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DynCorp International Police Advisor Supports Community in South Sudan

dyncorp international south sudanAs a police advisor supporting the U.S. Civilian Police (CIVPOL) contract with the U.S. State Department’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in South Sudan, Michael Taylor is not only mentoring officers in the South Sudan Police Force, he is also making an impact in the local community.

In working closely with South Sudan police officers, he was told about a young orphan girl, Jackoline, who lived in poor conditions in a local village. Jackoline was well-known in the community as the “running girl,” for her ability to run long distances. Touched by her story and wanting to help the local community, Taylor coordinated with various aid agencies in South Sudan to get Jackoline accepted into school and placed in a better living environment.

“Michael is a dedicated police advisor always looking for ways to improve the living and working conditions of the South Sudanese people, so it comes as no surprise that he would be compelled to help Jackoline,” commented James Morrill, DynCorp International manager, CIVPOL – Haiti, Sudan & Palestine.

Training and Mentoring in South Sudan

Taylor supports the U.S. State Department’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) CIVPOL contract as part of the Sudan U.N. Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). In his current role, he mentors the South Sudanese police force on the importance of respecting human rights.

DynCorp International supports UNMISS by providing a U.S. contingent of up to 15 law enforcement, judicial, and corrections advisors. The mission is focused on re-building South Sudan’s security infrastructure. Law enforcement specialists train, equip, and mentor the South Sudanese police force in democratic principles; judicial advisors help restore the justice system; and corrections advisors work with local counterparts to help modernize the prison system.

DynCorp International Police Training and Support

DI’s training and mentoring capabilities focus primarily on security sector reform, but also include nation building support for the emerging ministries of interior and defense in underdeveloped nations recovering from conflict or political instability. DI works closely with customers, international donor nations and local government institutions to assess risks and apply the right mix of professional services and advanced technologies.

DI’s Training and Mentoring business area provides experienced law enforcement professionals to missions around the world, helping nations create modern, professional police institutions and maintain the rule of law.

Reader Interactions


  1. khalid says

    iwas just searching and the goood job done by the dyncorp is highly appreciated i had aready served in three un missions as Un Civpol.Now ihave migrated to the USA and as a USA citizen how ican serve in any mission




  3. John z Evans says

    I am a former Police Officer from here in MD.I am interested in giving something back. I am interested in serving in a mission.

  4. jene f bracamonte says

    I was in Sudan North and South as member of the Philippine National Police Contingent to the United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) from 2005-2007. I was also in UNMIK, Kosovo last 2000-2001. Is there a possibility that I can work with Dyncorp? Please email me at my email address stated above.

  5. Chris Orr says

    I would like to become a mentor in Sudan and or haiti if there are slots available. I have 16 years in law enforcement with 10 in narcotics.

  6. C. Gonzalez says

    I am a 29 vet with Miami Dade Police I worked road patrol, SRT,and last assignment Homand Sec. Assigned to JTTF , FBI , and Devgroup, trip advisor since 1991. Also a host of other Mil. Teams . Currently hold a TS clearance . I retire in July . I am just looking at this time. Thank you!

  7. W. James Rapp says

    I have served in the USMC I worked 1 year in a correctional facility and I served my local community as a law enforcement officer for 21 years. I worked for Dyncorp for almost 3 years in Afghanistan as an Embedded Police. Mentor. My entire adult life I have served my community my nation and the world to helping protect and serve others. My God Given Talent is in service to others. Currently I am trying to qualify for the South Sudan Mission. I considered it a privilege to work with others around the world and I truly hope I qualify to continue to give of myself to others in the South Sudan or other missions.

  8. Othello Henderson says

    Please contact me with any available international opportunities. I have extensive law enforcement/private security experience and have served as a recruiter, mentor, and trainer, along with numerous other specialized duties. 713.355.7178

  9. Sofaia Matawalu Baravi says

    I have been with your Company from 2006 to 2009 based in Liberia under the program of SSR. Vast experience in investigation. I am a former Police Inspector of the Fiji Police. Was with UNPOL UNMIL as Homicide investigator, Gender Advisor to UNPOL Commissioner. I did prepare documents of Gender Mainstreamimg for UNMIL Security Force, approved by UNDPKO and was implemented into the UNMIL Structure in 2006. Was the International UN Police Women Cordinator, With SSR I was Humantarian Monitor, Recruiter and Investigator , Trainer of Trainers for transition in the Recruiting and Vetting Department. Please contact me with any available international opportunities. I have extensive law enforcement experience. Currently I am the Chief Investigator in the Legal Practitioner’s Unit, Judicial Department, Ministry of Justice, Fiji

  10. Johnni Toftegaard says

    I have worked 33 years in the National Danish Policeforce and the last 17 years as a crime sceen investigator. I have experience form missions in Afghanistan, Thailand and Chile. Have be teaching at the National Police Academy and been responsibley for the education of new crime sceen investigators. Think it`s time to try somthing new.

  11. ELIUD NZIOKA says

    I have served both in Kenya Police and Kenya Defense Forces (KDF). I retired from KDF last June 2016 and looking for overseas mission in South Sudan as a mentor on peace reconciliation.

  12. Ernest leroy says

    I have served as a member of the NYPD for the past 27 years. Served with DynCorp as part of the UN mission to Haiti from April 1997 to April to 1998. I am currently looking to work overseas again, please contact me at your earliest convenience. My expertise is in Narcotics, sex crimes and child abuse. Thank you.

  13. Keith A. Bowerman says

    I am very interested in returning to work with. Dyncorp. I am retired police with over 20 years experience and subject matter expert. I was a. Dyncorp Embedded Pokice Mentor in Afghanistan August 2009 to December 2013.. I am interested in any positions. Call or email anytime. Thanks.

  14. Robert Zvapano says

    I’m an Ex Millitary member from the Zimbabwe Defence Force and have been engaged in the DRC Conflict for four looking for any Security Post or ESCORT for VIPs have done advanced driving currently in the Republic of South willing to to work anywhere in the World even under harsh conditions.

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