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DynCorp International Mechanics Complete First T-6D Aircraft Modification Ahead of Schedule

On DynCorp International’s (DI) CLS-Transport program at Redstone Army Airfield in Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, three DI mechanics worked under the close observation of technical writers, Beechcraft engineers and Fixed Wing Project Office observers to execute the first successful Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) modification of a T-6D aircraft. ADS-B is a next generation surveillance technology which introduces air and ground aspects that provide Air Traffic Control with an accurate picture of the aircraft’s three-dimensional position in the en-route, terminal, approach and surface environments.

“Allen Girod, John Wiley and Tyler Dowland were recognized by LTC Cornelius Allen, Commander of the Aviation Flight Test Directorate for their outstanding performance,” said Kirk McCauley, CLS-Transport program director.

The employees conducted the modification using red-lined procedures for the T-6B aircraft, supporting the U.S. Army’s Validation and Verification (V&V) effort. V&V is a process for system engineers to gauge progress and use quality controls to verify all requirements are met on analysis testing, inspection and demonstration requirements. Even with the mandatory requirement for DCMA quality assurance stop-points, the DI team completed the modification ahead of schedule in only 200 hours, versus the anticipated 349 hours.

“The DI maintenance team was able to surpass all customer expectations and successfully execute the ADS-B out modification in record time,” continued Kirk. “In light of their performance, the DI team was formally recognized and awarded commander’s coins for excellence by the Redstone Test Center customer.”

The CLS-Transport program provides all logistics and maintenance support for 151 aircraft dispersed among 72 sites worldwide. The program’s four assigned T-6D “Texan” aircraft support the U.S. Army’s flight test activity and are maintained by DI employees at Redstone Army Airfield, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

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