffic controllers work in Dubai. The story between us is almost like what You said. If you have any informations pls send email [email address redacted – please respond to comment online]

  82. Ania says

    Harris William Rodriguez thats Yours worker? Today he sended me identity card with number 034-920192-853. Can you help me check it?

    • Lisa shang says

      I’m issues are Harris Wilson Rodriguez. The air traffic controller. I have a few photos he send me. If anyone want to share with me email to me [email address redacted – please respond to comment online]

  83. Michelle Mccormick says

    Do you have anyone working in Israel right now ?
    I am in contact with a man that states he was sent TJ Israel for a peacekeeping mission? Could you please respond back ? I have numerous photos of this person and a phone.

  84. CasperYow says

    Do you have an employee name Dudley Malcom Cooper which as a courier service agent? Because he ask me to send money to release the parcel in Malaysia customs.

  85. Tana says

    Thank you for this page! I found out from another commenter that Dyncorp employees do not need to pay for leave. Glad I didn’t send money for this to a “Commander Armando Stewart” in Baghdad.

  86. xavy says

    Dudley MAlcom Cooper Actually did contacted me as well. and I have actually sent him some money. The reason is the same as above Mr Casper What should i do?

  87. Gabriela Rodriguez says

    I need to report a scammer. I take off on upgrade cards for your $ 60 phone and now I was trying to get almost $ 1000 per request for permission to make video calls with him and permission to return to the USA from the Arab Emirates (Dubai)

    staff sergeant mayo Joshua C. pay grad E6 (MOs )11B, infantry field, Deployed to Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    He asked me to make a request for permission to that email and as I immediately went to to investigate and his official email came out and I told him. I was offended and my dog ​​called me you distrust me. and insult me ​​to block me
    Facebook: Mayo Jhosua Thomas
    that’s your data

    • DynCorp International says

      Thank you for sharing this! That is definitely not a DynCorp International email address and this is indeed a scammer.

  88. Vanessa says

    Hello! There is a Joe Walker claiming he is on a 10 week assignment in Dubai with 10 other colleagues from the US… they were first in New Orleans then sent to Dubai mid August or so. Claims works for your company and got into a situation and needing money. I did not send him any money. I met him on a dating site called Coffee meets Bagel and had been talking to him for about a month. Claims unable to talk live or video chat due to his job restrictions, etc.
    Do you have such group working in Dubai right now?

      • Lisa shang says

        I am lisa shang from Beijing, china. About that Harris Wilson Rodriguez said he is working in Dubai. And he will deal with his retirement and asked me so much money from to pay the tax 10% before he get the money. And his stats no. Is also 034-920192 -853. And he asked me to fill the next of kin form for the retirement. I just want to ther is the tax payment of this. And I have many evidence for this guy. If you want to get pls write email to me [email address redacted – please respond to comment online]

      • Talia says

        Have you any rebuilding projects in Syria. A few weeks ago I met a man on dating site who said he has worked for dyncorp for oast 16 years and is currently working in syria on a rebuilding project. Although not asked me for money directly as such, i have sent him an iphone8 as he said his was not working properly and was worried he would not be able to message me if it broke. I sent it to an address in Georgia. Keeps mentioning about me becoming next of kin and also putting me as his spouse on some dyncorp forms although this may cost – did not say whise the cost would be or how much. Is he a scammer, do you have building engineers currently working in Syria?

        • DynCorp International says

          Talia, we do not have any work in Syria. Also, this is a common scam that I’ve seen – listing you as next of kin on documents. These documents are fake and not from our company. This is indeed a scammer and he will ask for money next. Do not send!

  89. Talia says

    A few weeks ago i met a guy on a dating site who said he has been in the us navyy and also worked for dyncorps at same time for 16 years. He says he is a building engineer and currently working in syria on a re-building project for dyncorps. Do you have any employees working in syria at the moment. I have sent him an i phone 8 as he said his was not working properly and needed one to keep messaging and for work. Is he a scammer?

