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DynCorp International Personnel in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Celebrated Halloween by Donating Time and Goodies

dyncorp international halloweenDynCorp International LLC, staff in Kandahar, Afghanistan, celebrated Halloween by donating their time and treats to U.S. military personnel.

At Kandahar Air Field (KAF), employees spent an evening after their shifts assembling goody bags of assorted candy, letters and small toys sent from stateside family and friends, and handing them out to the men and women who serve our country. The bags – along with a smile – were distributed to U.S. military personnel at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Baylough.  Sherry Prine, Logistics Civil Augmentation Program IV (LOGCAP IV) Contracts Compliance Manager, organized the effort and is also responsible for organizing several events on the base throughout the year.

Much of the goody bags’ contents were sent to Kandahar from students and faculty at J.E. Turner Elementary in Wilmer, Ala. and Jim Thorpe Elementary in Henderson, Nev., who donated assorted candy, handwritten letters and cards. Families and friends of DynCorp International staff who ship care packages during the holidays to pass out to the troops also contributed to the goody bags’ contents.

“Thanks to the generosity of  those at J.E. Turner Elementary and Jim Thorpe Elementary as well as DI team members from all over the world, we were  able to provide enough candies, cards, and a hand written letters to each of the warfighters stationed at FOB Baylough,” said Prine.

The Halloween event was organized to help brighten the holiday for U.S. service men and women. As with any good idea, it started with one person who wanted to do something good and evolved into something bigger. Others joined the plan, asking stateside contacts to send baked goods. Boxes and bags were collected until a few days before Halloween and photos were taken throughout the day.

Prine and a team of volunteers from the LOGCAP IV program visited the Role 3 Multinational Medical Unit, KAF’s military hospital, badging offices, Army Post Office, and boardwalk areas to distribute goody bags until everything was handed out.

With each contact with a troop member, DynCorp International staff would say, “Thank you for your service.” Said Prine, “The gifts were given away fast, but the memories the volunteers collected during that brief time will last.”

DI Cares

Beyond the DI Core Values of: We Care, We Serve, We Empower, We Perform and We Do the Right Thing, DynCorp International team members aim to support those serving in the Armed Forces in any way possible.

For more information on how DynCorp International embraces their core values beyond just job performance, visit their website.

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  1. waheedullah says

    I want to work with dyncorp international in kandahar Afghanistan as a supplier if i can get the procurement and logistic manager contact info i will be appreciated your help thanks.

    • SAACC Company says

      Hi Dear
      This is Salim from SAACC company i want to work with DynCorp international company as a supplier my company is also registered in JCCS if you give me a chance it will be more appreciated thanks

      • KARIM says

        Hi Dear
        This is Karim from IMS company i want to work with DynCorp international company as a supplier my company is also registered in ISAF if you give me a chance it will be more appreciated thanks

    • Amin says

      Hello sir /madam I would like to work with u people I am as a safety manager in Kabul and air traffic controller

  2. Mumin Kqiku says

    Hello DI,

    I am Mumin Kqiku I have worked for Dyncorp International from 2010 to 2012 and I finished my contract for reason personal and now I need to come back again for DI.
    I was in Shindand for 2 years my job was Forklift and RTCH Operator I have all license from 4K to 30K for Forklift and I have RTCH licence.
    Thank you

  3. Ramzan khan says

    Hi i hope you will be fine. Sir i have worked as a labour in Dyncorp for 2years now i am jobless i need very fast help .My Name is Ramzan khan . My Dyncorp ID number is 014889 you can check in the history . please help me it will be very thankful of you. Thank you

  4. Enayatullah says

    Hi dear i am Enayatullah kakar from kandhar . i hop you doing will and happy , i worked with Dyncorp company in EOD WRA kandhar kabul kanduz faizabad takhar . i was there assistant team leader to team 7. after that i worked with USAID company in security with IRD i was DTL now i am working to USAID AECOME SIKA SOUTH the position of security superviser . now i wont to work again with Dayncop company . any job security Radio operator interpreter armar vehicle driver . please help me it will be very thankful of you dear thanks beast regard

  5. BEHRAM KHAN says

    This is Behram khan from EECC company i want to work with DynCorp international company as a supplier my company is also registered in NSPA if you give me a chance it will be more appreciated

  6. Tasneem Ismail says

    Requesting contact details, i.e. Telephone number and email address for Dyncorp International in Afghanistan.

