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Dyn-Australia Supports the Australian Defence Force

dyn-australiaDyn-Australia (DA), a wholly owned DynCorp International subsidiary, supports the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Through this program, a DA team provides helicopter logistical support including managing ground and air-operations support for Mi26T heavy-lift helicopters.

The Mi26T from Vertical-T Air Company is capable of lifting up to 44,000 lbs., and helps transport military cargo containers and recover unserviceable or damaged aircraft. Through this program, the Australian forces are able to move necessary equipment safely and more quickly than if by land.

For more than two and a half years Mi26T helicopters have flown supplies into Australian and ISAF forward operating bases, and is now back loading cargo as these bases are handed over to the Afghanistan forces.  This aircraft is still the largest, most powerful, fuel efficient and fastest long range heavy-lift helicopter in the world despite having been produced and flown commercially for the first time in the early 1980s. Its high-economy engine, cargo weight and flight range make it unique in its class.

Providing Support in Afghanistan

“Using these helicopters keeps soldiers safe by providing an alternative to road travel for vital logistical tasks,” said Bob Breen, Dyn-Australia contract manager. “This program also includes support to ISAF nations in Afghanistan.”

Since 2011, DA has supported the Australian Defence Force in Afghanistan. Before then, DA had provided Mi26T helicopter support to the Dutch forces for five years.

“We started work in Afghanistan maintaining the air strip in Tarin Kowt – the busiest unpaved military airstrip in the world. In 2004 we began managing ground and air operations support for Mi26T helicopters in support of ISAF,” Jeff Wilkinson, Dyn-Australia managing director comments.

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