  90. Venetia mccullough says

    I’ve been in contact with a gentleman that says he was just deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months but he has asked me for money to the tune of 250 to send me his bank card to be able to send send him money back there. I was wondering if you have anyone by the name of Richard Collins Ebner or that he might be working with someone by the name David That is working with them?

  91. thewalrus says

    I met a seemingly normal man named Rob Williams (seems to be a common scammer alias) on Plenty of Fish. Said he worked as a private consultant for Dyncorp. He was very skilled and definitely will get people to fall for his tricks. I got suspicious when he said he needed to go to Turkey for work, but needed me to send him money so his phone wouldn’t get shut off. I did not, as I’ve been online long enough to spot a scammer when I see one. Nothing wasted but time and mental energy, but I was heartbroken that this seemingly awesome guy wasn’t real. I’d almost rather lose money than be preyed on emotionally.

    The number he texted me from was (707)706-4885, if that helps at all.

    • Jimmiw says

      Omg I have just met this guy. Same story. Hasn’t asked for money yet. Same name told me he lived close. And now is in turkey for a month. Damn he is smooth. I am an idiot…

    • Patty says

      I got scammed by the same guy. It was a wonderful few weeks of texting. Met on coffee meets bagel. Then he had to leave for Turkey the next day. He only used his “work phone” same number 707-706-4885. I mean this guy is good… Told me everything I wanted to hear. I fell hook line and sinker. Had a legitimate answer for everything. Was not suspicious at all until he asked for my full name to add to his contacts. When I asked for his he told me Robert Williams. I immediately googled him and found this post. Thank you for saving me anymore heartache.

  92. Lyn says

    Hi goodevening ..i just want to ask if you have employee named Jackson klein Lincon??working in Al dhafra air base in maintenace department..i met him in okc dating app and we had a relationship..he asked money almsot 1600 usd because we planned for him to come here in my place and get marry and he needs to pay for his leave 1000usd…he said he doesn’t have access in his bank in dubai…he’s been in Israel,Iraq and afghanistan…..i waited for him in the airport because i thought and he said he will come….now he told me they rushed him to the hospital because while going to the airport he had an accident today..i hope i will send a reply…i lost my money…he sent pictures with ur dyncorp id…

    • DynCorp International says

      That would be a scammer. It is a very common scam of theirs. This person is not part of our company – they made fraudulent documents that they are sending to you.

    • DynCorp International says

      The photos may not be of the scammer and might be an innocent person. I wouldn’t share them since I don’t think it would be helpful.

    • DynCorp International says

      Sorry, that is not ours. Our email addresses end in Would advise you not to respond to the scammer.

    • DynCorp International says

      No, we don’t have anyone working in Turkey. Also, that email address does not belong to our company. This is a scammer.

  93. Rudra Prasad Dhungel says

    I am looking for job in Afghanistan now. I have applied so many times but i didn’t get any reply from recruiter. If possible someone provide to me Afghan recruiter email please ? My email: [redacted] Work Experience : Employed in the position of PROPERTY SPECIALIST for various projects across Afghanistan, undertaken by Prime Project International under the contractor DynCorp International from October, 29, 2010 to June, 01 2013.


  94. Stacey says

    I have a guy names Walker Dermot Sheriff who had advised he works with you and currently in western Africa do you have employee out there

  95. Holly Redd says

    I have a person stating that they work for you and was flown to the UAE. They flew out on 2/22/2019. Do you have agents there.

  96. Louise says

    Name: Charles Rodrick Snr
    Auronautic Engineer on private contract in syria returning to UK to live and set up own personal fitness centre
    Age 47 DOB 21/05
    Moved to Cardiff Uk 2018
    15 yr old son , parents deceased, never married ex partner ran off with best friend approx 4 yrs ago.
    Uses date sites and chat sites as only communication ,lost phone on arrival to Syria,
    Asking for contract exit fees and Apple I phones
    Chats daily uses Baby all the time calls you his queen , proposes future marridge and purchase of house once apartment sold in US
    Dosnt say who he works for or contracted him as he can’t

  97. Cheryl A Kutzli says

    Hello, I’ve been getting messages from a David Mark Andy saying he needs me to email this address,, and tell them we are getting married so they need to add me to his file so I can come visit him in Chad, Africa? Is he real?? He has never ask me for money ever and we have been talking for 3 months. Please help me, I don’t want to be scammed!!