    We are trying to make contact with employment agencies in Afghanistan, who obtains employment for people in security service field.

    It would be greatly appreciated, if you could furnish us with the relevant email address and contact details to enable us to make contact with your offices.

    We would like to enquire on what the requirements for security officer work entails with your company.

    We await your advise.

    Yours faithfully
    Tasneem Ismail
    email: [email protected]

  7. Saeed ur Rehman says

    Hello sir this is saeed supplier and buyer
    Dear sir if you have any heavy equipment’s, vehicle, container, scrip, generator etc you want to sale them sir i want to buy any things for good price please inform me if you have any things and also i m supply for rent heavy equipment’s i have every types of heavy equipment’s available for rent monthly or daily for good price



  8. Ronald Esposo says

    Dear Sir,
    I refer to the position of security guards , I am interested in applying for it and believe that I have the qualities necessary to excel in the job.
    I am confident that I have the skills and experience to be an asset to your company.. Hence I hope to be granted an interview with you to discuss this further. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.
    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Truly,
    Mr Esposo

  9. Abdullah Shahid says

    Dear Sir,
    I am a medical doctor in Kabul i would like to work with Dyncorp International could you give me job.

  10. esmatullah ahmadi says

    Dear Sir,
    I am a medical doctor in Kabul i interest to work with Dyncorp International could you give me job.

  11. Firooz Khan says

    Hello I am friooz Khan I wold like to to work in security guard in Kandahar province I have 5 year experience in security guard and PSD JOB with USA ARMY in Afghanistan… so plz in a contact adess to send my resume and certificate

  12. Abdul Sultani says

    Dear friends i am Russian English translator and teacher . I live in Kabul and wanna work with you . Are its possible ?

  13. Asadullah says

    Dear DynCrop Chief,
    This is to let you know that I am looking for the position of Pashto-English or vice versa Translation/Interpretation at DynCorp. Pleas feel free to email me at ***********


  14. Khaledhashami says

    Hello sir this is so long that iam looking to find a job with your company and I have worked since 2010 in Kabul as a subcontractor so kindly requesting to give any kind of job iam ready to do please

  15. oli prem bahadur says

    I have three years experience worked of dyn general worker, mwr tecnician and laundry attendant.I worked in camp leatherneck. I am interested in applying for it and believe that I have the qualities necessary to excel in the job.
    I am confident that I have the skills and experience to be an asset to your company.. Hence I hope to be granted an interview with you to discuss this further. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.
    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Truly,
    oli prem bahadur

  16. K.M.R. SUJEEWANSHA says

    Dear Sir, Madam,
    I would like to inform you that I have been working as a Store Keeper – Catering (IRAQ 02 years, Afghanistan 03years, Qatar 04years ) I am looking for a same category job, Please kind consideration.
    Thanks & Regards,

  17. moses chege says

    I am Moses, i have been working with dyncorp,intl at Frontenac for two years, from 2012 to 2014 as MHE foreman. am qualified to operate all forklifts from 1 to 30 tons RTCH and Heavy truck i left Dyncorp as my FOB was closed if any chance do consider me please.

  18. Anuj Thapa Magar says

    I have been work for two years from 2008 to until 2010 at Joint Base Balad (LSA Anaconda) Iraq in HAZMAT I have been many experienced about Hazardous materials and I’m finding opportunity to work with your company
    I would be very thankful if u give me a chance to work with your team. Thank you

  19. dhurba as food service admin ghimire says

    dear sir

    its me dhurba from Nepal and i have work with dyncorp past in kandher and wherat as food service admin jr, now i want to join again please provide me the full information..

