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DCA Live Recognizes DynCorp International Attorney as 2018 Top Corporate Counsel

DCA Live, an organization that covers the industries, companies and people that are driving growth in the Washington, D.C. region, recognized DynCorp International’s (DI) Virginia Robinson at its 4th Annual DCA Live Top Corporate Counsel event on September 17. In partnership with the Association of Corporate Counsel-National Capital Region, DCA Live recognized 40 of the most interesting and dynamic in-house attorneys in the Washington, D.C. region.

Virginia Robinson, Chief Counsel for Labor & Employment and Environmental Health and Safety at DI, has been an attorney in the DI Legal Department for six years. Before working at DI, Virginia honed her skills at some of the top law firms in the country. She graduated from Penn State in 1999 with a B.A. in English and obtained her law degree in 2005 from the Washington & Lee University School of Law.

In a brief interview with DCA Live, Virginia discussed her experiences working in-house for DynCorp International.

DCA Live Recognizes DCA Live: Your 2018 summer vacation spot(s)?

Virginia: Italy (Venice, Padua, Florence, Rome).

DCA Live: Best part about being in-house?

Virginia: Cultivating a deeper understanding of my client; ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients without billing pressures.

DCA Live: Biggest in-house trends/issues your law firm friends and colleagues should know about?

Virginia: It’s important to keep in mind that your corporate client’s goals and needs are not stagnant – they change over time, sometimes quite quickly, based on a wide variety of constantly shifting internal and external pressures. Make sure you ask your clients about the current issues they are facing that might influence your handling of an otherwise seemingly unrelated matter.

DCA Live: Your advice to a soon to graduate law school student?

Virginia: Law firm jobs can be an important way to learn strong customer service skills, so starting your career in private practice can be a good idea, but keep an eye out for in-house opportunities before you get too senior in your career – you will find the work both challenging and rewarding.

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