  98. Liz says

    I posted here before but wasn’t 100% sure at the time that I was speaking with a scammer. I am now sure and want to warn people. I was speaking to a DynCorp employee named Scott Raja for over a month. Apparently on a contract in the UK. After about 3 weeks he was robbed when he walked into gunmen burgling his weekend flat. In hindsight this is a ridiculous scenario in a place like Devon. He then couldn’t access his bank account until he could present himself in person when home. Funnily enough he had no credit cards, no other source of funds, no friends or family except for his mother who depends on him for care or she’ll die from a medical condition. He asked me for money to cover but I said I couldn’t afford right now (the truth). He let it go and we continued chatting. Then his contract was extended so only option was for him to put in for retirement. He asked again for money and also for me to be next of kin so they could process the retirement. I got emails from a fake Dyncorp email (Dyncorp@dyn-inlt). He sent me his ID which looked real so I replied to first request. Then came the form to fill in. A photo not a legitimate form which asked for all the info one would need for bank account access plus my ID. At this point I called him out directly. He continued to deny it, says there is a discreet section of Dyncorp (military) that no one knows about which explains why not even Dyncorp headquarters could tell me the truth! The lie is so ridiculous that it’s laughable! But he’s good and I think he could get many people to believe him and send money. Please don’t!! Similar profiles are popping up on Happn (exactly the same wording, beware)

  99. Natasha says

    Hi im really worried now seeing these posts . A man using the name bryan hopping has said he is working in south korea with your company dynocorp , he is scamming hundreds of pound from my vaunràble mom and she wont belive that its a scam . Everything all of you have said has happened to her. He now wants my mom to take out a 5000 pound loan to buy him out the company . I need to know how i can catch a rat . Has anyone else heard from this man. Do you have a bryan hopping working for you in south korea. Also the email address i have is also on the fake email list for dynocorpe . This man has my mom wrapped around his little finger and i need to stop this now . This man she met was on badoo dating site . Please help

  100. A Marks says


    Do you have any employees working in Syria? My friend was contacted by someone claiming to be employed by you in Syria. If so, is it true that you can’t make transactions while on assignment there?

      • Patricia says

        I wonder if there’s only one person scamming women with different names and using different emails . Is there a way you can trace all these emails or hire the FBI to catch this person or people?

    • DynCorp International says

      I believe they are using military in general, not just our company, as good excuses to ask for money since they can make a believable story. It is super hard to shut down scammers – if you get their emails shut down, they just open new ones. They find ways to continue. Just be smart with meeting new people online. The best way to stop them is to stop sending them money, etc.

  101. Anonymous says

    I’ve been talking to a Charles T Davis he says he works for DynCorp for over 16years . He says he is a senior engineer and in Afghanistan at the moment . He didn’t ask for money straight away but wants to retire and want me to be registered fiancée & then next of kin for him . I have a employment number . Can you please tell if he works for DI .

  102. Pam says

    I’ve been talking to a Jeff Kyle who says he’s worked for your company for 10 years. He’s asked me for money saying he’s deployed in Turkey.

  103. Sarah says

    Can you please confirm for me that a Charles t Davis works for your company employee number 067359358. Social security number 199-48-6550 email address given as I believe I am being scammed as he has told me he is currently in Afghanistan as Chief Engineer and it is all hush hush. He would like to break his contract and retire. To do this he wanted me to fill out forms to say I was his fiancee and next of kin which unfortunately I have done so and was told I had to pay the amount 3834.70 US dollars of which I did and another payment of 5680 US dollars which I have not paid yet and am not going to. I would also like to know if a William Brown who has supposedly worked with your company in Texas. Also Steven F Gaffney Human Resource Officer (Syria Commanding Officer) and N S Digesuald (President of Field Technical Services) These two signatories were signatures on a Dyncorp form (98G/21). Also do you have an office based in Jakarta

  104. Lucy Flores says

    Hi. Need info on Sargent Ryan Jones stationed in Mali ,Africa. States he needs money for food because the food there makes him sick. We have been texting for awhile. States he can’t access his account. He is training there. Is it true he can not enter his account and if he wants to come home before finishing his mission, does he have to pay?. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  105. Lucy Flores says

    Hi. I need info on Ryan Jones. States he works for your company. Stationed in Mali ,Africa. States he needs money for food and early leave. That he can not access his account. Is this true or a scam?

