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DynCorp International Chairman and CEO, Steven Gaffney, Discusses Role of Service Contractors at Atlantic Council Event

DynCorp International chairman and chief executive officer, Steven Gaffney, discussed the role of service contractors as part of the Atlantic Council Captains of Industry series. Tying in with the observance of the Memorial Day holiday, Gaffney described the sacrifice that contractors also make while serving missions around the world.

“We all are familiar with and stand in awe of those who dedicate their lives to military service, but there is another group of individuals who serve as well,” said Gaffney. “Even though their service and sacrifice have become an accepted part of the mission cadence of U.S. government contracting industry, unfortunately their service and sacrifice is far less celebrated.”

DI team members serve all over the world, supporting programs in aviation, logistics, training, intelligence and operational solutions. Gaffney described their roles as pilots helping fight wildfires from the sky, and as aviation maintenance specialists servicing the aircraft that carry the top elected officials of the United States.”

Remembering Fallen DI Team Members

“Memorial Day is a bit different for us at DI and many of our colleagues in the contractor community. On Memorial Day I know I’ll be thinking not only about the brave men and women of our military who serve and paid the ultimate price, but also about contractors who lost their lives while serving as well,” said Gaffney. “I thank all of them for their service and sacrifice.”

To date, 71 DI team members have lost their lives supporting U.S. government and ally country missions. To honor these colleagues, a memorial wall with each team member’s name has been installed at DI’s new global headquarters building in McLean, Va.

About the Atlantic Council

The Atlantic Council promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic Community in meeting global challenges. Founded in 1961, the Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic shifts in economic and political influence that are shaping the twenty-first century by educating and galvanizing its uniquely influential, nonpartisan network of international political, business, and intellectual leaders.

The Captains of Industry Series is a platform for senior defense industry executives to address the public interests their companies serve and the public policies that shape their markets.

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