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DynCorp International Employee Named VX-30 Safety Pro

On the Naval Test Wing Pacific (NTWP) program at Point Mugu, California, DynCorp International (DI) employee Wilfredo “Willie” Dumaop performed his routine foreign object debris (FOD) sweep of Bloodhound 303 of the U.S. Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 30 (VX-30).

“It was just another routine FOD sweep,” said Willie, DI Quality Assurance (QA) representative. “Then I noticed something hidden behind the pilot’s rudder pedals.”

Mr. Dumaop discovered a critical piece of foreign debris, a Stratus inverter power plug, behind the pedals.

“Without his diligent efforts and attention to detail, this piece of equipment could have easily fouled vital safety of flight controls resulting in significant damage or even loss of life,” said the U.S. Navy VX-30 Maintenance Officer. “Mr. Dumaop found this missing piece of equipment even before the aircrew or duty officer were able to communicate the potential of hard FOD being adrift in the cockpit or even on the aircraft.”

“Willie Dumaop displayed an exemplary commitment to the ideals of safe and effective maintenance, which are the foundation of Naval Aviation,” continued the maintenance officer. “His actions display an example for all to emulate.”

For his achievements to improving safety, Mr. Dumaop received a VX-30 Safety Professional award.

“I’m proud of Willie for his commitment to safety and his attention to detail, and would like to congratulate him for this most deserved award,” said Bob Sanford, Point Mugu assistant site manager and QA director.

About DI’s NTWP Program:

DI provides organizational-level aircraft maintenance and logistics support on aircraft, systems/subsystems, aircrew systems, SAR equipment, and Support Equipment (SE) for assigned aircraft (rotary, fixed, lighter-than-air, unmanned), aircraft on-site for project testing, transient aircraft, FMS aircraft, loaner aircraft, training aircraft, and leased aircraft. Work is performed at NAVAIR Point Mugu, located at Naval Base Ventura County, California supporting P-3 and C-130 aircraft and Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) at China Lake, California supporting F/A-18A-G, AV-8, T-39 and SH-60 aircraft.

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