  106. Vania says

    There’s this guy, He called himself Thompson Wayne. I’ve been so suspicious of him for about 3 weeks.
    Like anyone else experience before, met him on online dating app, ask me my WA number so we could chat more. He said he’s an ATC work for dyncorp Intl, currently stationed in syria, he’s a single father, no parents (they died), older sister is dying because of breast cancer, he has a daughter from previous marriage, his previous wife was dead of tragic accident, and he intended to retire early. After few days he told me he fell in love with me because he got a dream of his late wife said that there’s something special about me. Very ridiculous. I kept my guard up and play along with it. He said he tried to request for 3 months leave but was denied by his commander. And then he told me he asked for advice from his friends (called James (very basic name)) about how he can get to leave. And he asked me to email his commander personally for him to come home. I was a bit suspicious as I didn’t know how it really works or not, but I sent the first email. I got a reply and the commander demanded a photo of my ID, not asked for money yet. I blocked his email immediately. And the guy asked me persistently why I haven’t reply his commander. I confront him about there’s no one from dyncorp in syria, and there’s no way a girlfriend/boyfriend or fiancée/fiance should be the one send an email or a request for leave. He panicked and blame me for not trusting him. He tried video call me buy for some reason we couldn’t (it said the carrier or wifi doesn’t support for vidcall). He’s still defending himself, begging me not to leave him, still hasn’t ask any money though, but asked me to trust him again and he’ll do the best to convince me. So I asked him to tell me about himself from where and when he was born until now. He couldn’t even remember his own age now, or like when he’s married before. His excuse is, “I need to ask my sister again because she’s the one holding my birth certificate”
    I confront him about his phone number and the area code, he denied it.
    Next, I ask him about which part of syria he’s at, he said damascus, and a few minutes later he sent me us air force based in syria exactly from google (he copied and pasted, too bad I searched it first).
    Next, I ask about his picture that he sent me before (a picture of him and his daughter on vacay). He said “it was at war machine US navy Bismarck wreck”

    His phone number is +1(518) 554 6058
    His email is
    His commander email is

    He’s pretty good at this, his english is not that bad but there are some grammatical errors or some mistakes like (‘here’ when he meant ‘hear’, ‘their’ when he meant ‘there’). He’s pretty good story teller and maybe do some research a bit before scamming people (thus the facts he copied from google).
    And I can’t find his pictures which he sent me anywhere on internet.

    Best of luck for you ladies, hope you’ll always be cautious and careful

  107. Melissa says

    Someone has been chatting to me via whatsapp after meeting on Plenty of Fish website. She claims to be from Australia and her bank account has been blocked for security. She has requested assistance to pay a fee of $3000 for replacement and processing as she is wanting to move permanently back to Australia and has been doing paperwork for a replacement to take over her old role. Is this legitimate? I can provide phone details as she states she is using a work phone – I don’t want to get her in trouble though if she is legitimate – just concerned after reading some of the above stories.

  108. veronica fernandes says

    I have been contacted by a pilot military Sergio Alberto and he asked for few amount of money in past for different reasons, is there any sergio alberto as a pilot military that is working in syria at this moment?
    He also has asked if i could receive a value delivery in my address from dyncorp and i have been in touch with the email, and which i am inn doubt if this email is not scam. i exchanged emails through the email above of dyncorp and it was said that i needed to pay 850 dollars for the value of the parcel and also for the clearance fee fixed by United States Customs on exports, i am just stuck on this situation not knowing whether i should trust on it or not !
    I will await for a response from you

  109. Anjxavier says

    I meet a person named Michael Scott and he asked my line id…and we chat in there but im a bit confused after several conversation…he dont have parents died in auto accident..divorce with 2kids…asking my job etc…and he is working in dyncorp as based in turkey…but i want to be sure so i decided to search…and i found this page…what do you think about my story???

