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DynCorp International Receives “A” from Transparency International in Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index

DynCorp International received a grade of “A” in Transparency International’s first-ever 2012 Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index based on a review of the company’s combined internal and public information and programs. The index provides an analysis of more than 120 defense companies’ efforts to prevent corruption. The global study grades companies from A to F depending their anti-corruption systems and processes.

Based on DynCorp International’s anti-corruption systems, Transparency International gave DI an “A” grade, based on the following criteria:

  • Leadership, Governance and Organization
  • Risk Management
  • Company Policy and Codes
  • Training
  • Personnel and Helplines

DynCorp International’s Values-Based Culture

DI team members are committed to fostering a strong values-based culture, adhering to core values – We Serve, We Care, We Empower, We Perform and We Do the Right Thing – as well as a social contract and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

To help cultivate this environment, chairman and CEO, Steve Gaffney, issues a monthly newsletter to all employees, with each focusing on the importance of a particular value. DI’s Compliance Center of Excellence also regularly issues an Ethics & Compliance newsletter highlighting real-life scenarios that bring the DI Code of Ethics and Business Conduct guidelines into play, as well as monthly “Ethics in Action” videos.

All DI team members are also required to complete Code of Conduct and Compliance training when they are hired, and regular refresher training, to educate all personnel on the importance of corruption awareness, reporting and following regulations.

“There is nothing more important in a company than the commitment of its people to operating with honesty, integrity and sound ethics. That includes not only abiding to laws and complying with regulations, but also treating each other with civility and respect,” comments DynCorp International chief compliance officer, Joe Kale, in a video message.

Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index

The Defence Companies Anti-Corruption Index aims to provide an index of the extent and depth of the anti-corruption capabilities and programs in place within major defense companies all over the world.

Transparency International’s Defence and Security Programme (TI-DSP) aims to facilitate general improvement across the industry in anti-corruption processes and practices.  The study’s findings reveal whether companies have the “structures, policies and processes in place that enable it to address corruption risks as an integral part of company operations.”

Transparency International

Transparency’s International is a U.K.-based organization dedicated to improving transparency and reducing corruption in the defense, security and armed forces industries worldwide. They provide tools to reduce corruption risks, raise awareness of corruption-related activities and work with governments and international organizations to enhance transparency in defense- based organizations.

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