  20. bishnu puri says

    Hi Sir/mam I have three years experience worked of dyn general worker, mwr tecnician and laundry attendant.I worked in camp leatherneck. I am interested in applying for it and believe that I have the qualities necessary to excel in the job. I am confident that I have the skills and experience to be an asset to your company.. Hence I hope to be granted an interview with you to discuss this further. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you. Yours Truly, bishnu puri Nepal bagmati zone contact

  21. Rebu Thomas says

    Dear Sir/Madam ( Procurement Team ),

    I am writing this mail with the awareness that your esteemed Company may have a requirement for Non Food Disposables, we would like to introduce our company Formid Enterprises as one of the key manufacturers and traders in Food Disposables and other commodities related to the food Industry.

    We would like to be accredited in your company as one of the supplier for non food.

    We have credible knowledge of the requirements of KAF and Dod non food products and would like an opportunity to quote for the same. Thanks, RT

  22. Vishwas Niranjan Sawant. says

    Hi i am Vishwas sawant. I am power generation mechanic, i worked in KBR iraq i have more then 5 years exp. In power generation .
    Also i have good Heavy truck Driver .
    If have any chans in dyn.grup just infrom me

  23. Akhtar Aloko says

    Hello Mr./Madam,
    I am Akhtar Jan Aloko. I have worked with US troops as common Interpreter for two and half of months in PRT in Kandahar. So now I would like to work in DynCorp International Company as Supplier. So I kindly request to accept my suggestion to work with you as supplier I have more experiences.

    Sincerely Aloko

  24. Abdul Malik says

    Hello sir. I like to work with your Company as interpeter as laber. If you want any responsiblety so i am reedy. I had a shop in Saterday Bazaar in KAF you can take some information from KAF my Tazkira Nom 96275.

  25. attiqullah says

    Hi i want to work as a plumber with dyncorp company. so i kindly request to accept my suggestion to work with you as plumber i have more experiences


  26. Silvi says

    Dear Sir,

    We, West Space Oilfield Supplies FzCo, are one amongst the largest stockiest and supplier of Pipe and Pipe fittings, Flanges and Valves in G.C.C. Please forward us your ongoing BOQs for Oil field fittings, electrical, hardwares, etc. We will do all endeavors to submit our offer in the stipulated time frame.

    Thanks and regards,

    Silvi Mathew

  27. suresbabu says

    Dear sir/Madam,
    Am sures babu kachottil from kerala , India.with reference to your advertisement for the post of equipment operator.
    I have good oversease experience around 15 + years ,worked with the OIL field, the US ARMY Logistic and other companies (on shore & offshore )
    I have operated Crane pedestal upto 60 Ton,Rtch 45 Ton,forklifts upto 30 K,Loader 10k , bobcat and operated winch also on drill floor.
    I have very good knowledge about the equipments,routine maintanance, daily checkup,monthly inspection,probles etc.
    I have highschool, 2 year Diploma and many other oil field trainings.
    I have good knowledge about the warehouse operation,spareparts,receive , issue,storage,bin alocation,inventory,procurment & Inspection etc…

  28. naseer ahmad safi says

    hi sir iam naseer ahmad safi and leaving in khander and iam looking for job i have worked with Dyncorp before in KAF i can still work as General Laborer please let me know if u need

  29. Sachin gawas says

    I my slef sachin gawas work in dyncorp 2011/ 2013/ camp dwyer as material control splaclist sir i like to work agen in dyncorp company. sir please contect me ….

