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DynCorp International’s DI Care EAP Program Assists DI Team Members’ Families

“From the moment I received notification of my husband’s injuries in Afghanistan while he was employed with DynCorp, I was given the best possible treatment and information from DynCorp’s EAP staff,” said Julieann Robertson.

The DI Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP), is a program designed to support DI employees and their families – providing special assistance in a range of circumstances, from an employee injury or in the tragic event of a fatality. This program supports the DI core value “We Care.”  The initiative highlights how DI values the safety, security, development and well-being of all of its personnel. Robertson’s husband, Thomas Robertson, a Field Mentor who had been working in Afghanistan, was injured outside Kandahar.

“I was told that the EAP support staff was there for me day or night at any hour and they meant it,” said Robertson. “No matter when I called, the staff showed the utmost care, diligence, and respect for my concerns. I was given daily updates on my husband’s medical status and transportation plans, which helped alleviate much of the stress on me.”

DI Care EAP in Action

DynCorp International’s DI Care EAP is an employee-focused solutions program for employees and families providing problem solving for complex issues related to the myriad challenges employees can face related to medical benefits, post injury recovery and reintegration back into the workforce. DI Care EAP also acts as an advocate for surviving family members of employees who have been killed in action, explaining different benefits, assisting with funeral arrangements and assisting with commemoration efforts.

Soon after Thomas was injured, Michael Warren, vice president of Human Resources – Employee Assistance Programs and Stephanie Gaffney, manager, Employee Assistance Programs, contacted Julieann to assist.

“No matter what the question was, both Mike and Stephanie were willing to help find the answer and worked diligently to make sure everything was taken care of and in order,” Robertson said.

“Having all of the transportation, hospitalization, doctors, and nurse manager care lined up before my husband arrived back in the United States was a major help and allowed me to focus on our family instead of the red tape and paperwork.”

EAP Officers Support DI Families

When Nelson Stacy Croft, also a Field Mentor who was working in Afghanistan, was injured, Donald Tate, Civilian Police Advisor (CIVPOL) program EAP Officer, was there to support Croft’s family.

Tate stayed in constant communication with Karen Croft, Nelson’s wife, keeping her updated on her husband’s condition.

With the help of the DI Care EAP, Croft underwent complete rehabilitation and was even able to redeploy to Afghanistan. The best part, said Karen Croft, “he’s working without disabilities.

“One cannot imagine going through an ordeal like this without someone to keep one grounded. I would like to thank DynCorp International for having such a great program in place to be sure their wounded are taken care of properly.”

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