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DynCorp International’s DI Care Employee Assistance Program

In October 2009, DynCorp International launched the DI Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP), an advocacy program providing special assistance should an employee be wounded, or to help families in the tragic event of a fatality. This program supports the DI core value – We Care.  The initiative highlights how DI values the safety, security, development and well-being of employees.

Michael Warren, VP, Human Resources – Employee Assistance Programs, said, “The DI Care Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a central point of contact and dedicated staff for employees and families. This program represents our company values in action.”

DI Care EAP is an employee-focused solutions program for employees and families providing problem solving for complex issues related to the myriad challenges employees can face related to medical benefits, post injury recovery and reintegration back into the workforce. DI Care EAP also acts as an advocate for surviving family members of employees who have been killed in action, explaining different benefits, assisting with funeral arrangements and assisting with commemoration efforts.

The DI Care EAP System

The program is divided into an acute (1 to 4 weeks), intermediate (up to 24 weeks) and long-term (several months to several years) support system. It includes:

  • Coordination with law enforcement or clergy for employee death notifications
  • Family communication updates on medical evacuations and repatriation of remains
  • Family Liaison Representative (FLR) deployments for personal assistance
  • Locating specialty hospitals for certain injuries
  • Coordination and assistance with funeral homes
  • Advocacy for those working in dangerous environments who are victims of terrorism
  • Sexual assault response teams
  • A family/employee emergency communications system
  • Vocational rehabilitation assistance

We have graduated a network of Human Resource DI Care EAP Ambassadors through professional training at the National Victims Assistance Academy. These EAP Ambassadors are standing by, ready to help employees and families. These Ambassadors are also assigned as Family Liaison Representatives (FLR) to provide employee/families with personal assistance.

Providing High Risk Area Support

Because DI team members work in challenging and austere environments, DI Care EAP also provides support in unique areas such as for post-traumatic stress disorder, insurance claim assistance, vocational rehabilitation and education/awareness programs.

Emergency Communication System – DI Care EAP utilizes the American Red Cross Emergency Communication Messages system which relays objective, timely, confidential and verified information by authorized third parties about emergency situations involving employees their immediate families.

24/7 Access to Solutions –  Through INOVA Employee Assistance, DI Care EAP provides a 24 hour, 365 day-a-year helpline. Support includes coping with family separation, stress management and interpersonal and job relationship advice.

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