  30. Najeebullah says

    Hello dear sir .
    I am power generator mechanic and wwtp plant operator l have err 8 years experience I had worked 2006 up to 2009 with Contract international company from 2009 Up to 2011 I had worked with sodesco company from 2012 Up to 2015 I had worked with ITT Exaless international company as a plant mechanic .from 2015 up to 2017 I have been working with Vectrece international company in Kabul .now I like your company (Dyncorp international company) if you gave me a choice I have a good dacoment .sent me you’s hr e-mail address I will sent my resume to your company .thanks for your attention to my e-mail .

  31. mohamad says

    Hi Sir ,Madam
    I am mohammad Rezayee from Afghanistan .I am interast to work as a translator , I can speak pashto , English, Dari,French and I have Toefl certificate .I am ready to work in all condition

  32. sunil says

    Siriam interesting your company job, I’m experienced warehouse man, presently working as technical assistant in Dubai my mobile number, +971551279672

  33. Bahadur says

    Hello Dear Sir/Madam
    This is Bahadur from Bahadur Wattanyar cleaning services company I want to work with DynCorp international company as a supplier my company is also registered in JCCS if you give me a chance it will be more appreciated thanks

  34. Ahmad Tariq says

    Dear Sir, Madaam
    This is Ahmad Tariq from Afghanistan, i have done Bachelor in Business Administration from Pakistan, i have worked over two and half years in the field of Management, Logistics and Finance with private and public organizations in Afghanistan. therefore, I am interested to work with big Public and private organization such as DynCorp INTERNATIONAL and i will be thankful to you.

    Kind Regards,

  35. Dilagha says

    Hi, my name Dilagha I have been fire fighter for 8 years in KAIA with Supreme Company in Helmand looking for Next opportunity kindly contact me.


  36. Nasib says

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This is Nasib I have Transportation company i want to work with DynCorp international company if i can get the procurement and logistic Section contact info i will be appreciated your help thanks.

  37. farhad says

    Dear DynCorp staff.

    I m an ex employee of DynCorp as Translator/Interpreter
    in Kandahar RTC (regional training center).
    my supervisor was Steve rubicic and our daily duty was in KIA (Kandahar international airport).
    All i need that if you can please find my Employee ID number.
    i have forgot it and i really need it.
    it will be your kindness and will be more than appreciate.


  38. Suresh Kumar says

    Dear sir,
    I am former employee of dyncorp after descoping from camp leatherneck, company gave us an assurity to call the former employess of dyncorp again. Dear sir, since 2014 to continue i am applying online but still no recruiter is looking at my profile and give me a chance. sir, i was the top ten employee of the company . I am energetic and well capable to my job profession but i don;t know why the company is not hiring me. I shoot a lot of emails to the recruiter but he didn’t give any reply. So, i am leaving the message in comment box . Please sir, if you read the message please forward to the company’s recruiter to give me a chance again. my designation was Materials Control Specialist. Please again give me one chance to serve again in dyncorp .

  39. sayed haydar says

    hi dear sir / madam
    i have been working with ISAF and us forces as interpreter
    i would like to continue my skill
    if you need please call mee
    it will be very nice of you
    best regard

  40. Farhad says

    As I am a previous employee of DynCorp now I need to start work with DynCorp once again.
    I am in Afghanistan, Kandahar city and I do not have an access to dycorp in KAF.
    I need your help in this case I want to work as a Translator/Interpreter with DynCorp.
    please let me know if there is any chance to work with DynCorp.


  41. Abdul Malik sidiqi says

    I am Abdul Malik sidiqi I have worked more than ten years in Kandahar Afghanistan as a shopkeeper with ISAF so now I need to work for future and to work hard I have some pictures and paper and certificate and my bage was red . please help me thank.

  42. Jarnail singh says

    Hello, sir i am jarnail singh from india i am working before ecolog internatinal 3 year i am hvac tech so sir i want working in dyncrop sir give me one chance i am good worker three year working ecolog in afganistan camp.shank logar no my any complate sir

  43. khan‏ ‏alam sahar says

    i lock for HNC nitional job with dyncor in kandahar
    i have work sevice with dyn intl in afg
    whe need help ‎
    whe cant applay by websuit i tray alot taim

  44. Shafiq Kakar says

    Respected Gents ,
    Worked as Interpter with US Troops in Fob wright ,
    Cop penich and camp clark around four years and
    Than joined SDA sterling demining AFG as South region
    Logistics precurement .
    Looking for any open Vaccancy available HR , Linguist ,
    Security or Logistics if Possible dont hasitate to contact
    Me .

