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DynCorp International Team Members Develop Budgeting Software in Afghanistan

DynCorp International team members working in support of the Afghanistan National Police/Ministry of Interior Development Program (AMDP) recently developed and launched a software program to be used by the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MOI). The software is designed to aid in budget planning and analysis.

Amos Holts, DynCorp International senior advisor and mentor, played an integral role in developing the software and provided hands-on training to MOI personnel. Personnel were trained on data entry for their respective budget areas and taught how to analyze results to develop realistic, time-phased budgets.

“It is an honor and quite humbling to be able to provide a tool that allows the Afghan MOI to better evaluate their financial resources and develop economically,” said Holts.

The DI team designed the software to allow for greater MOI spending transparency and was also translated into Dari to increase its user base.

“We hope that by using this new tool the MOI staff will be able to eventually develop, analyze and execute with the financial resources at their disposal independent of DI advisors,” said Holts.

Afghanistan National Police/Ministry of Interior Development Program (AMDP)

Through the Afghanistan National Police/Ministry of Interior Development Program (AMDP), DI provides executive level mentoring, instructor training and certification, field training, and logistics across Afghanistan. DI executive mentors coach senior Afghan officials with a focus on leadership, management and ethical decision-making skills, and have mentored leaders at the Ministerial level.

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  1. Anthony Molnar says

    Actively Seeking Oconus Positions

    I have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps Rapid Deployment Force & NCIS. I have worked in security and police services since 1981. Police and hand to hand combat instruction. Personal body guard for Dr. Robert White. Dr. White was the chief medical adviser to the Roman Vatican, and the Soviet Union. I have worked in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2005 through 2012 and have received numerous awards. My work has personally been briefed by secretary of State Rumsfield to President George W. Bush. Numerous awards have been received and Letter or Appreciation compiled. My references come from the Retired NCIS Regional Commander of Asia Operations, and OSI highly decorated agent, and a counter intelligence agent. I follow orders and I complete the mission and I am always willing to assist those above me, next to me and below me and I understand the mission always comes first. Faithful, flexible, adaptable, and able to improvise and make the best of the worst situations best describes me.


    As a former naval fighter pilot with the french Navy, I would like setting up in AFGHANISTAN a new civil “AERIAL SURVEY” service, operating “Humanitarian + ISR missions”. with light STOL aircraft.
    Need advices.
    Best regards,

  3. Patrick k Njogu says

    its a great honor to be part of the work DynCorp International on in Afghanistan.. looking forward for an opportunity to work with you.

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