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DynCorp International in Yemen Reports are False

For the past several weeks, numerous fringe media outlets have published negative stories suggesting that DynCorp International won a large contract in Yemen. Each story sources the Khabar News Agency, which reportedly got the information from an unnamed Yemeni Defense official.

We did a quick Google search and the Khabar News Agency, or Khabar Online, appears to be an Iranian government news outlet and thus is most likely an Iranian attempt to discredit the governments of Yemen, UAE and/or Saudi Arabia.

Given the ongoing press swirl and the fact that most of us as well as our customers have Google alerts, here are the facts: We don’t have a contract to do any work in Yemen.

If asked, let your customers and colleagues know the facts.

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  1. Bajram Ademi says

    please i want to have a job in Iraq or Afghanistan i have graduate Bachelor degree English Language i can do warehouse, assistant cook assistant me hanic construction


    Dear Sir or Madam, I am surojit mondal from india, I heard about your company from my friend, and I find you in your website. I want work with you. I have completed froms in your website page. If you have any vacancies please give me a chance.
    Thanking You
    Surojit mondal

  3. Fadi Abu Fadda says

    I wish success to Dyn group ?
    Iranian crazy system,
    They Lying always time ,
    Thanks to the clear message

  4. Benedict Devassy says


    i have been experience in American army base in as a warehouse man in 3 years at Kuwait Arifgan camp and also i have experience in oil gas in offshore (Dubai ) in 2 years if you have any vacancy please send the details

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