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DynCorp International Chief Compliance Officer Joe Kale and VP, Trade Compliance, Darrell Coleman Visit Afghanistan

DynCorp International Chief Compliance Officer Joe Kale, along with VP, Trade Compliance, Darrell Coleman, recently visited DI sites in Afghanistan and met with leadership and employees to discuss DI’s culture of ethics and compliance.

“Our visit to Afghanistan was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about DynCorp International’s programs and see first-hand the incredible work our employees perform in support of our customers on a daily basis. I think it takes a very special person to work under these conditions and the employees here are the true heroes of the company,” said Kale.

Kale discussed the DI Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, its importance in supporting the business of DynCorp International and its part in a values-based culture.

“Performance is important in all that we do, but to be a truly great company we have to have the right set of behaviors to support that performance,” stated Kale.

DynCorp International Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

DynCorp International is committed to providing employees with a safe and productive workplace. As the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides, the following principles guide DI employees’ daily behavior:

  • We adhere scrupulously to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness when engaged in any activity concerning the Company and its relationships with customers, suppliers, and the general public.
  • We comply with the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We deliver the highest quality service to our customers.
  • We compete vigorously in the marketplace and avoid business dealings that violate antitrust laws, conflict of interest principles, or procurement integrity guidelines.
  • We offer equal employment opportunities.

Visit DynCorp International’s YouTube Channel to see Joe Kale, Chief Compliance Officer, discuss the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and the importance of working with honesty, respect, civility and integrity.

DynCorp International Core Values

As a service company, DynCorp International’s employees are the most valuable asset. DI prides itself on the quality and commitment of personnel, the agility and depth of program management, standards of excellence, and the professional and ethical conduct.

DI’s Core Values are as follows:

We Serve – willingly in all locations and conditions.

We Care – for the safety, security, development, and well-being of our employees.

We Empower – our employees to succeed in a culture based on trust, respect, loyalty, and commitment.

We Perform – with a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations.

We Do the Right Thing – always, for our customers, employees, and those we serve.

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