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MTV Program Travels 7,000 Miles to Train U.S. Army Company

This October, the DynCorp International (DI) Total Package Fielding (TPF) Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV) team traveled from Fort Carson, Colorado and Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Guam to issue vehicles and teach an Operator New Equipment Training (OPNET) class for the U.S. Army 797th Engineer Company.

“Despite a typhoon that hit the island and closed the base for a day, the OPNET class continued as scheduled and was instructed by DI’s Johnny Wolford, Robert Greene and Eric Sirois,” said Nick Sass, MTV program manager. “They received many accolades and high marks from the 797th from the post-training evaluations.” 

The MTV team conducted a joint inventory of ten M1083A1P2 trucks consisting of both DI personnel and the 797th Company. Briefings were given on proper inventory procedures to ensure the unit understands their responsibility and tasks for inventories. The joint inventory was followed by the OPNET training class, hands-on vehicle familiarization instruction and a road test. 

“I’m proud of the MTV team for generating yet another example of how DI satisfies our customers and delivers results,” added Sass.

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