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DynCorp International Opens New Quality Consolidation Center

DynCorp International’s new Quality Consolidation Center (QCC) in Coppell, Texas, is now open, just 30-minutes from its Fort Worth/Alliance offices.

The Texas-based QCC will receive, inspect, and ship all DI materials procured in the continental U.S. (CONUS) and check and code the orders before shipping them to their destination at program sites globally. Items will arrive ready for entry in the DynMRO Single Instance (DSI) inventory system.

A major step forward and a significant part of DynCorp International’s process improvement journey, the QCC is a key element in the supply chain and represents important benefits for customers, the company and employees:  better quality control, superior supplier management, and time-saving convenience for program teams globally.

The QCC Process

DynCorp International suppliers will ship to the QCC, where each order will be inspected for quality, quantity and condition, and re-packaged to ensure the lowest onward shipping cost.  Materials procured from U.S.-based suppliers will reach DI program teams around the world clearly labeled with purchase order, item number, manufacturer’s PN and key data, all ready for entry in DSI.

U.S. government property will be checked, tagged as “USG Property” and entered in DSI with proper serial number and coding.

The QCC will manage warranty returns as well as “over, short and damaged” (OS&D) research and resolution.

What is DynMRO?

DynCorp International’s Maintenance, Repair and Operations (DynMRO) premier application is an internet based software tool providing efficient aircraft fleet and equipment management. It integrates Personnel, Maintenance, Operations, Materials and Management, Safety, and Training/Qualifications into one application.

The system provides for automated business processes and data collection from daily transactions, as well as tracking real-time cost status of assets, aircraft and labor. Through a suite of modules with dropdown menus that can be enabled or disabled, it provides work-centered selections, forms, and reports.
Different functions use the same application; even when inventorying using the DynMRO handheld device. The system is simple and intuitive while capable of completing a host of tasks. DynMRO provides information collaboration from task to task and module to module through a central database.

Reducing Costs for Customers

DynCorp International procures an estimated 19 million tons of materials annually on behalf of customers.  Through a central QCC, DI will be able to negotiate global shipping agreements and leverage the volume and velocity of our operations to reduce costs across the board for customers.

A second QCC will open in Dubai later this year.

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