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DynCorp International is Committed to Ethics and Compliance

AirWing_PeruAs part of DynCorp International’s commitment to conducting business honestly and ethically, the Ethics & Compliance team recently launched a new Ethical Dilemmas Discussion series. The discussions have been hosted at several DI worksites and aim to create a culture where DI team members can openly talk about real-world ethical dilemmas.

The open discussions, held in group settings, propose hypothetical situations a DI team member may face while conducting business. Team members are then encouraged to discuss how each situation may be resolved, taking into consideration DI’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and core values.

Through the series of discussions, employees are assisted in grappling with grey areas that are thought provoking and part of doing business, especially in a global organization.

“Our goal is to encourage all employees to feel comfortable speaking freely and collaborating with others about dilemmas they face in their day-to-day work,” said Joe Kale, DynCorp International chief compliance officer. “Often with these ‘dilemmas’ there isn’t just one right answer and this is a valuable opportunity to provide a forum to discuss different perspectives on realistic situations we all currently face or will encounter in the future.”

A Comprehensive Ethics & Compliance Program

DI’s Business Ethics & Compliance Program is designed to foster a free and open atmosphere that allows and encourages employees to make inquiries, raise questions, express work-related concerns or report business ethics violations or violations of law, regulations, policies or procedures, without fear of retaliation.

The program consists of a robust Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which connects our behaviors to business practices. It is a handbook for doing the right thing and is an essential tool to help employees make the right decisions.

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct translates DI’s core values – We Serve, We Care, We Empower, We Perform and We Do the Right Thing – into action.

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