  45. Khairullah says

    Hello s/m my name is khairullah khoshal I worked with dyncorp as a translator in kunduz for one year, so now i need job . Thanks

  46. gil a. tubo says

    dear, sir i am gil tubo from the philippines iam also formerly employed dyncorp since 2009 up to 2011i want to work again if you give me chance. thanks again.

  47. Farhad Nazif says

    Dear Dyncorp Team,
    I had a great time with Dyncorp and spend 3 years in Kandahar as an Interpreter/Translator in 2007.
    Now i am one of a best Experience Interpreter and i want to be a part or employee of Dyncorp once again if you please give me an opportunity for an Interview that will be your kindness and i would be more then appreciate that you gave me my wright back.


  48. Ramakishan says

    Hello Dyncorp team
    I am RamaKishan from india I did work in Dyncorp at camp in me department leather neck as Heavy vehicle operator in year 2011 and 12 I want join back dyncorp please tell me interwoven date.

  49. khan alam says

    dear sr i was work with dyncorp as interpreter and cook job in afg
    now i hold like to work with dyncorp pleas me how can got job with dyn

  50. opio lawrence says

    Hi sir /madam,
    i am opio lawrence from uganda i would like to work with dyncorp as an electrician have been working with ferdsult engineering services as a technical office .please if there is any vaccancy(electrician) please contact me on [redacted].

  51. Abdul Hakim Noorzai says

    hello sir/madam, this is Abdul Hakim Noorzai in here, i have worked like 8 years with American security companies and United States different units Armed forces as a translator and interpreter in different parts of Afghanistan in different fields such as training Afghan National Army and National police, translating documents from Dari to English , Pashto to English , going to combat missions off the fire bases of Unites States in Afghanistan , interpreting orally and written at the gates of the FOBS , working in clinics of the bases and so ….. finally i have lots of experiences to share with you guy if you need me you can try and hire me besides that i am a profissional English and computer teacher and have graduated from law and political science field – university degree. i am interested to be employed in dyncorp and work hard. i am sure i will be an asset to dyn corp international company.
    i am waiting to your contact as soon as possible.
    Abdul Hakim Noorzai

  52. amit biswas says

    sir/maydam. i amit biswas india from kolkata.before working iraq gcc company.i heavy duty driver gulf experience.i like dayncrop company.please help me.i need urjent job.


  53. Nasim says

    Hello sir,
    This is Nasim Noori Wardak two years ago l passed two written exams in Black House nesr to RS, then I got job in anther US company by the name of DGC – INTERNATIONAL which the had two years contract of Coremis system from 01/03/2016 up to 30/03/2018 and I have worked in this company for two yeard as administrative and interpertor. As well I have work experience NGO and also in logistice company in these two entity I worked in finance department, and l thought English for one year.

    Education: Bachelor degree in BBA, diploma in English Language, diploma in information technology.

    This is my email address: [redacted]

    Thank you,

  54. Praveen Raj says

    I’msupply praveenraj I worked with AECOM co 7years as supply cargo handler ,air shipment lead,washrack supervisor.pls check my resume and give me a chance to work dyncorp international.

  55. mohammadullah says

    Hi sir I am mohammadullah I used to work with kbr us so then kbr changed to dyncorp so I didn’t get my hr letter from kbr now I need my hr letter from dyncorp if u help me about this or show me the wright way it will be helpful for me.thanks

  56. mohammadullah says

    Hi sir I am mohammadullah i used to work with kbr us for a long time so kbr changed to dyncorp now i need my hr letter from dyncorp so how can I get this letter from dyncorp please help me about this.thanks

  57. Jagdish says

    Hello sir / madam I would like to work with people in Afghanistan. I have 5 year Experience in Doha Qatar and 3 years india. I like your company too much.My contact number [redacted].
    Awaiting for your immediate reply.


