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DynCorp International’s C-21A Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) Team Earns Third Consecutive FAA Diamond Award for Excellence

For the third consecutive year, DI’s C-21A Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) team has earned the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) prestigious Diamond Award for Excellence. The C-21A CLS team provides total maintenance support for the U.S. Air Force C-21 fleet in the U.S., Germany and Southwest Asia.

The FAA’s Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) Award program is based on the commitment of maintenance technicians to improve safety by actively participating in initial and recurring training programs to further their technical knowledge. The Diamond Award is the highest corporate award, and the program includes both individual and corporate recognition.

The award recognizes completion by 100-percent of an organization’s eligible maintenance technicians of specialized, continuous training in aircraft systems, regulations and FAA rules over a 12-month period. In addition to the Diamond Award, which is presented to the company, each mechanic receives an Aviation Maintenance Technician award based on the number of training hours logged.

“The award recognizes our dedication to continuous training and employee development,” said Jeffrey Roth, C-21A CLS program director. “In aviation, we know how important it is to continuously increase maintenance skills and safety awareness – when there is zero room for error, training is critical.”

Catherine Gridley, vice president of DI’s Aviation business area, congratulated the C-21A team for their achievement. “For more than 60 years, DI has been known for aviation excellence; safety and training are the cornerstones of that reputation. The FAA Diamond Award demonstrates our commitment and success in meeting the U.S. government’s highest standard for aviation training,” she said.

Global C-21A (LEAR 35A) Aircraft Support

DynCorp International provides comprehensive C-21A (Lear 35A) aircraft support solutions that range from meeting daily maintenance and reconfiguration requirements to expedited aircraft transfer and recovery worldwide.
Services include:

  • Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul
  • Condition and Reconfiguration Upgrades
  • Rapid-Deployment Depot Field Repair Teams – both CONUS and OCONUS
  • Aircraft Phase and Non-destructive Inspections
  • Aircraft Scheduling and Transfer
  • Launch Recovery Thru-flight and Pre-flight
  • Equipment and Parts Procurement, Logistics, and Management
  • Support Equipment Maintenance and Modification
  • Site Preparation, Upgrade, Maintenance, and Phase-out
  • Quality Control – ISO 9000:2001 Certification and Federal Aviation Administration
  • (FAA) Part 145 Certification

DI currently provides the U.S. Air Force full Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for aircraft maintained by DI C-21A aircraft, and COMBS support to ANG maintained C-21A aircraft. Under this contract, DI provides total organizational and depot level aircraft and engine maintenance, spares, special tooling, and support equipment 24 hours a day, year round at worldwide main operating bases and overseas extended deployment base – supporting directed mobility and/or deployment requirements. DI maintains the C-21A fleet to FAA standards and manages depot aircraft and engine support, paint, major airframe repair, and depot modification.

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