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Contingency Operations Support Those in Critical Need

dyncorp international contingency operationsDynCorp International’s Contingency Operations business supports a wide array of global missions including humanitarian aid, post-conflict rebuilding and stabilization, peacekeeping, and rapid-response disaster relief. A core DynCorp International business, thousands of highly-trained DI employees span the globe, positioned to respond when needed within 48 hours.

First Responders Any Place, Anytime

It would be nice if emergencies didn’t exist and every mission came after months of pre-planning. That is not the reality.

Following a natural or man-made disaster, people in the region need urgent assistance on every level. But what if the people in need are in a remote, underdeveloped location?

Because DynCorp International teams work in so many places throughout the world, they are often called on to be first-responders for disaster readiness and aid. Their experience allows them to help with contingency planning, disaster preparedness, peacekeeping support, recovery operations, and even firefighting.

Since all contingent solutions are adaptable – no matter what kind of need arises – DynCorp International is there to help.

Logistics: The Unsung Hero?

When logistical operations go smoothly, they go unnoticed.

That’s the way it is with so many of DynCorp International’s support services: quiet and unassuming. DI’s hardworking teams play the supporting role better than anyone else.

Procurement and document process management, transportation and freight forwarding and tracking, warehousing, property control, and so many other logistical operations might not be so glamorous, but without them, everything grinds to a halt.

Establishing Infrastructure in Areas of Critical Need

Recuperating from a disaster often means establishing basic infrastructure needs.

DynCorp International teams are called upon throughout the world for their expertise and aid in these critical areas by:

  • Getting water and wastewater systems designed, installed, and operating
  • Producing and distributing electrical power
  • Construction management
    • Camp design and infrastructure development
    • New camp construction
    • Refurbishment of existing structures
    • Roads and grounds
  • Engineering telecom and Internet communications
  • Performing road and grounds services
Transportation Support Plays a Huge Role in Contingency Operations

When called on to assist with humanitarian aid, post-conflict rebuilding and stabilization, peacekeeping, or disaster relief, it takes skilled people and lots of equipment. The teams at DynCorp International can get you the vehicles and heavy equipment you need to complete a mission and help you maintain it.

With DI, you can depend upon the transport and management of all fuel and consumables to get the job done. DI draws upon other areas of expertise in aviation and air operations to provide airfield and aircraft management, aviation transport, navigation equipment supply and installation, air traffic control management, and ground support equipment maintenance and modifications.

When it comes to supporting missions that render help to peoples across the globe, you can count on the employees at DynCorp International.

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