    Dear sir & Mam,

    I have 8 years Experience Warehouse Department and Logistics. I Worked Previously US. ARMY BASES.
    LOGCAP -III & LOGCAP-IV IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN DYNCORP INTERNATIONAL COMPANY. Unfortunately i am in Descoup So, do you have any requirement let me know.
    Enclosed you will find my resume for your consideration in regards to the open ” Warehouse /Store/ Purchase ” position at your company. I often review your website to check for open Positions, and am very excited to have found one that perfectly matches my Qualifications. I have enclosed a resume for your consideration.

     Complete the full cycle starting from PMR & then offering it to procurement for LPO, Follow up of LPO materials with suppliers until receipt, accepting deliveries, initial verification, creating Material Inspection reports, reporting to procurement department in case of rejection in received goods by quality department, Maintain correct inventory in the ERP system, maintain MSDS & MTC of all the materials as per requirements, Issue of materials against Issue requests by project engineers & supervisors & overall worked as the per the company quality management system as a certified ISO 9001-2015 company

     Executing daily Store & logistics activities comprising of transaction documentations, preparing delivery notes/ Cargo Manifests/ Packing lists, making preparations for offshore materials dispatch and receivables, arrangements of transportation and shipping requirements, Coordination with site office, suppliers, freight forwarders and project team members for ensuring timely delivery and safe transportation within the budget.
     Warehouse & Store Control: Good knowledge of all types of Piping Materials like Pipes, flanges, fittings, gaskets, stud bolts etc., Structural Materials like Plates, beams, channels, Instrument & Electrical materials, fittings etc., Hands-on experience in Tools, Machineries & Equipment’s required & used in fabrication companies, oil & gas related companies, Arrangement of unloading areas, proper storage, marking & coding for easy tracing, Supervision & planning of lay down area for received material as per the Projects.
     Documentation control: Good Knowledge of Microsoft Outlook & mail correspondence within the organization & with clients, Billing – Filing and maintaining project wise accounts & records. Matched with the ability to manage stress, time and people effectively, multi-tasking & excellent communication and management skills, Coordinate & Provide necessary documents to the accounts & Procurement departments as & when required.

    Your Sincerely,
    Anugandula Rajashekhar
    MOBILE NO: [redacted]
    WHATESAPP: [redacted]

  59. Champaklal says

    sir and mam.
    Sir me patel champak Power generator mecnical sir we need job in your company sir be for 2010 to2012
    Me work to your company to gather in afgnistan dwyer so please Sir we need job give on Chan’s sir

  60. Ngima Rinji Sherpa says

    Hello sir
    My name is Ngima Rinji Sherpa and I have worked in DynCorp also and I had lots of experience . I had worked with supreme also and got the important certificate too . I had worked there as a chef .
    Thank you
    Hoping to hear from you soon

  61. Fraidoon Amiri says

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This is Fraidoon Amiri from Afghanistan.
    I have worked almost three years US Armed Forces as an interpreter/translator with different assigned unit. as I have experience in the interpretation field. I am interested to work with Dyncorp International and I have no problem to be assigned to any remote are of Afghanistan.

