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DynCorp International Employees Participate in Angel Flight Mission

On November 29, DynCorp International team members John Leavitt, Sr. Manager, Project Management Team and Eric Huppert , Sr. Operations Manager, demonstrated DynCorp International’s core value – We Care by donating their time, flying expertise and personal aircraft to airlift a five-year-old boy from Brooksville, Fla., to Miami, Fla. for much-needed medical treatment.

Israel Sosa III, of Chipley, Fla., suffers from Hennekam Syndrome, a lymphatic developmental disorder. In Sosa’s case, he suffers from glaucoma and required eye surgery.

Angel Flight in Action

Leavitt and Huppert flew Sosa and his grandmother on a mission for Angel Flight Southeast, an organization of volunteer pilots who donate their own aircraft, fuel and time to fly financially distressed people to medical facilities.

To transport Sosa and his grandmother, Bertha Johnson, Leavitt flew his J-35 Bonanza aircraft while Huppert acted as co-pilot.

“We were worried the ride might be a little bumpy for him but about 30 minutes into the flight, we noticed that he fell asleep and remained asleep until we arrived at the Miami International Airport,” said Leavitt of Sosa’s in-flight experience.

After the flight, Leavitt and Huppert escorted Israel and his grandmother into the Miami airport and arranged ground transportation to their final destination.

Angel Flight

Angel Flight is a non-profit charitable organization of pilots, volunteers, and friends. Angel Flight seeks to arrange free air transportation for any legitimate, charitable, medically related need. This service is available to individuals and health care organizations who need transportation but are financially distressed, or are in a time-critical situation due to their medical condition.

Angel Flight primarily serves patients needing transportation to or from the heartland region. By coordinating with other organizations, Angel Flight can arrange transportation for patients on longer flights to other parts of the country outside of the Heartland region. Angel Flight has also flown blood products for the Oklahoma Blood Institute and Red Cross in emergency situations. Patients are usually traveling for surgery, chemotherapy, dialysis, and other treatments. Angel Flight is a member of the Air Care Alliance, a group of organizations providing similar services throughout the United States.

Angel Flight is financially supported primarily by the pilots who fly the missions (by donating the use of their airplanes and operating expenses) and by contributions from individuals, service clubs, social and religious groups and corporations. Angel Flight receives no financial aid from any government entity. There is never a fee of any kind, either to the patient or the health care provider for an Angel Flight.

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