  110. Katie Cooper says

    Do you have a staff member in your Sydney office by the name of Alex Fernandez? Currently working in the uk claims he has a daughter in the us and his wife died 4 years ago

    • chanelm says

      DynCorp International does not have an office in Sydney. It is likely this man is lying to you, please do not send money or other items of value (plane tickets, passports, etc.) to anyone you have met online, thank you

  111. Lisa Gonteski says

    I have been talking with this man who’s name Is Mike Williams Kingsley but hey goes bye Mike Williams. He said he is an employee of DynCorp. He lives in Texas but said he is currently in or near the Cameroon Border in Africa working with the us military. He advised me his job is classified. He has not asked me for money he says he is very wealthy and needs nothing. He has been there 4 months and will be home soon. He said he has to follow the military base rules, no pictures, or phone calls. Do you have anyone currently in Africa? I told him I think he is a scammer and he swears he is not.

    • chanelm says

      You are wise to practice caution when communicating with strangers online. We do not have an employee by those names actively working in an African country. Please continue skeptical behavior when dealing with unverifiable sources.

  112. Jasmine says

    Hello, I’m writing this comment to inform Dyncorp and anyone who comes across this to be aware of these skilled scammers. Also not to fall for the scam like I did. On 6/20/2020 I was messaged by a man on Instagram, name Stiles Kalfman Cross. Age 36. DOB July 8 1984. Claimed he’s a US citizen (has an accent and no proper English) but left to Germany from Lexington, KY At age 4 with his mom after his father died. Came back to Lexington 16 years later. He stated he was working for Dyncorp as an Encoder in Cairo, Egypt. He worked 12 hour shifts and off Sundays. After just a day of Instagram messaging, he said he preferred to text or use whats app. After a couple days he professes his love for me . Telling me all the things I want to hear.He was very manipulating. I was so vulnerable and desperate for a relationship I fell for it. Almost 2 weeks of chatting, he claimed he didn’t have access to his bank accounts they were frozen as it’s a requirement to do for his job. He even sent me a screen recording of his supposed Wells Fargo bank account with his name showing me he was a millionaire. He said his job is like secret agent. He wasn’t allowed to make calls, video chat or take pictures of himself or he’d lose his job. He asked if I send him iTunes card which I did. In order for him to request for leave I’d have to request it as his Fiancée. I requested for it through his jobs email: They emailed me stating I’d have to pay for his leave. I suspected he was scamming me and confronted him about it and demand he video chat. He did but the chat was for a few seconds and it wasn’t clear. He somewhat looked like the person in the photos. So I sent the money for his leave through Bitcoin. He texted me the day he was suppose to land and said he was being detained in Dubai for alleged stolen gold. He’d had to pay 10,000 or go to jail for 15 years. I told him Again he was scamming me. I blocked him from everything. He had his friend/colleague Liam Greerr John on Instagram to contact me insisting he’d help pay half of money if I’d pay half. He was very pushy and demanding for the money. I refused and said they were both frauds. I did an image search of his photos and Stiles’ photos on image search App. That’s when I found they stole someone’s elses photos. I reported the Instagram accounts many times. LiamV @greerrliam20 account is still up. Stiles IG profile no longer there. I’ve also reported them to the Federal Trade Commission. Please be aware of these con artists.
    Phone #: 980- 484-0283

    • chanelm says

      DynCorp International or its subsidies does not charge recruitment fees, leave fees or processing fees of any type. Beware of any internet person or company requesting money of any type on behalf of a DI employee, or persons claiming to be DI employees. Never send money to any person or organization you don’t know beyond internet or web apps.

    • chanelm says

      DynCorp International or its subsidies never charges recruitment fees, leave fees, or processing fees of any type. Beware of any persons or organizations requesting money on behalf of a DI employee or claiming to be a DI employee. Never send money to any person or organization you only know through a web app or the internet. You can also research a person’s validity through a number of web services to verify a person is actually who they claim to be.

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