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DynCorp International’s National Walking Day Challenge Results

On National Walking Day, April 5, DynCorp International (DI) teams competed against each other to win the title of Most Steps in a Day and to host the “Shoes” trophy for a year – an award won by the company after leading the American Heart Association’s 2016 Greater Washington Region Heart Walk. Each team logged steps for the day during a nine-hour period and took photos to share.

Last year’s winner was the LOGCAP IV team with just over 60,000 steps, and this year every team vied to beat that number. The Communications department got some healthy competitive chatter going on between teams in the days leading up to the walk.

“Tillery’s team is going down,” said Mark Mirelez, AELS BU lead. “Between T-6 Combs, VIPSAM and ERRC, I know we can stomp LOGCAP’s record and get that Shoe trophy.”

“We’re gonna walk all over Logistics and AELS” said Scott Rauer, AOLC lead. “Our RASM, TASM and INL Air Wing teams will not accept defeat.”

Dianne Walker, vice president HR chimed in, “Our HR Center of Excellence (COE) is clearing a prime spot on our display shelf for the Shoe trophy we expect to host very soon.”

With everyone pushing for the win, it was a day of fierce competition.

“Win or lose, the INL Air Wing team had a great time contributing,” said Joe Dunaway, Air Wing lead. “It was a lot of good fun for all, especially as we walked all over Bubba’s team at more than 413 thousand steps total from our locations around the world.”

“AOLC put in a stunning performance at more than 234 thousand steps from RASM, TASM and AFM/CFT combined,” said Scott Rauer, AOLC lead. “That’s not including INL Air Wing’s insane count. We totaled 647K!”

“Our team AELS Fighting Falcons secured an incredible count of more than 489 thousand steps,” said Mark Mirelez, AELS lead. “We had a blast and hopefully one of our awesome teams secured the ‘Shoes’ trophy.”

“Oh, amateurs,” said Rob Tillery, LG4 lead. “With 17 teams walking at Kandahar Airfield, FOB Shorab, FOB Dwyer and Alliance, Texas, LOGCAP totaled more than 605 thousand steps.”

DI had teams ranging from only one person who tracked their steps all day to teams of 36 with every 15-minute spot filled. Here are the results!

  • Corporate IT, Fort Worth, Texas – 83,231
  • INL-A’s “One Global Team” Best Times – 80,863
  • HR Corporate, Fort Worth, Texas and McLean, Va. – 79,348
  • LG4 O&M Happy Feet, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 79,056
  • ANA/ANP Team RS, Kabul, Afghanistan – 77,049
  • INL-A Meridian Building, Melbourne, Florida – 74,923
  • INL-A, Camp Alvaredo, Kabul, Afghanistan – 74,833
  • LG4 Shorab Lighting Bolts, Shorab Annex, Afghanistan – 72,572
  • LG4 Alliance Outpacers, Fort Worth, Texas – 71,490
  • HR WRSS Alliance Team, Fort Worth, Texas – 70,728
  • ERRC, Laughlin AFB, Texas – 70,046
  • INL-A Team Logistics, Melbourne, Florida – 67,282
  • INL-A Embassy Air-Iraq Team, Baghdad, Iraq – 67,033
  • INL-A Team Panama – 66,250
  • RASM-W, Fort Hood, Texas – 66,003
  • LG4 CSO High Steppers, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 65,165
  • LG4 MWR No Slack Team A, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 64,183
  • INL-A The Hangars, Melbourne, Florida – 62,858
  • TASM-O Team 1, Illsheim, Germany – 61,895
  • TASM-O Team 2, Illsheim, Germany – 60,432
  • INL/A Team Peru – 60,000
  • Tysons HQ, McLean, Virginia – 59,728
  • Afghan Operations Team, U.S. Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan – 56,241
  • WRM, Yorktown, Virginia – 55,472
  • LG4 FITTIP/Class 1, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 55,627
  • LG4 Fire Prevention, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 54,258
  • LG4 TB Dwyer FD, Afghanistan – 51,280
  • ANA/ANP PMO, Fort Worth, Texas – 51,552
  • LG4 CSO Food Service, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 45,772
  • LG4 North Line DFAC Fox Trotters and Tina’s Night Crawlers, Afghanistan – 42,353
  • INL-A Team Pak Rats, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan – 39,712
  • ANA/ANP HR Rose Garden Walkers, Kabul, Afghanistan – 38,975
  • LG4 MWR No Slack Team B, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 30,747
  • HR WRSS Bosnia Team, Bosnia – 22,947
  • LG4 Camp Dwyer Food Service, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 22,927
  • LG4 Billeting, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 20,740
  • LG4 TB Dwyer DFAC, Afghanistan – 20,649
  • LG4 Team Rafter, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan – 20,121
  • LG4 Finance, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 14,240
  • LG4 Team Sodipo Subcontracts, Kandahar, Afghanistan – 16,235

“Looks like Corporate IT snuck in for a surprise win!” said CEO Lou Von Thaer. “What a fantastic triumph, and a truly amazing amount of participation around the globe – rain, snow, sleet or shine!”

“It’s great to see us come together as a company and do something fun, healthy and interactive for everyone,” continued Lou. “I look forward to more healthy challenges throughout the year.”

Communications will deliver the Shoes trophy to the winning team and take a victory picture. Check out DI’s National Walking Day Challenge Flickr page to look at pictures from the walkers!


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