    Thank you

    Very respectfully,

    Fraidoon Amiri

  62. noorshad says

    hello dear sir

    i hope you do the best

    my name is noorshad sir last day i have seen a post on glassdoor app that you hire linguist and i am perfectly intersted to work with dyncorp international comapany as long as i still work with mep company 6 months ago but i am not happy about salaries because i support more than 13 guys back in home i have graduated from school at 2016 and got diploma can use Microsoft office and internet and the rest program sir i will be really apprected if you at least give me a chance to provide my all helps to you at anytime anywhere possible this is my number [redacted] and refrence will be [redacted] i will send you my CV you will take look on that my AFG is with mep company 21637 and the camp is dahlke west logar province i am waiting for your call dear sir

    thanks for being support us

  63. rahmat shah manduzai says

    my name is rahmat shah iam graduated from economic faculty of mazar i sharif univesity,i heard that dyncorp hire linguist at mazar i sharif ,afghanistan i am perfectly intersted to work with dyncorp international comapany as i have work experience 5 years with different company 6 months of experience in camp dehdadi 2 and 1 year of experience with mep mazar i sharif if any vancancy is anounced in mazar i sharif iam interested to work with dyncorp that would be great.

  64. Ajay singh says

    Hello sir/Ma’am how are you hope everything is well
    My name ajay singh I have 5 year experience ecolog international as a site supervisor,,housekeeping supervisor,assistant camp boss in iraq i want work with you please cheak it
    Thank you

  65. Abdul Aziz says

    Dear Sir,

    I hope this email finds you well in and good health!!

    My name is Abdul Aziz I am willing to apply for the interpreter position which is announced by Dyncorp International, in Kabul province- Afghanistan, I tried online apply procedure several times but all in vain, online system didn’t respond.

    I am I applying for the above mentioned position because the background I have met your announced job requirement.

    thanks for taking your time for considering my application, and please kindly delivery my CV for the in charge who is accountable for hiring employees in Afghanistan.

    your cooperation is highly appreciated.

    Best Regards

    Abdul Aziz Abed

    [contact information redacted]

  66. Faizuddin Sharifi says

    Dear sir

    its me Faizuddun Sharifi I have four years Administrative work experience form international organizatio AKF and one year as finance assistant with a privat logistic company now I want to join DynCorp International as Adminstrative Assistant.I would be looking for your kind consideration.

  67. Jawaid Akhtar Rizvi says

    Dear sir ,
    I Jawaid Akhtar Rizvi has worked as ElectricIan in your company I.e. Dyncorp intl. Kandahar, Afghanistan for a duration of about 3 years. I want to join your company again as for the same post. So kindly reply or do comment your mail I’D so I can send you a proper job application and other documents.
    Thank you

  68. Iftikhar ahmad momin says


    I would like to say about security contracts in all over Afghanistan for keep security tit for isaf and NATO forces and USA army with all local afghans.
    We can do over 1,500 Millions of USD dollars contract in year for your team

    Let me know sir I am mission manger of navin security company in all over South of Afghanistan.
    If your team agree I will send our CEO to bagram for meetting as soon I got phon call or email from your office.

    We done since 2008 tell now.

    Name: iftikhar ahmad momin
    [contact info redacted]
    Best regards

  69. Abdul Sabour says

    Dear sir & Mam,
    My name is Abdul Sabour I have 8 year experience in cleaning and waste management supervisor and relieve supervisor in different department like fire and safety , pest and vector control , housekeeping in Supreme Food Services Global service Solution in Afghanistan i wish to have any job with Dyncorp international as will.
    Thank you
    Abdul Sabour
    Kabul Afghanistan
    phone [redacted]

  70. Abdul Khaliq says

    Dear Dyncorp Team,


    i m Afghan national, I have applied to 5 different positions at Dyncorp but consistently not selected, Does dyncorp hires afghan national in Afghanistan or not?

    Thank you

  71. marif khan says

    Hi sir i tried many time for job with coilition forces and companies in Afghanistan but unfortunately I was not successful
    I have incredible talent for any kind of job like interpreter security guard Labour
    please don’t be disappointe me and give me a chance

  72. shehzad says

    Greetings ! Dear Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am looking for a suitable job in Afghanistan and I have more then thirteen years experienced with difference national and international organizations. In this regards I need your kind help to provide me job or will recommend me to any other relevant organization.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    Best Regards,

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