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DynAviation Selects New Safety Motto

1aDynAviation held a contest in October 2015 to select a motto that would represent their commitment to employee safety.

“We decided to go out-of-the-box on creativity,” said John Neville, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) senior manager. “So, we opened the contest to any DynAviation employee’s child under 16 years of age, and received some amazing submissions.”

Congratulations to the winner of the contest, Kylie, the four year old granddaughter of DynAviation’s Mike Bryant who works on the NASA Aircraft Maintenance and Operations Support (AMOS) contract. She drew an airplane with hand imprints for wings, accompanied by the slogan, “Safety is in your hands.”

2“When viewing Kylie’s submission, knowing a four year old girl’s hands represent a safe passage – symbolizing the wings of an aircraft – definitely elicits an emotional response from me, and I hope it does for everyone,” said Neville. “Your safety and your coworker’s safety is truly in your hands. You and your teammates have to build the foundation and the culture that reflects your attitude, belief, and perception of safety.”

DynAviation safety coins have been created from Kylie’s design. As a reward for her winning submission, Kylie was presented with an iPad, a plaque and a DynAviation safety coin.

3a“I want to also thank the rest of the children who took the time to create and submit their wonderful pictures,” continued Neville. “We had a tie for second place between Bianca and Emma from Fort Hood, who will receive a gift certificate, plaque and safety coin.”

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  1. Carlito S. de Leon says

    Congratulation Kylie, this motto when first glance at it caught my attention immediately your message . It’s wonderful taught broken wing symbol “Safety Is In Your Hand”. I will tradition this “MOTTO” to each everyone in the Aviation business not to mention other career. I have been in Aviation since 1966 and still looking ways for better environment for SAFETY…I truly love this Motto “Safety Is In Your Hand” over a broken acft wing.. Again CONGRATULATION KYLIE, I salute you….

  2. Paul Te Prieto says

    Congratulations. We should always strive to work Safe so we can come home to our families alive and in one piece. Safety is always about family values as well.

  3. christian Amuta says

    We are preparing an aviation training proposal for West African aviation industries and would like to partner with DynCorp because of the big nature of the training.

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