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DynCorp International’s Phoenix Consulting Group Provides Counter-Elicitation Training in Afghanistan

Clifford Ruggles, program manager of DynCorp International’s (DI) Phoenix Consulting Group, recently traveled to Afghanistan to provide counter-elicitation training to DI’s Afghanistan National Army (ANA), Afghanistan National Police (ANP) and Afghanistan Life Support Services (ALiSS) programs in Kabul. A former U.S. Army interrogator and strategic debriefer who has been with the Phoenix Consulting Group since 2003, Mr. Ruggles focused his training primarily on teaching techniques for recognizing and countering information-gathering attempts by potential competitors, adversaries or anyone else seeking to gain insight into DI’s operations.

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“Due to the fact that DI employees in Afghanistan routinely work alongside our competitors and interact daily with people from dozens of countries, the potential for unknowingly disseminating sensitive company information is high,” said Ruggles.

ALiSS Food Service Operations Manager Robert Peters noted, “I thought that the class was very informative and should be a requirement. In contracting, especially overseas, there are numerous opportunities for employees to inadvertently pass along proprietary information. Being in a community such as this, most people are friendly with one another. What one person may think is a friendly conversation, another person may be trying to use the conversation to elicit or extract information that their company can use on proposals.”

“It was an excellent class and Cliff Ruggles is an excellent instructor. You can tell that he has been doing it for a long time and it shows in his delivery, presentation, and his knowledge is off the charts,” commented Curtis Blasé, ANA/ANP director of Security and Operations.

“Although the focus of these training events was primarily counter-elicitation, the Phoenix Consulting Group conducts a wide variety of training courses such as Advanced Crisis Negotiations, Business Intelligence, Strategic Debriefing of Law Enforcement Sources, Cognitive Interviewing, and others,” added Ruggles.

Descriptions of these and other Phoenix course offerings can be found in their online brochure.

For more information and/or to request training from the Phoenix Consulting Group for your program or office, contact or 571-722-0227.

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