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DynCorp International Director of Trade Compliance to Serve on PECSEA

While DynCorp International (DI) is gaining important government contracts, its employees are also gaining prestige among the top government committees. In February 2011, DynCorp International’s Darrell Coleman, director of trade compliance, was appointed to the President’s Export Council Subcommittee on Export Administration (PECSEA).

“Darrell’s leadership and expertise on compliance issues are great assets to DI and we are thrilled that his valuable experience will now be shared through the PECSEA,” said DI chief compliance officer Joe Kale.

International Trade Subcommittee

The President’s Export Council is the principal U.S. national advisory committee on international trade. Its subcommittee, PECSEA, is composed primarily of representatives from the private sector and appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to provide advice and counsel on issues involving U.S. export control policy and matters related to security and global competitiveness.

Mr. Coleman’s participation and expertise will no doubt strengthen the voice of service providers as manufacturers are traditionally well-represented on the PECSEA.

Mr. Coleman is very excited for the opportunity saying, “Export control is equally important to service companies and I look forward to presenting a service-provider’s point of view on issues related to our country’s export of goods, technology and services.”

Advising U.S. Government

The PECSEA advises the U.S. government on matters and issues pertinent to implementation of the provisions of the Export Administration Act and the Export Administration Regulations, and related statutes and regulations. These issues relate to U.S. export controls as mandated by law for national security, foreign policy, non-proliferation, and short supply reasons.

The expertise and direct input of PECSEA’s members are vital to provide advice and recommendations on possible ways to minimize any adverse export controls imposed on U.S. industry; especially with the fact that PECSEA’s representatives are from the broad range of industries that are directly affected by export controls.

DI supports the improvement and development of matters related to security and global competitiveness. For more information, visit DynCorp International.

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