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DynCorp International LLC is Recognized for Commitment to Veteran-Owned Businesses

For the fifth year running, DynCorp International LLC (DI) was again in 2011 recognized as one of the United States’ 10 best corporations for veteran-owned businesses.

In 1946, DynCorp International was founded by World War II veterans. The company continuously recognizes the experience and dedication that veterans contribute to their business as employees, business partners and suppliers.

“Veteran-owned businesses bring key expertise to our missions supporting defense, diplomacy, and development initiatives around the world,” said chairman and CEO Steve Gaffney. “The dedication and discipline they showed in their service to our country is also evident in their business practices making veteran-owned businesses reliable, first-rate partners and suppliers.”

Each year, the list compiled by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) recognizes the corporations that most successfully engage the nation’s three million veteran-owned businesses as suppliers. DynCorp International LLC continually comes out on top.

To learn more about our proud veteran-owned American business that supports progress and development, visit DynCorp International LLC.

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