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DynCorp International Helps Develop Training Program for Salvadoran Government Officials

dyncorp develop training programThe Salvadoran undersecretary of transparency and anticorruption collaborated with the presidential innovation technology unit in El Salvador to launch the first Virtual Government Training Program (VGTP) on August 17, 2012. The event, held at the training facilities located at the Salvadoran presidential building, was held to kick off a country-wide initiative to provide training for more than 250,000 Salvadoran government officials.

The initiative is sponsored by USAID’s Democracy Strengthening Program (DSP) and implemented by DynCorp International in El Salvador. DI team members provided the necessary technical assistance to develop the training program software and the large-capacity host server.

Virtual Government Training Program

VGTP incorporates advanced interactive technologies that engage public sector trainees by allowing system administrators to view updated training statistics by institutions and to track course completion records. Trainees become actively involved in the learning experience, allowing for easier information assimilation in a shorter amount of time. With a virtual program accessible to users nationwide, training costs also decrease and information is able to be re-accessed at a later date.

All Salvadoran public officials will have access to online training courses in ethics, transparency, anticorruption, citizen participation, access to information and other courses developed to improve the knowledge and capabilities of all public sector employees.

The Future of Salvadoran Virtual Training

Planning is underway for similar training programs customized for agencies and institutions such as the Government Ethics Tribunal, the Attorney General Office, the Court of Accounts, the Supreme Court of Justice, private sector entities, civil society organizations and the general Salvadoran population.

VGTP may potentially be used in the future as an innovative tool to host surveys, disseminate public policies and to periodically share, through the official government website (Transparencia Activa), the compliance status of government agencies with the Access to Information Law. An additional and important feature of the VTGP is that it will directly benefit El Salvador’s compliance with the international anticorruption conventions of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations (UN).

Democracy Strengthening Program

DynCorp International, through Casals & Associates, works as an implementing partner with USAID on the Democracy Strengthening Program (DSP) in El Salvador. USAID/El Salvador’s assistance focuses on strengthening the justice system, supports anti-corruption reforms and public-private partnerships to prevent crime and violence. To accomplish this, USAID works with justice sector actors to improve criminal procedures and investigation, strengthens the Government Ethics Tribunal to regulate and promote ethical conduct in the public sector and expand crime prevention efforts at the community level involving local governments and private sector.

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