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We Perform: DynCorp International’s MAISR Program

DynCorp International's MAISR ProgramDuring the month of October, DynCorp International’s Multi Sensor Aerial Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (MAISR) Maintenance and Logistics team provided unprecedented support, allowing the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft to fly more than 1,640 hours combined. The combined flying time, as well as combined Operational Readiness Rates, exceeded contract requirements.

“I am consistently impressed with the operational tempo of this program and the commitment of the men and women who support this mission and customer,” said Franklin Paul, DynCorp International (DI) program manager. “Throughout my aviation career I have never seen aircraft fly the hours they do on this program. These aircraft fly almost non-stop, 16 – 20 hours per day and 25 – 27 days per month. That equates to 410 flight hours per month, per aircraft. The only time each aircraft is not in the air is for scheduled phase maintenance, unscheduled maintenance problems, or to refuel. It’s a true testimony to the DI team’s hard work and teamwork to meet and exceed these tasks.”

A Cohesive Team

DI’s MAISR Maintenance and Logistics team also had several additional operational highlights in October 2014. The team completed a 27,000 hour wing spar non-destructive inspection, as well as an installation of an aft wing spar kit. The operation required a total of 262 man hours and was completed ahead of schedule. The team also completed eight phase inspections; a scheduled engine change, two engine build ups and a propeller build up.

“The maintainers on this program love their job and they put in long hours and maintained high spirits in order to ensure an excellent product was delivered to the customer,” said David Bramhall, DynCorp International director of Maintenance.

DynCorp International and the MAISR Program

In November 2013, DI was awarded a subcontract to provide contractor logistics support in Afghanistan, as part of the MAISR Operations and Sustainment program.

DI serves as a subcontractor to AASKI Technology and provides maintenance, pilots, flight operations management and logistics support for two Dash 7 aircraft, a King Air 300 and a King Air 350 in support of aerial platforms. Additionally, DI provides logistical support for 8 aircraft in support of Task Force Observe, Detect, Identify and Neutralize (TF ODIN). TFO manages operations and sustainment for a diverse fleet of aerial platforms that provide real-time imagery and analysis on the ground in Afghanistan.

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